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« on: February 17, 2013, 06:05:38 PM »
World Racing Series automatically generates telemetry data. The output file is named logdata.csv and can be found in "My Documents"/PiBoSo/World Racing Series/
It is a comma-separated values text file, that can be imported into any spreadsheet.
If you want to have more control create a text file in installation directory called telemetry.ini, with the following structure:
Code: [Select]
disable = 0
min_time = 40
delay = 5
sample_rate = 20
unique_filename = 0
data_maxsize = 8000000
disable: set it to 1 if you don't need telemetry
min_time: seconds. A run shorter than this value is not saved to disk
delay: the first 'delay' seconds are not saved
sample_rate: sampling rate
unique_filename: if set to 1 it will save a different file for each run ( WARNING: uses a lot of disk space )
data_maxsize: the buffer size for telemetry data, in bytes. With default value it will save 9000 seconds of data at 10hz
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