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Suggestions and wishlist / Corner cutting penalty
« on: May 16, 2018, 06:07:27 AM »
Because I have seen a lot of corner cutting - in same cases with overtaking - in official races I would suggest to increase the cutting penalty from 5 to 10 seconds.
I have heard after the third cutting the driver will be disqualified. Because of the fact that the cutting technology couldn't work 100% perfect (some unguilty drivers that make only a mistake will be penalisied) I would suggest to get the driver the back flag at the fifth cutting. Then maybe the track builders have more courage to set more and stronger checkpoints.

Or maybe the number of max cuttings can be an adjustable parameter definded by the host.

BR Olaf

General Discussion / My personal valuation of GPBikes
« on: March 26, 2018, 03:13:01 PM »
10 weeks after buying my licence I can say GPB works for me much better as I thought.  :)
In the last years I had a look at this forum here from time to time. That sounded to me like problems, problems and more problems: core.exe crashes every times, joining problems, massive jump start bugs, and so on.
Now, after some test races and four official races I'm pleasantly surprised.  :)
No technical problems for me in all races (only yesterday at Bugatti I had a freezes in quali and in a test practice, but I think it's a track problem).
So all in all I think principially GPB is ridable and stable.
I don't need longer tracks (that's too vigorous for me - I'm 52  ;) ) and the graphics are good enough for me.

The things that GPB impoved most at the moment are for me:
1. Because we see in Moto2 championchip all in all a relative arcadic, chaotic driving style there should be more consequences in case of crashes: The rider have to run to the bike and/or the bike gets a small damage determinated by crashes/collissions and/or a decreation of driver healthy or something else.
2. During online racing I see only minimal warping of the other drivers  :) (except Alex Nogueira, but I think it's normal because he has a ping more than 200 - it's no accusation to you, Alex  :) ).
But in replays all other drivers warped quite bad. To get a really possibility to punish antisocial driving style like returning to track without considering traffic a better replay quality would be desirable.

Apart from that GPB is - at the moment ;) - already fine for me - with only some very small issues like unvisible leather paintings.

BR Olaf

P.S.: Selfmade I have heard that some people have core.exe problems, so that should be number 0 ;) in priority list (because in this thread I write my personal valuation only this one sentence about this here).

Moto2 Championship 2018 / Vallelunga: 15CET or 20CET
« on: March 19, 2018, 02:34:56 PM »

Bug Reports / Can't see rider paintings/helmets
« on: March 13, 2018, 05:31:58 PM »
1. I can't see helmet paints (can't choice them into bikes section in GPB).

2. And I can see only a few rider paintings - the most I don't see. 

For the second problem today I found the reason. I see exactly this rider paints that don't use # in the file name. And these are only a few.
I'm on Windows10/64Bit.

BR Olaf

Plugins / GPBBestLap
« on: March 07, 2018, 04:35:27 PM »
Here is a tool to create race statistic from race replays (and if you have it too race exports).

The tool:


An exemple (from Moto2 WM 2018, Race2 - 15:00CET race -, Johor):

BR Olaf

Edit 09.02.18: In the programmfolder is now an additional tool GPB2in. It is for comparing race with 2gids. It works with GPB exports.

Moto2 Championship 2018 / Some ideas for the WM
« on: February 26, 2018, 04:38:43 AM »
Because I have some experiance from a four wheel league I have made some brain storming would can be a good sequel of the WM.

It seems there are to less people for a 15:00 race.
It should be 2 grids at lets say 18:30CET and 20:00CET (the practice should be only 30 minutes). The drivers should be devided depended from the last laptimes or race results from the Victoria race, slower drivers 18:30/faster drivers 20:00. So will be less problems with overlapping and it makes the most fun to fight at the track against equal drivers.
For the third race and so on maybe the last lets say three drivers from the faster grid should scaled down to the slower grid and the three fastest drivers from second grid should start in the next race in the first grid. The advantage of this: There are many new drivers in GPB. Maybe some of them (not me) will be much faster in the next weeks.

I think it should be an overall ranking, because the first race was driven without the correct graduation and in case after a few races it will be less drivers it's easy to switch to one grid.
It seems to me the best kind of ranking should be to compare the race times of both grids. To the race times of lapped drivers should be added the average laptime of the driver * missing laps. Only drivers which times are - after that conversion - faster than winner time +20% AND have seen the checked flag get a score. (small edit a few hours later)
I have made a tool for Grand Prix Legends replay files that creating from replays overall rankings in that way. I think it should be possible for GPB replays too, but I need some weeks to get it to work.
It's important that only the finished drivers get a score, because otherwise it would be possible if let's the the leader make a crash in the last lap an quitted the race he would win the race.

The normal points system of MotoGP/Moto2 wouldn't work because a score for only 15 drivers isn't enough.
My spontan idea is:
1.=100, 2.=80, 3.=64, 4.=52, 5.=44, 6.=38, 7.=34, 8.=32, 9.=31, 10..=30,...,39.=1 (edited a few hours later)

BR Olaf

P.S.: It would be a pity to stop the WM!

Racing / restart polls at the server
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:27:21 PM »
I must say I'm irritated about the restart polls and clamours to restart the race after crashing.
I'm absolutely sidetracked about it: I do a crash in the next corner.
Can I hide these polls?

If not: Maybe it would be better to make the practice shorter (maybe one hour) that some people can more accept that their start was unsuccessful. 

I hope in the Moto2 championchip will be no polls and no chat during the race.

BR Olaf

Suggestions and wishlist / Airport to practice driving style
« on: February 16, 2018, 05:44:22 PM »
I have a strange wish:
For a newbee it's not easy to learn such things like drifting/braking in corners, etc. If I'm trying that I'm crashing because I'm outside the track in the dirt.
For learning it would be great to have a simple practice field (lets say 2km*2km) like an airport.
I think it should be must faster to create than a typical track.

BR Olaf

General Discussion / Have crashed bike/riders creates collissions?
« on: February 02, 2018, 04:30:33 PM »
Could it be that crashed bikes and riders at the track have no consequences? It means the following drivers could ignore crashed bikes and riders?
I'm unsure if I have to react or not.

BR Olaf

General Discussion / Problem if I want to brake into corners+fps problems
« on: January 28, 2018, 01:03:50 PM »

yesterday I have tried for the first time GPB Online. I tried to run at the Moto2 server, 'cause I planed to paticipate at Gzehoos championship. But I see at the moment it makes no sense for me.
My two biggest problems:

1. In practise/qualy I had a useful fps rate. In race my fps rate changed between only 20 and 35 fps (not only at the start, later with no bikes in my near also). It was hard for the eyes. ::)
My PC: i2 2,66GHz + nVidea GeForce GS9500.
Is the low fps rate normal at this system, or is there any problem in GPB.
What can I do to increase fps? Deinstall MaxHUD?

2. I couldn't brake into corners after a long straight. I had to stop braking and wait 0.3s before I can turn in the corner. If I do it earlier than 0.3 after totally looking the brake, I crashed. Naturally so I'm 15s or so slower than the fastest drivers.
I saw if the brake zone is short (i.e. in the left/right passage two/three corners after the long straight) nothing happens, in every case I can lean soon as I stopped braking.
Whats the reason? Heating up the tyres after a longer brake, so it had no grip for a moment?
I used Wheeling help, but no Traction help or Brake help. Is Brake Help an option? Do other drivers - i.e. you 8) - use it?

I would be happy about every help.
BR Olaf

Bug Reports / Can't Installation MOD bikes
« on: January 26, 2018, 05:21:10 PM »

since yesterday I'm a member of a GP bikes license.
Now the three other bikes tah the 125ccm DEMO bike works.
I've tested GP500ccm. It was horrible! I needed more than 30 laps for my first lap without a crash. But that wasn't the issue of the bike, that was my impatient driving style.

Now my problem: I want install the MOTO2 MOD linked in racing/MOTO2 champiochip thread.
I have created the five Moto2_2017_... folders, and put them under GP Bikes/gpbikes/bikes (the last folder I have created before). If I start GP Bikes, choice one of the moded bikes and click at Testing, core.exe crashes.

After the next start core.exe crashes immediately. If I rename bikes folder to bikes_ it seems to work again with the piboso bikes.

Must I put the  folders or filess from the folders misc and tires (that I found in the unzipped folder) or riders, skins/temlates at any place?

I have no idea.

BR Olaf

Support / Can't Shifting when Braking (Rear)
« on: January 23, 2018, 05:27:56 PM »

I have this issue: I use a paddle for Rear brake and a button for Shift (Down) at my MOMO racing wheel.
Unfortunately I can't Shift Down when I'm using the rear brake at the same moment. So I'm confused because I don't know in which gear I've been.  :o

Have anyone the same problem or and idea?

BR Olaf

Support / Server replays in DEMO?
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:31:09 PM »

maybe I will buy the complete Version of GPB, because I see at the moment there are some races.
But I'm not 100% resolved.
I would like to have a look at a server replay of some SBK2005 races from the last weeks to see how realistic works GPB in case of collisions.

So I have three questions:
Is it possible to see server replays with the DEMO? Can I use replays from other tracks than Victoria? And: Do I need obligatory the newest Version for that? My last install is Version 10.

Thanks you

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