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Support / Re: Problem with testing.ini
« on: February 16, 2019, 05:57:36 PM »
Jeezus, just realised this.

Why in hell did the mura (and the varese) get removed ?!?!?!?!?

I can only think Piboso felt he didn't have time to update them before he wanted GPB released?  ???

Bikes / Re: Beta15 updated bike list
« on: February 16, 2019, 12:00:20 AM »
As the mod bikes need to be updated it may get very confusing and hard to track which ones have been updated and will lead to many bike mismatches online, so maybe a thread could be started where there is a clear list of bikes updated by the modder who made it to keep things in order. New members would benefit from this too.


That's what the BikeMOD database is supposed to be for, ie: One place to get all the up to date mod-bikes to save any confusions, or am I missing something?  ;) ;D

General Discussion / Re: Forum Error when i send a message
« on: February 15, 2019, 10:59:05 AM »
Same here for about the last few weeks, the forum is very slow and keeps timing out but messages are working.

Has been exactly same for me for the last few weeks too guys..... I thought it was just my IP having issues but obviously not.  :)

Off Topic / Re: Rules Dorna should've implemented years ago......
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:51:34 PM »
If we were sat in a pub I could enjoy discussing this stuff at length hehe. Old codgers in the lounge bar getting wobbly. It's too much effort typing on a phone.

Commercialisation means decisions made by business men where results are not trophies but bonuses. If you can keep the money down you can keep the sport spirit as it will be run by enthusiasts of the actual sport.
Bernie Ecclestone - F1s saviour? I don't think so.

I agree with your sentiments but I feel young fans who never knew any different will accept it as it is, much like their grandkids will laugh at them when they hanker for the old petrol powered days and bikes that can't fly. ;D

Very true mate, couldn't agree more. Lol! ;) ;D

General Discussion / Re: New Game Engine
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:15:03 PM »
What was already said/confirmed on facebook:
-it will be simulation but still with more friendly way to control the bikes
-there will be visible damage on the bikes
-possible that you will be able to walk through the paddock
-if there will be enough money they will have licenced things
-no modding support
-game based on unity
-real life tyre degradation and simulation

I didnt see any ifnormations about multiplayer but sure there will be one. Anyway keep in mind that game will be developed for around 2 years. Thats a short time for a simulation.

Time will show but I expect it to be something between Milestone and PiBoSo
I think it's supposed to be multiplayer, like GPB, with ghost laps and online racing

Indeed I hope so...... I just found it very strange that multiplayer being as huge as it is today that it wasn't being promoted as one of the main features.... It did raise a suspicious red flag for me..... I'm just wondering if they plan to release it before they implement multiplayer? That would be a very bad sign for me personally in that it usually signifies that they don't know what they are doing with multiplayer and netcode enough to create a rock-solid networking system from the get-go? I hope I'm wrong.  :)

Off Topic / Re: Rules Dorna should've implemented years ago......
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:04:45 PM »
I do actually agree with what both of you have said there above, and I do realise that what MotoGP is today is what it is.....

F1 Nick - I agree with what you said too, but at least F1 are yet again this year making a step backwards technologically in order to bring back a more entertaining event..... In a way, MotoGP should've already learned the lesson from F1 in letting them see what happens to the heart and soul of a sport and it's reputation when technology is given a more or less free rein to integrate new technologies and ideas to the level where the actual human competitors in the sport play a lesser and lesser role in the outcome of events and championships compared to their hey-day eras.
Personally I think F1 needs to continue stepping back each year till they are back to the era of the mid to late 60's "Jim Clark" era to bring back real racing skills and entertainment for the fans.... Many fans I hear are coming to the same conclusion too, but like MotoGP, it'll be a hard nut to crack with the elite establishments of motor sports no doubt resisting these attempts at every stage, even threatening(like Ferrari already have done) to leave the sport altogether..... Personally I'd call their bluff. Lol!  ;D

I have also heard on the grapevine that GP500 2 strokes might actually be coming back in their own category too, similar as to what poumpouny was saying, at some stage in the future. But I almost guarantee that they will put some kind of restrictions in it's creation so as to never have to fear that the category will revive itself into becoming again regarded as the pinnacle "Blue-Ribbon" event?
Will be great to see them back again..... Let's hope fans will vote with their feet and support the GP500's and buoycott the 4 stroke MotoGP category..... OH! How I would love to live to see that day!! "People-Power" LOL!! ;D ;D

I just wish that Dorna didn't feel they had to destroy the GP500 category in the first place in their determination to replace the established blue-ribbon category with 4 stroke machinery..... They declared war on the 2 stroke category the same way governments get the public to accept going to war against other countries - They first demonise what they wish to destroy so the public willingly accept the result of their actions.
What they should've done was to give the 4 strokes their own category from the start; in fact the 4 strokes did have their own category with the SB's; so we can only presume that to get the 4 strokes accepted as the actual blue-ribbon pinnacle category, they felt they had to destroy the 2 stroke era altogether? It's disgraceful when you think about all the political shenanigans that go on behind the scenes at the expense of the fans and the very heart and soul of a beautiful sport..... Just such a shame......

Totally agree Nick, indeed we should consider ourselves very lucky and privileged to have witnessed the "Legendary" eras of both motorcycling and F1..... That is those of us that are old enough to have witnessed them. LOL!  ;) ;D

Off Topic / Rules Dorna should've implemented years ago......
« on: February 14, 2019, 05:10:21 AM »
Personally I think Dorna should've implemented these rules back in the year 2000 to avoid the mess and astronomical expense that MotoGP is experiencing today and to keep motorcycle racing within a reasonable budget as well as most importantly making sure that it was the riders latent skills that controlled the bike at all times:

Machines used cannot:
  • Be constructed in any part from Titanium or Carbon-Fibres
  • Use uncoated ceramic parts
  • Use telemetry during a race except for timing purposes
  • Use any electronic components to control the engine, brakes, suspension or wheel rotations
  • Use supercharger or a turbocharger of any kind.

Just a little controversial.... What are your thoughts on this guys? ;) :)

General Discussion / Re: New Game Engine
« on: February 14, 2019, 03:55:54 AM »
Bike Sim would probably take the lead... sad.

It sounds great, but notice they are not saying anything about the ability to MOD their app at all.... So you have to ask yourself: Is it going to be a sim that will only have in-house DLC's being sold to us now and again when they manage to get official product licences, and what sort of longevity and variety affect will that have on the sim itself with regards to long-term public interest?

Is it going to have an esports capability(and be designed for that too) for those that want to organise events online? Noticed nothing is being marketed or said about multi-player... Why?

Maybe their thoughts on a sustainable business model will be the very thing that makes it stumble at the first hurdle? That would be a shame considering the work that has obviously gone into creating BSE....

Having said that, it does look very promising and I sincerely hope they do have it right and do well from it.... Good luck guys! ;) 8)

Davide74's Paints / Re: [Skin] Schwaben M2 '18 - Polini
« on: February 13, 2019, 08:48:35 PM »
Very nice Davide! ;) 8)

General Discussion / Re: New official track
« on: February 13, 2019, 03:01:46 PM »
Make a track that is not in other games. its that simple. raceroom does that and its awesome. i wanted road track like ulster but no it has to be closed track because game engine cant handle it. i think.  old assen is good tho. hate new modern tracks
New tracks seem to lack character, older tracks tend to be more fun, however with it being based on relatively modern gp racing options are limited for official content I should Imagine, but I would like to see tracks that aren't in other games too, which is where the modders come in Into it for me, and why I'm not a big fan of GP tracks being modded, rather play something like croft or castle Combe.

+1 Myst1cPrun3!  ;)

General Discussion / Re: New official track
« on: February 13, 2019, 10:08:18 AM »
So what was the point of the poll ? lol  ???

It may seem that way, but I would say..... If you read through all the posts, then there is quite a lot of useful information to be gleaned from it for a developer given the choices in the poll.  ;)

Suggestions and wishlist / Re: Pit Lane Penalities
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:55:02 AM »
Resetting hasn't been much of an issue for me, but certainly online it should be just the reset the what you're facing, and the hold to reset to track should be disabled, as sometimes people reset to the racing line and then cause a larger issue/accident. But it'd be good from that Perspective to see crashes with accurate rag doll, and the ability to run to the bike and pick it up manually, rather than just a respawn.

Yep agree mate....

I've no problem with resetting back to track after a crash for "Training mode", but then I'm more of a hardcore sim type of guy(where it's possible and sensible for a PC app), but for online events I'd prefer to have it so that if a rider crashes then he's out of the race...... Would be good to have it based on damage caused by the crash too, and like you said about a rag-doll rider during the crash and then an animation of the rider running to pick up his bike would be good, funny and entertaining too.  ;D
But I personally think that if a rider knew that if they crashed, then the chances of them being able to continue with the race would be "slim-next-to-nothing", then that would give riders a sense of fear of crashing just as in real-life and stop unrealistic riding practices that one wouldn't attempt in reality too that a player can often get away with playing a game/sim on a PC.....  :)

Unfortunately for me, I don't think there are many riders in GPB that would agree to GPB being that hardcore..... But all I'd be suggesting is that these ideas would be applicable via a server setting option so event organisers could decide whether to apply this or not.  :)

Suggestions and wishlist / Re: Pit Lane Penalities
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:01:03 AM »
I get why people will do it in a qualifying session, skip the outlap, less fuel etc, and don't agree with it btw, but on a test day when there's literally nothing to be gained by it. That really drives me nuts.
While not necessarily a large issue, penalies for speeding in the pit lane and riding the Wrong way down it would be nice. I get people do it to get a timed lap quicker etc, and in a quality session I can understand it, as it removes the outlap thus saving time, but if you're coming round near the entry on a fast lap it can be off putting to see people screaming onto the track that way, and I've had several collisions with people doing this. It's only a small thing, but it'd be a step into introducing accurate rules into GPB? Or IST it just me that feels this way?

And then what about rules for classic bike races that didn't have any pit-lane penalties for such things?

When men were real men and had a sense of duty, honour and a sense of responsibility and common-sense to other human beings rather than just themselves and didn't require having to have these rules forced upon them. Lol!  ;D ;)

And putting in a couple of check boxes on server setup such as
[] Enable pit lane speed limit
[] Enable pit lane wrong way Penalities
Would solve the classic bike racing issue if you're bothered about that.
Pleased it's not just me that gets annoyed by this tho

That would be a good solution to have it as a server settings option.....

It was the same solution we debated on the forum regarding the ability to be able to stop riders just resetting the bike and continue racing after a crash to move more to reality..... It would been good to have had this option but nothing became of it, but I'd guess it would be fairly simple to include it from Piboso's perspective if he agreed with it. ;)

Yeah good solution mate.  ;) 8)

But I would suggest just putting the NDS tracks into a separate database folder first, rather than fully deleting them, so that they are quickly available should we need them again before v1.0 is released?
Yeah, of course. Didn't mean "get rid" as "blast into outer space".

Hide NDC version, have people playing on DS and let's see what happens.

Yeah definitely agree with that mate..... Let's get people playing with DS tracks and see what the feedback from them is..... Preferably get a good server up so we can stress test with a full grid and full length GP race too.  ;) 8)

Suggestions and wishlist / Re: Pit Lane Penalities
« on: February 12, 2019, 11:06:26 AM »
Black flag and kicked from the server for wrong way exit from the out in my opinion ;)

So bloody annoying seeing something coming at you from pit entry even if not actually on the track.

Oh and use the whole pit lane. Don't just jump on the pissing track. That's why it's called pit exit lane.

+1 on that Matty.

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