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Off Topic / Re: [SPOILERS] MotoGP 2017
« on: Today at 07:52:10 AM »
Yes i think Marquez is going to win the championship again this year, i don't understand what's ducati's problem in AUS GP, sad for Dovi. anyway it was a great race with epic battle ....

General Discussion / Re: Bike SIM Experience - new motorcycle game?
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:17:03 AM »
It's from GPbikes Italia Team, nothing to do with Italian mod Team, the said that at the first page !

how i controll it is : when i lean, if i'm in a good trajectory in a hard/mid turn i'm just waiting for the turning point and fully lean with analog stick until maximum lean and release, so the bike lean to maximum and stay at that leaning until i get it straight, if i did it wrong, i adjust my turn using little tap on the analog stick in one or other side until i found the ideal lean .....

I'm doing that because i never manage to control my thumb to give a small gentle movement with the analog stick

When playing with gamepad, i'm using 8% of direct lean, and i'm very smooth turning.

I think you mean "Direct Lean"  ;) which doesn't anything to do in Hardcore mode (anyway the is no slider to configure DST, it is hardcoded in the profile.ini file. Direct lean is a "smoothing" thing for your input, especially for gamepad, with direct lean set to 100, the bike lean match exactly your gamepad analog stick, wich is especially hard to handle for most people, i think you problem has nothing to do with suspension but is just you're using 100 Direct lean. the best thing to notice what Direct Lean is doing is put it at 100, the ride one lap, then put it at 0 and redo another lap.

KG13 > are you using DST or DSA, if DST increase your max torque setting to be able to make fast direction change, in DSA you can do whatever you want as long as you don't go behind you tyre grip capabilities !

I want to post some video of replay but i don't know why my GPbikes's replay only record the 30-40 last second, please help.

Off Topic / Re: First Bike?
« on: October 12, 2017, 02:39:20 PM »
First was a 90cc  yamaha jog scooter, now i'm on a 1998 CB 400 Super Four S

Hi everyone,
As you already know, i'm struggling with the hardcore mode since month, i first know about it with klax's thread :
I found it pretty cool, and start to learn it. at that time, i still played gpbikes with my DIY handle bar : , but since it has no FFB, it was too hard to know where the lean maximum angle because of lack of bike feedback (hard for me, but klax manage to ride in hardcore mode with gamepad so it is surely possible).

Then come to me the idea to build a handle bar with FFB. Having poor knowledge in electronics, mechanics etc, i just buy a logitech G920 wheel and is making a handlebar that could be "mounted to the G920" (still in WIP so i'm still playing with only the wheel itself)

I play first with DST mode, cause klax used it in his thread, but found soon it was so difficult. Then I tryed DSA  but idem get me more frustrated. i pratically try it every day (change setting, whatch replay, the re change setting, re-watch replay .....etc)  found it too much frustrating and go back to Normal Steering mode.

My main problem was to keep the bike up at a given lean angle, in DST mode you can do it with the "klax method", wich consist of using the throtle in corner, personnally i found it very unaturral as you don't do that IRL, in IRL you throtle, hard brake, realease gas (on a hard corner) and then re-accelerate only in the corner exit. With klax method, you had to keep throtle during all the turn.

I was very near to give up, then yesterday, i finally found setting that allow me to drive finally naturally and do 1, 2 or 5 lap without crashing. i'm a slow rider (even with normal steering) i'm 10 sec slower that most of online riders, now with Direct Steering, im 10 to 15 sec slower that in Normal steering mode but Direct Steer is so much fun that i don't really car about laptime for now, i think i will be faster with practice but first of all it is pure pleasure, you have to really ride the bike in each corner, it was like the moment when i switch from Moto GP to Gp Bikes, so i wan't to share my setup here to help in case someone wan't to go with Direct Steer.

1. Rider lean :

I think a head tracker is a must have if you want to go with Direct Steer to controll the rider leaning (the auto rider lean doesn't work when you are in hardcore mode so you're ridier is just hanging on the bike in turn and you loose almost 10° in maximum lean angle, also the replay look very ugly with the rider sticked in the bike  ;D . don't be worry, i don't have fancy headtracker, i just use my phone (with a gyroscope) and a couple of software (ed tracker is surely the best option and cheaper one but for me who is in the middle of the Indian Ocean it is a real problem to buy thing and ship it here.

So this is a tutorial to make your DIY headtracker with your phone :

2. Wheel controller : Unless you are Klax, i definitely recommend you to play hardcore mode with a Wheel or a DIY handlebar with FFB, i set my FFB setting force at minimum force, otherwise the wheel is incontrollable and i don't think that IRL handle bar produce that much of resistance.

3. Direct Steer mode :

After playing almost 2 month with both mode, i finally choose DSA (Direct Steer with Angle), because you controll directly your lean angle with the handlebar angle so you don't need to play with throttle in turn to keep the bike up. The problem is that IRL the handlebar max angle is aproximatively 25°, but when you gain speed you only use 5° to 10°of it, so if you go with the Piboso's default steering angle setting ( Directsteer_maxangle=20 ) it is almost impossible to keep the bike up past 30° lean, you can do it IRL because you have lots of feedback from the bike, but with gpbike you don't have these feedback, so 5 to 10° is definitely not enough to controll the bike lean and that's why i was keep crashing and get frustrated during 2 month. Yesterday, i open up the profile file, put 80° as max steering angle, fired up Gp bikes and tadaaaaaaaaaaaa got i working.

i'm now able to reach constant 50 to 55° lean angle and surely with practice go past 60°.

Here is the code you need to put into your profile.ini to enable DSA mode with my setting, wich you will find in : Documents/Piboso/Gpbikes/profile/profilename/

Code: [Select]

4. Bike :

For now i made my test with Moto GP mod bike and GP 500, i'll complete testing with other bike (especially smaller bikes) but for now, i found that the GP 500 category is the most easy bike to start with Direct Steer (the default Varese or the mod bikes).

5. How you lean your bike :

The fantastic thing about Gpbikes is that it works really like IRL, so with your headtracker controlling your rider lean F/B/L/R and attached to your head or your shoulder, you start leaning by leaning your body first, then turn slightely the handlebar until you find your lean angle limit, or the lean angle you want. I'm using MAX HUD to show my leaning angle but it could distract you when you ride.

Disclaimer : Despite DSA is 5 times more accessible with this setup, that doesn't mean it is easy, it still need lots of practice, so I'm no responsible of suicide statistics grow up after this thread  ;D

Hope it help and sorry for my poor english.

Suggestions and wishlist / Re: Rider weight!
« on: October 11, 2017, 07:51:39 AM »
I think it is true in hardbraking and a tall rider, how ingeneer insist on the aérodynamic wing, it's about a couple of centimeter width, now imagine Rossi at 320 km/h hardbraking and using his body to counter the air resistance. of couse in high speed he will brake more than a smaller rider, just cause of a coefficient air resistance/surface. Of course i don't know how much he can gain with that, surely tinny more but as you know in Moto GP they ary fighting for very tiny difference !

Suggestions and wishlist / Re: Rider weight!
« on: October 11, 2017, 06:35:40 AM »
Weight may be an avantange in rapid direction change (in a rapid chicane or a crocksrew), in the other side, height difference is more noticable especially in hard braking (aérodynamics). Anyway, Dani didn't have nor the weight neither the height  ;D

Mods / Re: Let's Stop Thanking - Let's Start Supporting!
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:34:06 AM »
I'm here for just 1 and half a years, and had already seen at least 2 topic like this, i think the main problem is that, does Piboso himself agree to take GPB into a "structured/professional/commercial" development environnement, i don't know what is the answer but it seems no. I may be wrong but it seems that the 4 sims is he's baby, and he want to devellop it himself as far as possible. This thing had of course good and bad side, the good one is that software and especially sims like GPbike need consistancy developpement and i'm glad to see that piboso manage to pratically do it "alone" (i think he work with 4 other people but for sound, graphic design etc... and not development, correct me if i'm wrong). The bad side is that Piboso is just a  human, and not matter how much skilled and passionate he is, develloping 4 of such a software is just physically to much for 1 person ....
In the other side, bring it into a structured and commercial development environnemnt could also alter the game quality .......

Off Topic / Re: Your first great bike game
« on: October 10, 2017, 07:17:36 AM »

;D i was playing that like for 3 years !

Off Topic / Re: Usernames
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:19:04 PM »
Madagascar, but as far as i know Malagasy (the people of madagascar) take it's origin from Malaysia, so surely Malesian also has long names

Off Topic / Re: Usernames
« on: October 09, 2017, 11:47:58 AM »
I'm from a country wich i think people had the longest name in the world, my full name is : NJATOHARIJAONA radomampionona Tiaray (good luck trying to read it  ;D). My parent give me the surname "poun' wich is a shorten version of "mampionona" read "mampiun". My wife call me pouny, but i had an uncle that never managed to call me "poun". He always called me "Poum". So the first time i created an email address, i don't know why but the first name that came into my brain was poumpouny  ;D.

as this topic, , i got problem softlocking my wheel (logitech G920) below 180°. I'm searching for a solution since one month, i've try everithing even the logitech official forum, but didn't find solution. I posted my problem in a french simracing forum and gyus says that they didn't manage to soflock any wheel (Commercial, and even DIY wheels) below 180°. I don't mean here the efficient range, i mean the softlock (when the FFB block the wheel rotation at a given degres of rotation).

So i just wan't to confirm if what they said is true (180° is the minimum softlock limit).


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