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1/2 Rider Tracking
« on: March 08, 2019, 08:16:58 AM »
The rider tracking option for using a great headset/trackIR to control rider weight is a great idea, and would be perfect and intuitive. However there are a few things that I've found that could be improved/changed.

1) Options to control how far I have to move my head irl compared to how far my rider moves in the SIM. A sensitivity option would be nice, as often a 1:1 ratio is not practical. I don't know if this can be changed in the files with parameters, but it'd be nice to have some sliders in the menus.

2) Rider tracking moves the top half of the body only upon request. I think this option would be a nice little middle ground, wherein using the auto l/R lean controls only where the rider is on the sea, and the headset controls where the top half/head appears. To me it like seem more natural that way rather than moving my head to the left and the rider moving his lower half first, as in my chair I don't have that option.
Combined with the first suggestion this could be a lot more natural.
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