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Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 06:44:13 AM »
That's because everybody knows MM rides like a 14yrs old fucker on a speed+redbull, putting all the other riders' lives in great danger. Including Moto2 and Moto3 riders riding in separate sessions.

You can ask all the riders with 9 championships in their living room, they will *all* confirm that. And they know better, of course.

Where the hell did that come from?  ??? You really seem to be obsessed... smh

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 25, 2018, 04:57:52 PM »
Oh, and for the love of (GOD) what the hell is going on over at Yamaha?

Facts on Yamaha struggles:
  • Weather and track was very similar to last year (asphalt +5C, air +3C)
  • Overall race time difference from last year:
    • Marquez -10,867s
    • Dovizioso -17,674s
    • Iannone -30,240s
    • Rins -40,103s
    • Pedrosa -6,472s
    • A.Espargaro -8,433s
    • Smith -18,342s
    • Rossi -1,550s
    • Vinales +6,334s
    • Zarco +8,476s
So track conditions were similar and the all factories despite Yamaha seem to have made significant progress in terms of performance from last year. Rossi was a bit faster but he was hurt last year (still recuperating, so not really comparable). Yamaha is struggling overall, but especially in hot conditions and on tracks with bad grip.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:13:58 AM »
Nice race, I just wish there would have been even more overtakes. The final 2 laps from MM were just perfect. Dovi tried but did not have a chance. Great result for Suzuki and Aprilia. Even KTM finally looked competitive, I wonder what Pol would have been able to accomplish. Yamaha has to get things sorted, they might have one of the worst bikes on grid when there is not much grip on track or conditions are hot.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:50:04 AM »
You are not getting my point MaX, maybe I am not expressing myself well enough. Either way, it is not worth it I guess. Read my above comments again tomorrow, maybe after a day off you will see what point I am trying to make. If not, also fine. Life is too short to be discussing too long.  ;)

Regards, Stout

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:42:54 AM »
Max, I think I have made myself pretty clear. But for you, I will elaborate and hope you understand. If not, I will let it go.

You can post whatever you want. I just don't see any point in posting anyone's opinion. Instead of Mr. Spencer's opinion, you could as well have quoted your's, Hawk's, mine, or anyone's opinion. It is just one opinion and to me and there is no surplus value. If you would have posted an analysis of a psychological expert on e.g. analyzing body language, I would see the surplus value because he would have surplus information which a regular person would not have.

I just cannot fathom when people try to back their opinion by citing celebrities. So just because he is famous I should follow? It is the same psychological effect why advertisements with celebrities work. Or e.g. famous researchers will often get more credit for their work than an unknown researchers, even if their work is similar ("Matthew effect").

For me everything should be based on facts, not names. I just wanted to make that clear. And that is why I wanted to point out that your reference to Mr. Spencer's opinion does bear 0 value.

And finally but very annoying: I do not know why I am labelled a "VR people"? I am very indifferent about the riders.  I love the sport, but not riders. Maybe I do have slight preferences towards Crutchlow and Dovi based on their characteral features but overall I just want to see exciting races and fair sportsmanship. I am critical of certain behaviour. And in the past, I have been very critical of Rossi's behaviour whenever I found him to be in the wrong (e.g. Sepang Clash) but also Marquez' behaviour whenever I found him to be wrong. So for you to jump to conclusions just because it fits your argumentation is something I would like you to refrain from.

Out of pure interest: would you label yourself a Marquez people?

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 07:00:53 AM »
Actually about this , don't think there are Handshake experts , maybe I'm wrong. We could just all have our own opinion about it , own explaination

He provided his opinion like I provided mine, you provided yours and other provided theirs. Where's the problem ?!

I'd personally be happy to hear the opinion of any rider as, humbly maybe, I would value them more then my own.
That is exactly what I am saying. Everybody has his opinion and is equal. So I do not know see why you value Mr. Spencer's opinion higher. He is a former rider who is commenting on handshake etiquette. If MM and Rossi were famous pianists who would happen to have beef with one another and another former pianist would give his opinion on who should shake whose hand, you would automatically follow his opinion? I do not see why.

In the end a dispute is a personal matter and I do not see why a person of the same profession would have better suggestions on who should shake whose hand. If you think otherwise, fine. I just don't. For me I value other opinion's higher than mine, if the person in question has some sort of expertise which excels mine on the subject in question. But if we are on the same level on that subject and I assume we all are pretty equal in terms of settling differences, then all opinions are equal imho.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:00:44 AM »
Don't know if hes the undisputed expert on the subject, but I do think that his opinion is worth more than mine, yours ans Hawk's combined.
Still, it's just *one* opinion. Why shouldn't it be posted here ?
If this subject was on riding a bike, racing or something else Mr. Spencer excels, I would agree. But he gave his opinion on whether Rossi should have accepted Marc's handshake offer. On that matter, Mr. Spencer is just like anyone else. He also did not provide any useful behind-the-scenes-information a former champion might have to substantiate his opinion. So (to me) his opinion is nothing more than an opinion and not expert knowledge. Unless of course Mr. Spencer does have expert knowledge on handshake etiquette which I should happen to be unaware of.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 17, 2018, 08:17:59 AM »
Mr Freddie on the (non)shake:
Ok, there is one opinion. Is Freddie Spencer the undisputed expert on handshaking or refusing handshakes, that his opinion should enlighten anyone?
Spencer pretty much wants the riders to care about the sport as a whole. Well, Marquez' on-track behaviour in Argentina certainly was not for the good of the sport, because it was reckless, dangerous and unsportsmanlike. And that is why the relationship between Rossi and Marquez did reach a new low after Argentina, because for Rossi a red line was crossed by MM. Rossi opted to not accept MM's apology in Argentina. Rossi also said that he did not understand why MM did not come to apologize privately without cameras around. In my personal opinion, both sentiments from Rossi are comprehensible. But I also accept that others might think that Rossi should have accepted the apology. I do not think there is general "correct" thing to do or only one "correct" way to act in this matter. For Rossi, MM apology did not come across as sincere. For me that is comprehensible.

And now 6 month after this matter without any further incident and without MM trying to talk privately with Rossi, some stupid reporter asks those silly questions, I think it is ok for Rossi to say "no there is no need, nothing has changed between the two of us, why shake hands?". If MM wants to shake hands, then first apologize privately (which he did not care to do) and act accordingly (which he did in the last 6 month'). Stop playing in front of the media.

We could talk about this matter back and forth, I think at the end of the day whether one thinks that Rossi is in the wrong on refusing the handshake depends on whether one likes Rossi or not. Rossi-critics will not understand, Marquez-critics will be on Rossi's side and for all those in between (like me) it is a question whether one can understand that one cannot act like a maniac on track and then run in with the media behind, utter a quick apology and expect everyone else to have to accept this 'apology' as being sincere. If Rossi for himself does not feel like that, it is fine for me. MM definitely did not really show that HE cared. If so, he could have spoken to Rossi privately and maybe solved this issue that way.

General Discussion / Re: Hawk's rant
« on: September 17, 2018, 07:33:36 AM »
That's all fine and dandy.  They have not ever shown any interest in dirt racing though.  PiBoSo's system is better anyways, and has loads more potential anyways.  As far as the track side of the game what WRS offers is far better than anything iRacing or rFactor 2 have shown so far.  That's why its the option being pursued.
I think you are both right. rFactor 2 is generally the sim to go with and they have come a long way - from a great sim with lack of appeal to a even better sim with also a great presentation. But in terms of dirt WRS is unmatched yet and it has great potential. In oval dirt racing and everything concerned Rally and Rallycross WRS has a shitload of potential customers. Both are niche markets but still could reach a fair amount of sim lovers. In terms of Rally, simmers still use Richard Burns Rally (which is from friggin 2004!) but it is really becoming very out-dated. WRS could be huge if it could be the mod-basis for the Rally Sim lovers, but WRS lacks rally content/mods at the moment, which is so sad. :-\

All of this while trying ( and mostly failing  :-[ ) to reply to the endless stream of emails, messages and private messages ( from four different forums ).

Hopefully at the end of this tour de force there will finally be time for tools and documentation.
Considering how time consuming all these administrative tasks are, maybe you should consider out-sourcing the communicative tasks to someone who is willing to help you in this matter. Maybe a trusted moderator of this forum could volunteer to support you in this matter, so you have more time focussing on your main tasks? It is absolutely insane to have the brain of your small company (you) do these tasks when time is that scarce. Give out general guidelines for your communication and let the general communication be done by someone else, you doing only the important ones that can not be delegated.

In terms of (lack of) documentation of your sims and (lack of) documentation of your mod tools, you should really force yourself to do these things "on the fly" (while developping/altering stuff). In that way, you would have a very manageable workload every day (I would estimate 15-30mins) to keep your documentation up-to-date. If avoiding these tasks on a regular basis, it will come back to haunt you in the long run.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 11, 2018, 01:24:34 PM »
I missed the race, do you have a video showing the Miller/Marquez thing ?

Hard but normal racing overtake imho.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 10, 2018, 08:10:33 AM »
First and foremost: Fenati should just be banned for life. He is a dangerous a..hole who does not have his emotions in check. He had some unacceptable behaviour before (kicking other riders). He is a tool, he should be dumped.

If there is no problem, then why not doing the handshake and prove it ?
Saying "I have no problem with MM but I won't shake his hand" is contradictory.
Obviously, there is a problem. And that's fine, unless one declares "I have no problem".
Strange logic. Just imagine someone asking Pedrosa and Dovizioso to shake hands. If Pedrosa said "there is no need to, we are fine" you would assume he is having a problem with Dovizioso?!

You are assuming he would be fine in doing it behind the scene ...
You are assuming he isn't. Based on what? Because you know him personally? Because you can read his mind?

You are imputing things. You obviously do not like Rossi - which is perfectly fine. But don't try to argue things which are clearly only your subjective interpretation.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 07, 2018, 07:41:30 AM »
People are making too much of a fuss about it now. It was just plain stupid by the reporters to ask about it. There was no need for hand-shaking, so why ask about it? Rossi for sure still disdains Marquez' behaviour in Argentina. But that is a 'cold case' now. Many riders expressed their concerns regarding MM dangerous riding in Argentina and that was it. Since then MM has ridden mostly conservatively, so all is good. If MM and Rossi should happen to have clean nice battles on track again, they will be shaking hands after a nice battle like in Barcelona 2016. But out of nowhere, after some stupid questions of sensationalist reporters, why shake hands if there is no need to?

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: June 26, 2018, 07:17:52 AM »
Quite an interesting read on why Lorenzo is so fast lately. The article is in german, so I google-translated it below for anybody who likes to read it.

It's always the same factors that determine whether a MotoGP machine is fast or not: a powerful engine, sophisticated aerodynamics, a good frame. A component like the tank is attracting comparatively little attention, and yet it is this who made the fastest rider in the field on the last two race weekends from a struggling Jorge Lorenzo.

How is that possible? The reason lies in the driving style that the Michelin tires demand from the MotoGP riders. In the Bridgestone era, they were able to brake in an angle deep into the curve, the front tire offered even then enough grip, so as not to crash. The Michelin tires have a different characteristic, so they work differently. They offer excellent grip when braking in an upright position, but little grip when braking in an inclined position. As a result, the driver must accomplish virtually the entire deceleration before the machine is turned.
This, in turn, means that there is only a limited amount of time available to brake in, without losing unnecessary milliseconds, hundredths or even tenths of a second. That's why the pilots now take a particularly brave approach to the brakes at this stage, the MotoGP machines' carbon systems provide an incomparable  deceleration. Initially, Lorenzo could not cope with those forces on the Ducati in the long term. After a few laps, he lost his strength, as he explained himself. The new tank - although on a MotoGP bike a dummy-tank, while the tank itself is mostly under the seat - has been laterally widened with additional covers that allow Lorenzo to better resist to withstand the acting forces whilst braking.

Since then, Lorenzo can not only use the good braking behavior of the Ducati when the motorcycle is set up, as in the past over a lap, but over a whole race distance. None of his Desmosedici colleagues can currently brake as hard as Lorenzo, Pramac man Jack Miller explains: "Jorge actually lets the tire collapse all the time, but he feels safe, the rest of us - or especially me - deforms the tires hardly, because I'm used to being thrown in the air if I do that. "

Lorenzo himself confirms the importance of the new tank for him: "We've taken a lot of steps in the right direction over the last few months, we've found the speed, so all we had to do was keep up the pace the last part that was still missing, now I feel comfortable throughout the race, before I had to tear down towards the end, because I was too tired. "

Edit: also interesting, covering similar topic...

Off Topic / Re: My thoughts on the ArgentinaGP and its consequences.
« on: April 15, 2018, 05:07:18 AM »
Nice write up, even if I disagree on a few things, that in particular:
Im not sure. Did he take less care because it was Valentino Rossi ahead of him? Definitely.
He did more or less the same thing with Espargaro and, probably, he would have done the same thing with anybody.
Overall great read David!

But I agree with MaX on the point with Rossi (well except for that "Hooligan" stuff ... too dramatic wording, but we get used to it  ;) ). You can ask the question whether Marquez might have been extra ruthless with Rossi. But you cannot positively substantiate that he did it. So your "Definitely" should have been a "Possibly" at the most. I think not even Marquez could really answer that question to you. He was just in a sort of a tunnel and trying to get through the pack of riders (who were all considerably slower than him) at the fastest way possible. He did it to an extent that it became very ruthless and dangerous and treated other riders as objects. He might have still thought that he had a chance to win, so he took extra risks maybe to achieve sth extraordinary and still win. And in doing that he obviously lost control over the risk/reward ratio. And he didn't care about other rider's health and race. That alone tells you a lot about the character Marquez is.  :(

But there is no way, you can argue that he took even less care against Rossi. Sure, the impact with Rossi was the most severe. But it could just be a coincidence.

I wouldn't blame race direction to much for the start mess with Miller: to me what is lacking is a proper rule for this kind of situations in the rule book.
The rules concerning this situation was outlined by Janaucarre above. The riders have the sighting lap to finally decide on which tyres they intend to use.
First, they all have done one lap before the warmup and the start, so they have been able to know wich tyres they need
Second, in a same case, all the driver should not be autorised to come back at pit and change tyres, they sould start and come to pit after one lap or more. It's my best reflection on this story. Miller took a risk and perhaps be punished if rain was coming, so the other who didn't take risk (all), must be punished because they choose bad.

As a race director, would you go with a never-tried-before race start procedure like the one you propose ?
The correct procedure according to the rules would have had all riders except for Miller to start from the pit lane. It has been done before on Sachsenring 2014 where almost the whole field started from the pit after changing tyres last second. It was chaotic, yes. But every start is chaotic and it was not signficantly more dangerous than a regular start. Also the pit-lane in Argentina is less narrow than it was on Sachsenring. But the most important thing: It is the correct way according to the rules and it would have been in compliance with what was rules back in 2014 on Sachsenring. Riders need consistency from the race commission. And riders that take a risk and that would have had to deal with the consequences if his strategy would not pay off, should not be defrauded off their advantage if their strategy does pay off.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: April 13, 2018, 06:20:41 AM »
Hehe no I am careful not to read too much. As far as I can tell 2 strokes are back in this race? Lol  :D
LOL  ;D  one would get the impression...

Jack I feel sorry for - that start decision?

Crutchlow is winning championship - Boom! As an 'Icelandic' Brit this is fantastic. 8)
Yes. That Miller-topic also fell short, because of all the other drama. Race commission screwed up big-time and in all likelihood robbed him off a win. Those bold decisions need to be rewarded. But I think those officials didn't want to have too much scuffle there for the championship top-contenders and wanted to not have all start from the pit-lane. But it would have been the correct way according to the rules. Miller was robbed.
And Crutchlow is in good shape this year. Seems to be very wise. This may help. I see him in the top5 for the championship.

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