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August 06, 2020, 12:51:53 PM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

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Media / RealLife/GPbikes comparaison on Lezennes
May 16, 2014, 11:38:58 PM
A one lap video between me in GPBikes with a GSXR600 WSS and a FSBK pilot (Charles Geers) in Real Life with a S1000RR superstock :

Tracks / [Track] WIP Breuqauin-Ville
January 26, 2014, 12:48:02 AM
Hi all, I am beginning a new topic about my new racetrack :  Breuquain-Ville


autor: Tiego
elevation: 150m
length : 10km
width : 10 m

After modeling 3 small french racetrack, I am begining a new one which is the exact opposite in design : it's long, fast and take place on closed road.
This track is totaly imaginary, with a maximum élévation of 150 m but sloping gently. It cross different landscape as : countryside, forest, mountain and a small village.

Exept in village, this track hasn't straight line but a sequence of fast and tight corner. Thus it's a difficult track to play when you don't know it perfectly because the trajectory is very importante.

the standard laptime is around 4mn

There is lot of work to do in order to make this track fully playable (lot of bump on cross section). Landspace also still very empty at this point..



NB : in this video, start line is not at the right place


Bikes / [bikes][WIP] FZ6
January 16, 2014, 06:55:46 PM
To those who would like to try the Fz6 in its current state, here is download link

model details :

-3D model from scratch exept for the wheels (this is my thirst 3D model, so don't look too close   :-\ )
-front and rear wheel are 500cc ones
-new .geom file
-real power response and gear boxe (but you can adapt front sprocket)
- I add a downshift help in order to avoid rearwheel blocking. but this can be deleted in future version.

main problem

- uvw are far too ugly to make skins. Only global color car be modify.
- 1st to 2nd gear is very tricky. Actualy, I don't use the first gear on track (as in real life by the way...)
- rider put his elbows in fuel tank when turning  ::)
- 990 stock sound (maybe a good things with regard to Fz6 stock sound  ;D)

download link



a presentation of my current bike project : FZ6-N 2007 (with clip on handle)

Why this bike ? because it's mine  ;D (yes, this is very selfish  :P)
Why with clip on handle ? because I start design it in GPBikes beta 3 where you couldn't adjust the position of rider's hand. And because it give a great "café racer" looking, I choose to keep it in beta 4  8).
It is the first thing I ever made with 3dsmax (before the 3 tracks), so it have to contain lot of mesh mistake. Also I don't really understand how to unwrap uvw yet, so don't be too hard !

early model

with more delails :

first integration in GPBikes (no texture)

with some texture


a comparaison (same bike, same track, same rider  ;D)

Currently, thanks to beta4 update, I am setting physics and geometry. 

Engine response I've set

Tracks / [Track][GPBIKES] CAROLE
January 15, 2014, 10:33:48 PM
I'd like to share with the community my last GPBikes Track

Track name : CAROLE
autor: Tiego (not a conversion)
Length : 2055m
width : 9 m
location : paris suburb

a short description :
Carole is a motorcycle design track created in the 70s in order to counter the increasing of illegal road race and all the death related to it (nb : the name "Carole" it's the firstname of a woman who die in such event). The main particularity of this track was it's free access, and to this day it's still free during week end (except on Sunday morning where the track reserved for karting and sidecar) .

Historic picture of the track

Nowaday, this track is no longer reserve for private individuals and several official motorcycle race take place on it : promosport championship, wrec championship, O3z endurance championship, side car race, classic race .... Ect.

Since it's creation the great debate was the possibility of doing a lap in less than a minute. Many have tried during those 40 years and failed but last year David Checca give the answer and beat the minute lap for the first time with a Yamaha R1 from the world endurance championship (team GMT 94) with qualify tires.

Enjoy :


If you try this track, you'll see that laping in 59s is not so easy (but possible)

There some picture of the ingame track

And a vidéo


And finally the download link

version ALPHA 1
Tracks / Circuit LEZENNES
November 25, 2013, 06:39:31 PM


creator: Tiego (not a conversion)
Length : 2000m
width: 10m
right turning track

Lezennes (alias : "circuit de la montagne de fer" ) its a small racetrack located in north of France and design exclusivily for motorcycle (but sidecar are accepted  ;D)
This track is very slow because its main purpose is permit to everyone an access to a racetrack (from 125cc to 2300 cc, :o) ). because of that, in GPBikes, this track suit well with 125cc racing (with the challenge of breaking the minute per lap).

some picture of the real track

a video :

PS : I choose to make this track because it's a track I ride on  :P . By this way, I can keep training myself during winter  8).

me under pressure if JC21 ( he break the minute barrier  8),  I didn't yet  :( )




November 08, 2013, 11:56:56 PM
there is the delivery of the new version of LFG racetrack


auteur: Tiego
elevation : flat, as flat that it could be flat
Longueur : 3620m
Largeur : 12m
Left turning track
Left turn : 9
Right turn : 8

Designed by Frantz SCHREINER, Austrian architect  who design many  F1 et Karting racetrack, « La Ferte Gaucher » is located 150km East from Paris and is a place dedicated for racing. It has a main track 3600 m long and 12 m width which can be use with motorcycle, car, karting, solex ....  There also track for boat racing and RC racing.

The main purpose of this track is to give to everybody the opportunity to practice piloting and riding, thus it's not a track use for official racing or championship.



version alpha 02 :