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Title: Transmission Slipping Problem
Post by: Cory_Hayes.11 on November 17, 2016, 09:41:03 AM
I am making a Top Doorslammer, and obviously I have to make the engine have heaps of power.

I will start from scratch.

I started with the S392 GT, I then changed the model to the model I am using.
I then set the wheels up in the GEOM file, I still have to finish suspension linkages and stuff to make it " Handle  correct ".

So I have played around with the sprint car on tracks like Daytona and stuff and it has heaps of power, so as a test I put the 410 engine curve to the S392's files.

Now, that is where the engine gets all how ya goin', basically until the engine reaches 120 degrees, the gears just " slip " but once it hits said temperature it finally will start grabbing the gear and driving it properly ( not making the power its meant to be making due to over heating but still hits 230km/h ).

So basically, is there a way in the .CFG to counter what I would imagine the torque of the engine doing this?
( I have played around with differential stuff and set it to half of the original gear settings on the final drive, and then for the first 7 gear ratios I have put them at half as well, but still getting the slip.

Any suggestions would be mint.