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General Discussion / Re: Ride 3 from Gamescom 2018
« on: November 10, 2018, 04:42:14 PM »
cant wait to delete 65 gb gpbikes on november 30th.
Great ! Don't forget to also delete your account here. We'll be forever grateful.

Next saturday:

Suggestions and wishlist / Re: A "Marquez-Button"
« on: November 08, 2018, 07:20:11 PM »
MM aside, how many riders have you seen doing this kind of saves let's say at least 3 times in a year (considering all practice + quali + race sessions) ?
I'm going to say none. If the "save" button has to be "realistic" (and we know Piboso is allergic to anything but) it should work only 1 time in 100,000 on average :)

D-day (as in decision day) getting closer.
Keep us posted mate. But I assume we will know as soon as your same is changed to TuonoMaX  :P
Nah, the first bike is always a special one.


Then do it m8, you will regret not doing it or you will regret not doing it  :P.

Go buy a stupid powerfull bike, ride it until you are tired of it and sell. The thing is you won't get tired of a powerfull bike of nowadays, always satisfying when you twist the wrist.   :P

Hehehe :)

D-day (as in decision day) getting closer.

General Discussion / Re: Gear Ratios
« on: November 07, 2018, 08:56:34 AM »
Give a concrete example (numbers) and we can sort this out in no time.

I remember a long time ago I checked GPB calculation of top speed (shown in the garage) and I got the same exact results.

General Discussion / Re: Gear Ratios
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:34:22 PM »
My understanding is that 1 tooth change on the front equates to a 3 tooth change on the rear.
Depends on the number of teeth.

Starting from 2 front and 4 rear, ratio is 1/2. If you have -1 front you get 1/4. To get the same 1/4 adding to the rear, you have to do +4 (2/8).

There's no absolutely correct rule like "-1 front = +3 rear" (even if it may be a decent approximation in some usual ranges).

All I am saying. Test the market. Don't buy something you will be fed up with in 2 years ; ) But if you do, you will most likely be able to sell a Tuono without making much of a loss in 2 years if you find a bike you love. So do whatevery your heart tells you in Spring  ;)

Half the fun of owning a bike is thinking of which one to get next :P
Tempted to quote Stout here: it's like with with women  :P

Why all the brittons are trying to sell me uk-made bikes ?
Do you have stock you fear not to be able to flush due to brexit ? :) :) :)

Because why wouldn't you want a questionable reliable, mediocre at best (unless you get the 675 or 765), made in India bike? ;D
There are bikes outside the british empire and its colonies nowadays, you know ? :)

Did you find any new love for it after a ride ? i.e. would you just sit and look at it admiringly,  or is it just the tech/power side that impresses? as that will always be surpassed by the latest offerings.
Aesthetically no. It's a bike with only one purpose, and that purpose is not win a beauty contest.
But let me tone this down a bit: I don't find it utterly ugly, like for example an mt-10 (personal taste, of course; it seems to be a very very funny bike too).

But generally speaking, well yes, I did find new love. The kind of dangerous love you know you should not get tangled with.
Unless you've already put your less noble parts on a bike of this calibre, then you're bounded to be very impressed (valid in general, I would probably be as impressed by an SDR or an s1000r).

There are a few of details that point me in the italian job direction: first, I have a second hand Tuono (dealer demo bike, 1600Km, 4 months old, basically new) that I can have at a very good price. But of course, it can get sold overnight leaving me with remorse only.

Second, I've been asking my journo friend to feed me all the press info on big naked bikes reviews in the past 3 years at least. And the outcome (amongst serious reviewers and only in comparative tests) is nearly unanimous, no matter the country of origin of the reviewer. At that scale, it has to mean something.

And third my journo friend himself has been constantly, invevitably replying to all my nitpicking about the tuono with something like "yeah, the SDR is exremely funny, yeah the s1000r has some pros, yeah <inster whichever bike here> can be considered, but jesus ... the Tuono ... it's porn!".

@Stout: HD ? Big no-no for me.
But I agree on the approach "buy the tuono, have a quickie and sell it if not satisfied" :)

My buyer comes here this saturday with the money: deal signed, if the Tuono is still on the market then I'll try to negotiate the last few euros before finally giving up the ghost and probably walking around with a weird smile on my face until the day I can pick the Tuono up.
If by then it's gone, then too bad. I'm fairly sure the new cb1000r will give me plenty of good rides and who knows, if alzheimer spares me for a few more years, maybe I still have time for a hooligan bike later on.

For what it's worth, my 10yo son and 8yo daugther are partial to the Tuono. And yes, I do occasionaly ride with them so, technically speaking, they are stakeholders in this :)

Act your age Max.
Well given the shortlist I had in my head (SuperDukeR, Tuono, s1000r), the idea was clearly not to act my age.

Cant believe you want a fuel gauge lol.
I can live without, but what's the point on purposely not having one ?! That bike even has a lean angle indicator on its dash.

I mean whats the point of having a 200 mph rocket that you will never use
None. That's the beauty of it :)

At the very least go for the one that burns a hole in your leg like a proper motorbike used to.
The Tuono can actually do that I think (left side in particular).

I did well not to mention 2 strokes.
I may actually consider that when I change my lawnmower :)

Edit: The Thruxton R is a no brainer. Bikers will still speak to you. (If you want their greasy words of course).
Why all the brittons are trying to sell me uk-made bikes ?
Do you have stock you fear not to be able to flush due to brexit ? :) :) :)

Thanks Stout (and all, of course).

Look-wise, I wasn't a big fan of the Tuono and I'm not 100% convinced by the new cb1000r either.
The new cb1000r is a bit of a gamble: I'm not sure in 5 years from now the "retro cafe reacer" will still be en vogue.
I've put the tuono on my desktop wallpaper and it's growing on my little by little: not because it looks nice (it doesn't, my friend had a word with an Aprilia designer who confirmed the idea was definitely *not* to make it look nice, quite the contrary actually), but because it screams power in your face, from any angle, even when you look at it from below :)

But you're absolutely right, something more quiet and less aggressive looking would definitely be the logical, wise choice: I absolutely don't care of other passing me on lesser bikes. I'm not a racer and I never try to prove the contrary on public roads. And yeah, there's zero need for a Tuono on public roads (well, neither for the honda's 140hp actually ...).

It's just that the temptation of having a stupid powerful and capable bike once in a lifetime (cause I don't see myself doing that in too many years from now) is so strong ...

Anyway, money-time is coming, just got a very acceptable offer for my current cb1000r so yeah ... time to sleep over the decision.
Odds at the moment (assuming I do sell my bike): Tuono 55% - cb1000r 45%.

The Aprillia comes with ohlins suspension and brembo brakes right?
The Factory has ohlins, the cheapo (sort of) RR has only Sachs Gold. For my usage, both are way too much.
Brembo M50 on both Factory and RR: more stopping power I hope to ever need.

Id choose that for when the mid life crisis hits  ;D
That's my reasoning too, I'd soon be too old for something insane.
So yeah, YOLO ... or in the Tuono (and similar bikes) case, YODO (as in You Only Die Once).

I'd blame Aprilia more, plenty of other bikes are Euro4 without the need of that complex stuff (the valve actuator itself is 1Kg!).

Fair point (the Triumphs are overpriced even in the UK. They seem to do a lot more finance bikes than straight sales)
Ducati docet :)

Exup Bypass should be an easy Mod. Disconnect the actuator cables and leave the servo twisting away merrily.
Sadly, no. You need a specific little thingy to bypass the valve without the ECU noticing it, or you're screwed (dash error + engione limited after a few Kms). And after that, you need a re-map of the ECU too, bu tof course most Aprilia dealers are OK to sell this to you only if you buy a full Akra line from the (1600-2200E, and I don't even like the look of it). So yeah, for once the OEM exhaust  is likely to stay on :)

Never been a big fan of it aesthetically (but I liked the Street, that I didn't buy just because it was heating my balls like a barbecue you're sitting on).

I find it a bit overpriced too: the creme-de-la-creme RS starts at 16.2 KE and lacks a quickshifter ... at that price it's a Tuono or SuperDukeR fight (even the S is probably more expensive than the Tuono, at least here).

Other annoyance with the 2018 Tuono: Euro4 means it has an exhaust valve in the silencer, not in the collector.
So it is almost impossible to replace the big stock exhaust with a better looking (and road legal) aftermarket one. Yawn.

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