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Off Topic / Re: My "Hello World" message
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:12:00 AM »
Welcome aboard Paulo! ;) 8)

Tracks / Re: CATALUNYA_LS TV Cameras (update at 10th December)
« on: December 10, 2017, 01:19:38 PM »
Nice work Gzehoo! Great addition to the current camera-sets for this track.... Well done mate! ;) 8)

Off Topic / Re: Assetto GT2 Championship
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:41:49 PM »
Oh i didn't create it! I just had it in my skin collection for quite some time. I'd love a personalized skin, but i just don't have the time to go and create one  :'(

Oh I see! No worries mate.....  Just that I've been looking for the UV map that allows to skin the sunscreen section of the windscreen but can't find one anywhere.... Love to put my nickname on it. Lol ;D

Off Topic / Re: Assetto GT2 Championship
« on: December 07, 2017, 11:31:36 AM »
@Jamoz: Very nice skin mate! ;D 8)

BTW. How did you get the skin-graphic on the top of the windshield? I can't find the map for it.  :-\

Off Topic / Re: Assetto GT2 Championship
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:58:30 PM »
Did a little race against the Ai at that Japanese track..  Ai are doing 1:29.1  :o :o

I think with the right setup it should be possible.  I was able to do a 1.31.5 yesterday, but with a understeering car that was unstable over some bumps in the 3rd sector.
I`m not a setup wizard :(

I'm desperately trying to get some oversteer back into the front end of the car.... been trying everything but still no joy.

Off Topic / Re: Assetto GT2 Championship
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:54:52 PM »
Did a little race against the Ai at that Japanese track..  Ai are doing 1:29.1  :o :o

Wow! :o
I'm struggling at 1:35 online.... I must get more practice in. Lol! ;D

Custom hardware / Re: Motorbike Simulator for home.
« on: December 05, 2017, 04:03:35 PM »
Have you tested this over say a 30 lap race? If so how did you physically feel afterwards?

Nice idea though, but not sure if it's physically practical for serious race events? But would be fun. ;) 8)

Media / Re: Never Stop Riding - GP Bikes video
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:18:46 AM »
It should be a "sticky". It is just perfect!10/10.




Big Rfactor 2 supporter here! AC, Raceroom , Automobilista and Project cars 2 and nowhere near the fun.

Great vids badexample69! Really shows how rFactor 2 is coming on now with DX11.... I hear that DX11 is going to become the default platform for rFactor 2 before the end of December 2017 with the DX9 version still as an option..... Wet weather looks incredible! Dynamic weather too! BRILLIANT! ;D

Honestly I haven't seen or experienced anything of what your saying or describing there, Guiga, about rFactor 2 and Studio 397. As far as I'm concerned with what I've experienced so far I cannot praise them highly enough for what they are doing with rFactor 2 now. I still believe, with the progress they are making now, that by the end of 2018 rFactor 2 will be the best all-around car racing sim on the market including visuals. :)

Oh gosh, I have referred to it in that previous topic about the game. Basically if you check each of the last topics for the roadmaps, which have been systematically closed due to the number of complaints about the game, you'll be given a good glimpse. The one thing I'll say which I haven't before is that I hope they release the revised documentation and even in-game samples before the end of the first quarter of 2018. Imagine developing mods for GP Bikes b12 based on Alpha 7 and no current references.
Conversely, Hawk, what leads you to think the way you do?

Are you talking about the roadmap topics on the news page or related topics in the forum? I've only recently come back to rFactor 2 after a long hiatus after finding GPBikes, so I've not gone through all the forum topics as yet.

As for the modding and documentation, and this is just my personal opinion on what I think is going to happen; I think they are looking toward closing the modding to approved modders only so that they can have total control of the quality of modding work that is presented to the rFactor 2 community(Which I think would be the right and best thing to do for the long term success of rFactor 2). This will also give those approved modders an opportunity to start earning some monetary recompense for the great work they do by selling their approved mods in the Studio 397 product store(Very similar to the way ED runs the DCS Flight sim modules store). They have already made a move towards pay for DLC for rFactor 2(at a fair price I might add), and rightly so in my opinion; if rFactor 2 is to go on to be continually developed for the better then rFactor 2 has to start paying it's way, and pay for DLC at a fair and reasonable price is a good way to do that I think.
Having said that, I think they will leave the current freely available modding tools and documentation in their current version status for those modders who wish to struggle on making unofficial mods for the sim.

Overall from what I've experienced, seen and read about rFactor 2 since Studio 397 took over the development I must say that I'm very impressed with the direction it's going and the effort Studio 397 is making to develop and improve rFactor 2 and to keep the community well informed and continually updated.
But if they are going to update any of the modding docs and tools then surely you realise that modding considerations will probably be at the back of the dev-queue, especially as they are looking at paid for DLC's now to continue to fund rFactor 2 into the future it seems? :)

General Discussion / Re: Milestone and MotoGP
« on: December 01, 2017, 08:36:18 PM »
That's a little ignorant lol. You have no idea of the pace the players set on those games.. Sure the games are quite easy to play in general. But the competition is extremely tough.

That's a little ignorant lol. You have no idea of the pace the players set on those games.. Sure the games are quite easy to play in general. But the competition is extremely tough.
Tend to agree. It's not because the game is easy that the best are not skilled. You see incredible stuff done on SuperMarioBros :)

Anyway, at least Hawk is consistent here: he thinks riding 4-strokes, electronic-assisted, mummy-approved motoGP bikes is for kiddies, so yeah ... :)

Ignorant? Me! Haha! You really don't know me at all Bob. Lol! ;D
When someone from Milestones MotoGP eSport competition demonstrates that they can ride not only as fast but as consistent in GPBikes as they do in that piece of crap game they call a simulator, Lol, then I will wholeheartedly apologise for my so called ignorance. In other words let them prove it in a more realistic simulator like GPBikes! :P
Competition tough? Only because they all get away with so much BS in that game compared to reality that it's very difficult to crash and very easy to ride fast.... Tough? Competition? What you talking about man! Wake-up! Lol! ;D

And as for Max's statement: I don't think I've ever said modern MotoGP bikes are for kiddies? I might have suggested a monkey could ride them just as well, but do you really take me seriously!? You should know by now that I just love taking the piss out of modern day technology that has supposedly made motorcycle racing better.... Haha! OH! On that point.... Don't make me laugh! Hehe! ;D ;D

Are you sure?

I have the greatest desire for this game - and all games I own - to reach their potential, and I'm part of modding for rf2, but I must say there still is a gap between this perception and the reality.

Hi Guiga.

Maybe you could elaborate more on what your reality with rFactor 2 is and explain what issues you have with rFactor 2 that would clarify your statement? ;)

General Discussion / Re: Milestone and MotoGP
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:27:30 PM »
@Loinen: With all respect, you've answered my quotes in your post based on the attitude of people who actually play Milestones MotoGP...... If you read my quotes posted in your post you will see that I'm talking about any audience that would want to watch eSport; after all, it's the audience that matters most not the competitors if eSport is to be a success.

But all respect to you in your attempts to convince them of better platforms to practice what skills they may have..... But the attitude of the players you mentioned just goes to prove that Dorna have made a BIG mistake backing Milestones MotoGP as the foundation for Motorcycle eSports... eSports can well do without anyone who thinks it's going to be easy to win eSport races.... Unfortunately Milestones MotoGP makes it pretty easy for anyone to win with a bit of luck.... Even monkeys could ride fast in Milestones MotoGP. Lol! ;D

Ones things for certain..... Milestones MotoGP eSports riders will never gain the respect and following that would come to riders that use a realistic simulator; respect comes from people knowing how difficult it is to do what they do, and riding fast in MS's MotoGP is not hard and everyone knows it. :)

Unfortunately most people act like water in the sense that given the opportunity they will always find the quickest and easiest ways to achieve anything and defend their actions as though their life depended on it. Lol! ;D

Studio 397 are making great inroads now with rFactor 2 with regular updates and big improvements already added and on-going for the near future..... I must say their PR in keeping the rFactor 2 community up to date with their progress and visions is absolutely excellent! More importantly they do what they say they are going to do and listen to the rFactor 2 community.

rFactor 2, undoubtedly the best sim out there physics-wise right now and will no doubt also be the best sim in the eye-candy department by the end of 2018 now they have moved over to DX11 graphics.

Latest Studio 397 rFactor 2 Road Map:

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