Author Topic: An alternative mode between DST/DSA steering and Default Steering mode  (Read 300 times)


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Hi there,
As i think you know i'm a fan of hardcore simulation, i'm still learning DSA/DST and even if i like thing to be the harder way i think DSA/DST is way more to difficult to handle, mainly because of the lack of feedback you get from the bike in DSA/DST mode.

So not talking about hardcore counter steering wich i think people is doing instinctively ( i think 70% of people riding a bike don't even know they turn the steering the opposite way when turning)
will it be more natural and more accessible to a lot off people to get a mix version of DSA/DST, to the Default normal steering mode. Let me explain :

In Default steering mode, you are dictating the bike leaning with your controller, and the software do the rest to match the steering, rider leaning and balance of the bike ... The problem is that you do not have to worry about lean angle limit so you can just push your joypad ton the maximum on a hard turn and wait the bike to turn without worriyng about nothing else that your trajectory.

In DSA/ DST you have no leaning angle limit but you have to control the angle or the torque applyed to the handle bar and guess the resulting bike leaning, wich with a very limited feedback from the bike is very difficult and not natural at all.

So why not take the Default steering mode and just remove the bike lean auto-limiter, with that you are dictating directly the bike lean without worrying about countersteering, but you have to limit you lean angle yout self.  So for example on a wheel, say you put a 140 angle limit for your wheel wich is a normal moto gp lean angle limit (70 left and 70 right) so you know (depending on wich bike you ar) how much can you go with leaning.

Thanx :)