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July 20, 2024, 09:23:59 AM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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Hello !

And sorry for this noob question...

But since i re-installed the pc under a new and fresh W10, i had to reinstall the game, and didn't want that time to put all the extra bikes/misc/rider/stands/tracks/tyres on the system SSD so i moved them into the other SSD in d:\GPB\Mods. I also filled the following line in gpbike.ini
folder= d:\gpb\mods

And everything works except maybe the paint of bikesuit that doesn't display anymore but it's the only thing. I get to try the bike/track i want, i'm satisfied.
But, when i start a server, it can't find the tracks/bikes and always goes to Victoria with Open category...
I checked my Dedicated.ini, it's seems fine.

I've seen a mods folder into \My Docs\PiBoSo and it's empty, is that okay ?
And what line should i add to Dedicated.ini or elsewhere to make it work. Some re-routing line as in Gpbike.ini probably but i can't find anything around that...

What do we do with mod.ini ? what can we do ?

Otherwise, i have to moved my extra files back to where it was when being under W7 and server was working great and on all the tracks/bikes i installed on the game.

Thank you.
Bikes / Re: Disengage Max Torque Settings
May 28, 2019, 12:39:14 PM
Great work Myst1c !

And thanks to Vini who sent me to this post to find my way.

And if you don't see any problem with my proposal, i'll make a list of all this data (DMT) that you can to put in the first post in order to have a "standart" value for everybody, specially when going Online.

I'll do that tonight after killing all my clients  :o  (it's done and they are all dead :) )

Then second issue for me with b15 is the pilot paint issue that never come up anymore... i guess i have to dig more into the forum, cuz after a quick look, haven't found any references about it.

Thanks again !

Full listing so far

DMT value after Beta 15b (only ones that are not updated or need a tweak)

125cc / Moto3

MSM 125 rr : 250
Moto3 2013 : 150

250cc / Moto2

GP250 : 200
Moto 2 2013 : 200
Moto 2 2017 : 550

500cc / MotoGP

GP500 2T + Varese : 550
GP500 Norton : 550
Suter MMX 500 : 500
MotoGP 2018 : 600
Ducati GP12 : 600
Murasama RC990 : 600

SSP 2012 : 300

WSSP / 600cc
WSSP 2018 : 340
Honda CBR600RR : 300
Yamaha R6 : 300

WSBK / 1000cc
WSBK 2015 : 675

350cc 2T : 300
Ninja H2R : 550
CBR 900RR : 400
ca a l'air beau et bien sympa...

Ils sont où ces gars là ?

Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 25, 2019, 02:57:54 PM
Hey Riders !!

things are going slow but good  ;D
(have too much work lately but i'm not gonna cry...)

i'm in the process of getting rid of the Leo Bodnar board and i started to understand the SimuCube (Ioni) connections.
Here is the full draw of how it's going to be connected if somehow another dude is willing to use this board base.

28 buttons and 4 axis, the leaning axis is controlled directly by the Simucube since it has FFB inside. And so far, even if i'm not finished settings things up, it's a blast. coming soon on the track (btw, bikes from beta 13 works weird on Beta 15b) and i can't access to the Mega Bike Mods link  -> https://mega.nz/#F!GdAUhKxA!04IzRVoF6CEVLUq2nbpH1g!mAQVFawA

Thank you Max !

As always, fast and efficient  ;D

But i disagree on the Licence.ini file that i saved anyway before doing anything and it is stored in Piboso\GP bikes under My Docs as i can see before i do anything.
But that, i knew i had to save it somewhere.

And thanks for the mods places, i think i'll reinstall completly the game, fresh and clean and just add the mods line in gpbike.ini, then copy anll the bikes\tracks\tyres\rider that i have add with the time.

I'm sure i'll have plenty questions once it runs fine with the Simucube and the DC Motor, specially about the MaxHUD which obviously comes from you and is kind of THE thing to have on GP Bikes as far as i remember.

Thanks again Mister.

Hello everybody,

I haven't play GP-Bikes since Beta 13.
And since, the 64bits version came in, thanks Piboso, and i didn't reinstall it because i couldn't play until my gear was ready.
Now, i need to test my Simucube install and in order to do so, i need to install Beta 15b version.

So, after a extensive research, i can't find the answer to my question :

_Do i need to erase the Piboso directory under \My documents ?
__ If not, what needs to be replace ? Is just the new install going to replace the "good" files ? How does it work ?

And if i want to install all the bikes/tracks/pilots that are "extra" from the game, on another disk, as d:\ for example, i found that in the Documentation section, in gpbike.ini :

folder= d:\gpb\mods

But my question is : How is supposed to be the way directories are installed inside ?

Is it : \mods\Bike, \mods\Tracks and so on ?

It's not essential for the mods side right now because i'm gonna try to setup my gear with the basic GP bikes.

Oh, and quick last question : i guess we don't need the LAA Hack anymore do we ?

Thank you.

Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 16, 2019, 07:24:07 PM
Oh Allan, you can't imagine how much it pleases me to hear that from you my friend !

I'm completly in "Work In Progress" to obtain what was bugging me, when i was saying that it's super fine except it woobles all the way without control. I tried so bad to brake it with a piece of cork but that wasn't the solution.
And i think i'm getting close to what i want but little by little, cuz it's very expensive but i strive hard to get it.
Here for the pleasure, the picture of the metallic part that i picked today (35€).
So i can use the exact HS design, just plug it and go !
And as i said, i'm gonna remove the Leo Bodnar and go through the entire Simucube interface.

Obviously you'll be the first to get the link to the video i'm gonna do about Sapetoku v2.0 and i know you can't add that to every HSx handlebar cuz it will be more than twice the price but i really think it's gonna help a lot for the feelings. Each time i tried with a FFB wheel the steering feeling was good but not the rest. Here i might have the both at one time. At least i hope...

Here is the part that has been done to received the HS handlebar. (If some guys ask themselves, it's a DD handlebar that i "managed" to work on my own way but actually every HSx could go on that system).

Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 16, 2019, 01:38:21 PM
Ok, i just received the metallic piece to join the handlebar to the Dc Motor and it's going to look like this.
I stiil have to make it better, taking the old sterring system and hook all the different potienmoters to the Simucube since it can handle 6 more analog ways and 32 buttons as the Leo Bodnar does.
(Leo Bordnar who is going to be used in another project "WIP" of a dashboard for Star Citizen).

I'm gonna reinstall GP Bikes (haven't use it since v 13 and went to W10 in the miffletime so i think i'm not ready yet. But it's coming #WokeUpWithWood  ;D

Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 04, 2019, 09:09:53 PM
Here is the Motor i use. 359€ but mine as a 4.2millions encoder and this kind is discontinued...


Today, the simucube went to simucube 2 with just external power supply and everything is inside the motor, a new one and it's quite expensive.
I catched the Simucube earlier this year for a good deal but the Motor i have was not the cheapest because they stooped this model but the encoder is a lot better accuracy and it came with a nice aluminium stand. Plus the guy did the entire config and the latest firmware directly on my computer helping me in order not to "brick" the thing.

And this thing can be used with a wheel (DIY or Fanatec-like).

Here : https://nsh-racing.com/categorie-produit/hardware/ddrive/
Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 04, 2019, 03:23:05 PM
Chris, you can set the strength and filter the FFB to catch the one you like and ignore all the rest.
It's from the software that comes with, you set everything up and store it, than you don't need it anymore.

In all the screens there, everything is "grey" because the Dc Motor and the Simucube are not present at my desk right now. Next week, i'll start to tweak all of that and have this pages on a "normal" view.

So screen 1 is the basic setup of the rotation angle and the FFB effect. With tons of others things.
Screen 2 is the endstop settings and the sring effect in centering back to know the strength you like (better on car games). Look like its where you setup the 128 buttons and the 7 analogiques axis.
Screen 3 is this analogique biding and the buttons.
So, once i "master" the FFB and everyting related to the sterring, i'll move the baseboard (Leo Bodnar) to this Simucube system that can hold more than we need (i need 4 more axis + the Ed-tracker for myself and 12 buttons is fine including the Gear+ and Gear -).

The Leo Bodnar is going to be attributed to another project concerning Star Citizen (slider/buttons box in for my HOTAS).

I haven't played since v13 so now it's v15b, i changed from W7 to W10, i hope it's still gonna work as well. Can't wait. (took so long to put money aside for that Dc Motor+Simucube...)

And most of the most, i hope the Moto2 Sapetoku made by Julien113 can still be applied to the last version of Moto2. That worries me.

Sorry the screen are in French...

Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 03, 2019, 10:06:14 PM
@Chris_Beeves :

The motor is the Mige ST with 20 N.M of torque. Tne encoder as 4 millions value for a complete revolution (360°). It's super accurate.
And it "understand" the FFB to reproduce it. The only one that i'm gonna work on and activate is on the steering all the rest i don't care :  bumps, false FFB that comes from the gear changing, stuff like that.
The box is a SimuCube V1 and inside there's is a ioni card and a big fat power supply in 48V, 600W.

The thing is, you can set the angle value so i'll try with 2X30° so 60° and i'll see.
But for now, the motor is at a guys who is making the piece i need to link my H.S-Like handlebar to the motor axle.
So, maybe i have the stuff ready in front of me next week-end.

The rest of the axis and all the buttons will still be on the Leo Bodnard board.
I'll come back here as soon as i restart and sure, i'll put a video in addition.
That will be The Sapetoku V2.0 :)
Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 03, 2019, 03:20:31 PM
Te tracasses pas, le moteur est chez un tourneur/fraiseur pour faire la pièce de relation entre guidon et moteur. Meme en ABS (j'ai une imprimante 2D) je n'aurais pas confiance, là ce sera en acier.
Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 03, 2019, 01:19:29 PM
Thanks Poupou,

i still have to find out hwo to link my handlebar to that and the Sapetoku is restarting !!!  :P

Custom hardware / Re: Project Realistic Rig
May 03, 2019, 12:06:25 PM
News coming soon i hope...

Nice build.
Will come back to look at evolution. Good work there !

In my own project, i'll be using that motor - you can have it in 20 N.m or 30 N.m.
It's commonly used in car sim Direct Drive. I have the SimuCube but, all in all, it cost some money, so time pass by, and i try not to get angry...  :-X