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General Discussion / Re: Questions about daily development
« on: Today at 10:53:50 AM »
Nice ! And thx for the merge  :-[

General Discussion / Re: Questions about daily development
« on: Today at 10:28:13 AM »
@PiBoSo: what's this

* MXB: more work on spectator support

Ability to join a server to watch ?

Plugins / Re: Data output
« on: September 18, 2018, 01:02:24 PM »
Thanks Max, I've used your superb plugin which gives me almost everything I want. So thank you for your hard work!

Is there anyway to view tyre data from the bike? I noticed that tyre data isn't in the SPluginsBikeData_t structure.
Tyre pressure and temperatures are not passed by GPB to the plugin (long standing request but that's it).

Tyre characteristics are in .tyre files of each bike.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:31:43 AM »
I've read you all good but you're right, I don't get your point.

I posted a comment for a former rider and you pointed out my action has zero value for you.
All fine, even if I don't see the point in you broadcasting that, as others may well be interested in others' opinions (especially coming from a former rider).

Final note: I didn't post Spencer's opinion because "he's on my side". I didn't post it to prove he, me or Marquez is right. If you're reading that in my action that's your problem. If I stumble on a retired moto3 rider disagreeing with Spencer, I'd still post it as well.

Wait! what?

This isn't the High Court for Human Rights?
No. They are out fishing with uberslug :)

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:32:29 AM »
You can post whatever you want. I just don't see any point in posting anyone's opinion.
Well, it's a forum and many of us posted their own opinion (including, well, you). Bit of the purpose of the forum itself.

Instead of Mr. Spencer's opinion, you could as well have quoted your's, Hawk's, mine, or anyone's opinion.
Except this would have been pointless because these were already on the forum (Spencer's one was not).

For me everything should be based on facts, not names. I just wanted to make that clear. And that is why I wanted to point out that your reference to Mr. Spencer's opinion does bear 0 value.
OK. If that's the case, what;s the value of the opinion of MCF, Hawk, guigui, me and you ?
If they are all zero, then what's your point ?! Nobody should have posted anything ?

And finally but very annoying: I do not know why I am labelled a "VR people"?
Because in a discussion "A vs B" you seemed to take A's side (which is fair) essentially saying that people on B's side are wrong because their opinion is irrelevant.
I do agree I could have used a more precise formulation than "VR people", sorry for the shortcut. At the same time, this is a video-game forum, not the High Court for Human Rights so, yeah ...

Out of pure interest: would you label yourself a Marquez people?
I wouldn't mind if someone here would say "Max seems to be partial to MM".
I would not take it as an offence or an utter lack of respect.
If it bothers you, you can consider I was speaking about others and not you.

Plugins / Re: Data output
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:36:55 AM »
I just wanted to know the exact values that GP Bikes was sending the software.
GPB sends to the output plugin all the values you see in the output plugin example.
In particular, for your usage, the relevant structure is SPluginsBikeData_t: all the (available) bike state values are there.
Have a look at it, it's commented.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 08:00:25 AM »
That is exactly what I am saying. Everybody has his opinion and is equal. So I do not know see why you value Mr. Spencer's opinion higher.
Personal choice, nobody is obliged to agree. And, again, I'd value any rider's opinion higher than any fan's one (including mine).

What do you want me to do ? Should I remove the post with Freddie Spencer's opinion ?
If tomorrow I stumble on, let's say, Doohan's opinion or Stoner's opinion, can I post it here ?

Max , you seems very clever , why do you lost your time trying to explain all opinions are equals to these guys ?
I think Stout is clever and he's a nice guy to discuss with, but as often when discussing VR people just get a bit too passionate.
The Uccio syndrome :)

Plugins / Re: Data output
« on: September 17, 2018, 06:05:57 PM »
My own plugin for telemetry can also output the data in .csv (

Thank you Max. I hadn't realised that your plugin was able to create a csv file.

Is the source code for your plugin available anywhere?
Not really. But again, for something as simple as outputting bike data to a text file, the plugin example provided by Piboso is 90-95% of the code needed. You are only missing a few lines.

No intention to discourage you but if you can't write the necessary lines to write bike data to a text file, then the work necessary to interface to some hardware platform is probably too much anyway.

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 17, 2018, 12:20:47 PM »
Funny you find it necessary to point out he's not an expert on the matter: he didn't claim he is, I didn't say he is.
He provided his opinion like I provided mine, you provided yours and other provided theirs. Where's the problem ?!

I'd personally be happy to hear the opinion of any rider as, humbly maybe, I would value them more then my own.

Plugins / Re: Data output
« on: September 17, 2018, 09:49:35 AM »
Yeah I have seen that but I noticed it doesn't write all of the bike states such as roll velocity, CG accelerations and steer torque. Is there an easy way to get the plugin to include these?

Also is there an example code for the GPB telemetry plugin that I can have a look at?
The plugin example source code is only missing a few lines to do what you want to do: open file, fprintf, close file.

My own plugin for telemetry can also output the data in .csv (

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 17, 2018, 09:25:04 AM »
Mr Freddie on the (non)shake:
Ok, there is one opinion. Is Freddie Spencer the undisputed expert on handshaking or refusing handshakes, that his opinion should enlighten anyone?
Don't know if hes the undisputed expert on the subject, but I do think that his opinion is worth more than mine, yours ans Hawk's combined.
Still, it's just *one* opinion. Why shouldn't it be posted here ?

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:26:17 PM »
Mr Freddie on the (non)shake:

Plugins / Re: Data output
« on: September 14, 2018, 07:11:21 PM »
So would I have to write my own plugin based off the example output one for that?
Yes. The main callback you are interested into is RunTelemetry.

I've managed to simply make a plugin that writes a line of text to a txt file when GP Bikes is launched. Now I just need to figure put how I can write some bike data to that file. I want to write data that isn't on the logdata.csv file. Any thoughts?
Not sure why you woul dwant to write to a file (except for learning purposes).
Anyway, you have all th ebike data in the structure SPluginsBikeData_t that is passed to RunTelemetry().
If you want to write stuff out, then well, just do that.

BTW, the default GPB telemetry plugin does just that, write data to a .csv:

Off Topic / Re: FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
« on: September 13, 2018, 03:03:02 PM »
On the Fenati story I find :
  • The action borderline criminal and inexcusable
  • The Dorna "non-punishment" plain silly
  • The team(s) decision to fire him and italian federation decision to invalidate his license just logical

But I also find Fenati's words and decision after the fact more than acceptable: he made a giant mistake, got punished (not by Dorna), accepted the consequences and retired to go back to studies (it seems). Not sure we can expect anything more from him. I've seen much worse aftermaths ...

Death threats on the web: i would be surprised if he hadn't received any. I mean, you can get them just for stating you like more blue than yellow or green so ...

Plugins / Re: Data output
« on: September 12, 2018, 08:01:02 PM »
You have to give your .dlo its own name, not rename it to proxy64.

Never used codeblocks, hence won't be able to help too much in configuring it. In Visual Studio it's fairly easy (even in the free edition).

The .dlo receives data from GPB in a C structure: what you do with that is up to you (for example, the defuult telemtry plugin just writes some bike data to a text file).
If you want to use the data in the C structures with your motion software, you'll have to send the relevant data (roll/pitch/yaw angles, I guess) to your motion software/hardware.

If you have not enough experience in coding, sending data to mechanically dangerous hardware is a bit risky (but that may depend on how many protection your hardware/software has, like max torque, max rates etc).

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