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May 25, 2019, 09:15:21 pm


GP Bikes beta15b available! :)

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General Discussion / Re: New official track
May 24, 2019, 07:49:09 pm
Piboso exist?
pronto per Spa.
I hope you like it  ;)

DOWNLOAD BIKE: https://mega.nz/#!fkYjgQqL!A3M7fLdbqfY611y5ieDUgr4ycSstJoWjpy-JsDh3ZFU

DOWNLOAD SUIT: https://mega.nz/#!TxATgY4I!NlyU3fZ90SMga0p4ArcGJZdnp9Akgatn7v99GeaJxGc (Modern 1) (Original Author: BIKER7202 for Motogp 18)

Javiliyors' Mods / Re: [REQUEST] Le Mans Circuit
May 17, 2019, 09:45:41 pm
It would be nice to also put the version without chikanes of the 24 hours of the late 80's to test the top speeds.

Estaria bien también poner la versión sin chikanes de las 24 horas de finales de los años 80  para probar las velocidades punta y guerra de rebufos.
Javiliyors' Mods / Re: R1 Cup | Yamaha R1 2007
May 14, 2019, 11:07:21 am
Quote from: Vini on May 14, 2019, 10:57:17 ambike seems quite good but like the others have said, 1p view is way too high.
sound could be more deep (cross-plane) and the engine should have more torque in the low revs, this would also make slides nicer.
the front is a bit unpredictable, sometimes folding when standing the bike up and quickly overheating. so i say move the balance of the bike further to the rear.
the bike in general feels a bit too stiff under acceleration. maybe put a bit more flex in the chassis.

This model was the last one before yamaha introduced the crossplane
I hope you like it  ;)

DOWNLOAD BIKE: https://mega.nz/#!bg4x2KbA!plEk-C6eLIi8QNzi0TX7y0TkFxvPyYk8R51Aua5GbKs

DOWNLOAD SUIT: https://mega.nz/#!GsQTHITa!-KulNhohyl4toK4ytIX3KlzCilKHhVG0RDqot35kNJA (Modern 2) (Original Author: BIKER7202 for Motogp 18)

Javiliyors' Mods / Re: R1 Cup | Yamaha R1 2007
May 13, 2019, 02:35:31 pm
Amazing first Bike, thank you very much.
I hope you like it  ;)

DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!awBgxKTI!h5HF1OIernQuTexF2zm06aKIP5eWJPPIIMXFb2_ObMw (install to AGV Pista GP-R paints folder)

I hope you like it  ;)

DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#!fspXAALL!6IlMRpylXwCRPD2GfgFMdt0JKhBI_3UaQLr7Dp-Ux6U (install to Shoei X-Spirit II paints folder)

Quote from: Peoples on April 29, 2019, 12:41:24 pmGrande Shinya, ni chica torta se mandó en Mugello...

Jajajaj eso es asi.
I hope you like it  ;)

What is your favorite?

DOWNLOAD Bike Skins: https://mega.nz/#!Ph53haQC!XQS3FCyQmmuQVxdHPn5Qlr3Ks1ENLlUS_U8LcMASuI4