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Re: The last time I ask for help
« Reply #30 on: March 26, 2018, 07:46:01 PM »
Extracted your fbx 2010 but then had to re-pack as fbx 2013 to load into blender.

Loaded OK into Blender with textures correctly referenced in materials, fixed model and built track using 3dsmax and 64bit exporter.

Re-packed the .fbx with textures in the 2010 format the same as originally supplied for sending back to you - used Autodesk fbx converter for pack/unpack

You had some faulty model declarations which might not of helped but your model export must have been basically correct with material assignments so I am not sure where you are having problems exporting to .map/.trp

The supplied fbx is 'good' so you can experiment with the exporter and try to mimic the result.
Ok i will see. Thank you so much again. Now i am going to talk with the creator of the track to make a public release.