Author Topic: My first 72 hours in this community  (Read 392 times)


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My first 72 hours in this community
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:46:11 PM »
Well 72h give or take...  ;D

  • Got the license to unlock all GP Bikes features (should have done this earlier but I had my expectations wrong regarding the HS system and GP Bikes license but Allan cleared that up).
  • Started following the "GPB unofficial guide" by HornetMaX ( Great work HornetMax, a must for all newbies. Finished points 1 and 2. PS: I do recommend setting the "compatibility=0" under core.ini. This will make sure all files are under the GPBikes folder and it's a lot easier to find them and to backup the files (btw I had to manually copy the files under "My Documents\Piboso" to the GPBikes folder. Not sure if it was just me or it's the expected behavior).
  • In the meantime started working on a Portuguese (Portugal) translation based on the work done by Rodrigovis ( I did notice that a few things were missing and that's when I read more closely the "GPB unofficial guide" specially the part regarding .pkz files (section 2.3). I unpacked the ui.pkz file and got the latest translation file in english (english.str). Used WinMerge (free software for PC) to compare the file I was working with the new and added the necessary changes. All working. Haven't tested everything but will make necessary changes whenever I, or someone else, discovers them. You will find the file here:

So next steps (since I'm waiting for the HS system and won't ride without it...  ;)):

  • Finish setting up GP Bikes following the "GPB unofficial guide" by HornetMaX (
  • Customize a Helmet and Suit to prepare for online racing (this way everyone will know, the guy that doesn't know how to ride, is me...  ;D)

Thanks to everyone that is helping me along this journey.



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Re: My first 72 hours in this community
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2017, 09:00:49 PM »
Great to have you with us Freak. Welcome to the world of GPBikes at long last.

It is good you pointed out the license thing as I have not had that asked before but good to know I should make it clear for others in the future.

Due to registration rules for GPB, if I gave a licence to everyone they would all be under my email address I registered with, which was in fact is an ex girlfriends as I had no paypal account when I got a licence back in 2010 lol.

This is my first day out of bed since last Friday so a bit behind on your Hs3 but will get it finished asap so you can get into GPB.

At least you have time to install all the mods as there are LOTS lol

See you on the track soon


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