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Title: Confirmation on Spring Rates and Preload Calculations
Post by: Myst1cPrun3 on February 05, 2021, 08:24:18 PM
It was confirmed the 'fully kitted' rider weight in GPB is 75kg. This was good to know, as it has allowed me to calculate the 'correct' spring rate for this rider.

HOWEVER, my problem comes, when putting in the spring rate into the CFG's the values don't add up. Even on Maximum  preload and minimum oil I'm only JUST getting 35mm of rider sag on the front end (rear seems OK With a 100N spring in which is right but the front is only just acceptable).

(25mm-35mm generally is the accepted mark for race bikes from my research)

As a result I'm wondering if there is something missing in the code, as the maths checks out on my end with the spring rates. Theoretically I could just bang a stiffer spring in, but I shouldn't have to do that to get the right SAG amount. (Also this is with the 'calculator' set to 'stiff' preference also)

Am I missing something simple here?