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Title: Chain lods not work
Post by: Manu on June 17, 2018, 01:28:20 AM
The chain becomes invisible at the lod levels. It also happens on the default game bikes.

Title: Re: Chain lods not work
Post by: Grooveski on June 17, 2018, 10:57:13 AM
This is similar to something I've seen with wire fences and football nets at the track I'm working on.

it was also kind of happening with the trees.  At a distance most of them were taking on a silver tint around the edges.
All the textures were well checked to make sure the transparency alpha matched the image edges and that the alphas were B/W only(i.e. no greys).  They were all fine.

One skin was acting different - the background colour on that was black - and those trees got darker at a distance.  All the others had a white background.
...so I tried changing one of the white backgrounds to green and done another conversion.  Now that tree type showed as green at a distance.

...and I think this may be why my fences are disappearing.  They have a silver fence image on a black background and I think the black is weeping in as the distance increases.  I'm going to try changing them to a mid grey background.

...which is what I suggest you try too.   ;)

Sorry to be suggesting something that I haven't even tried myself yet.   :-[  Only came up with the theory a couple of days ago but have been upgrading my computer since then.

...and I know that by rights the background colour shouldn't play a part in a transparent texture - but judging by what's happening with the trees - it does.
I think it may in some other games as well - The Dirt series has green tree backgrounds and I'm sure I've seen them elsewhere too.
Title: Re: Chain lods not work
Post by: Grooveski on June 22, 2018, 01:47:25 PM
When I tried the background thing on the fences it worked a little bit - but not enough.

...so I kept playing around - and what seemed to have much more effect was increasing the skin size.
I just doubled the dimensions of the fence textures and now they're showing up at higher distances. 
Title: Re: Chain lods not work
Post by: Manu on June 22, 2018, 03:02:17 PM
Hi Grooveski.

Your case is different.
The error that I'm mentioning refers to the "LOD" models (Level Of Detail). These are models with a lower number of polygons that are rendered according to the distance of vision.

In this case, I'm showing how the chain disappears when a model with a lower resolution should appear instead.

I'm afraid that the LOD models are being represented at the same time in the level 1.