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October 17, 2021, 06:20:47 PM


GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

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Off Topic / Hi, and Wayne Rainey rides again....
November 09, 2019, 06:56:36 AM
Hi folks!
I've been scarce for ages due to all sorts of life issues, but i'm still keenly following progress here, and looking forward to the day i can participate more here, especially some online racing.
While I had my pretty decent gaming rig, I never had a decent bandwidth connection.
Now I have a great connection, and my gaming rig is kaput. Sheesh.
Anyhoo - hope you are all doing well, and enjoying the shit out of GPB!  ;D
check out this cool vid, I started getting a tad emotional watching this, for some reason... :D

oh, PS- does anyone have a link to beta16 for me?
i like to test each version, but was offline during that time -
i have beta15b, beta16b, but would love a copy of beta16, as well.
if anyone can help, i would hugely appreciate it.
thanks, and have a great weekend!  8) 
Off Topic / ..CapeDoc in the house ...
March 17, 2018, 06:32:21 AM
g'day, me hearties! ladies and gentiles.
as the day dawns on the start of a new motogp season, so the Cape Doctor emerges from his cave....  ;D
lol, seriously, been a while again, since my pc suffered multiple failures last year, i just about gave up on all things digital for a while, keeping myself busy doing some scale model bikes (pics forthcoming).
now i've been lurking awhile and finally back in the saddle for the great beta13. what a joy it is just to have a virtual friend or two on the track, in the form of the trainer option.
this is such a great addition, exactly what i've been after, bugger the ai stuff.
being able to race against myself is the best way i know to improve my time, just like in the old glory days of GP500  ;D
ability to exchange/import other rider trainers would be the ultimate, or is that already doable?
either way, hats off to PBoSo, for a superb solution to the 'loneliness of the long distance runner' syndrome i suffered previously.
well, i'll ask the techy stuff later, for now just wanted to say hi to one and all, and good to to see the forums seem to be ticking over quite nicely.
have a great year, and enjoy it. prepping now for some Qatar action on the telly...  8)
Paints / [SKIN]RGV Paint Options - GP250 and GP500
June 22, 2017, 11:43:49 AM
two different livery schemes each for the RGV250 and RGV500.
alternate color options from the standard Suzuki blue scheme, with a bonus matching set of leathers included with the GP500's, iirc.

enjoy!  8)

d/l: https://www.mediafire.com/?mctul0si1yo2swf
June 19, 2017, 03:56:16 PM
a more updated livery version for the classic RGV    :)


download: https://www.mediafire.com/?pvpukc7u7tl4vjv
June 17, 2017, 09:35:17 AM
based on this one recently pointed out to me:

as i was already doing a for fun iron man suit and helmet, i just cobbled this one together.
as it's based on a real helmet, i guess the purists can't get too upset, lol  ;D

download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f74ejzmtc81f66s/HJC_HELMET_MARVEL_EDITION_FINAL.rar

have fun, metalheads! :D

this might be posted in the wrong section...? if so, mods, please feel free to move it somewhere better suited.
June 16, 2017, 07:10:57 AM
just for shits 'n giggles, dudes.
probably still needs a lot of work, but i figured what the heck, someone might get a laugh out of this, so here it is -

download: https://www.mediafire.com/?eaehanbjgal5xqp


edit: btw, the helmet used is the new Shoei X-Spirit III, available here if you don't have it: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=3595.msg77172#msg77172    ;)
Suggestions and wishlist / Side stands....
June 09, 2017, 04:24:59 AM
hi folks
i know GP bikes don't have them, and i can fully appreciate why they haven't been implemented.
this request/wish is aimed at making it a possibility  for the future, especially as there is bound to be more and more modded road bikes. for those bikes, it would be really cool to have side stands, especially dreaming of the day the rider could actually get off his bike, put it on the side stand, stand next to the bike for a photo.
ach, maybe i'm confusing GP Bikes sim with some other type of game, lol    8)
Paints / [PAINT]DUCATI 916 @ Nicky Hayden Edition
June 03, 2017, 05:56:00 PM
hi folks
this was sort of mashed together to fit the 916, as it was meant for the 848.
meant to represent the special edition Ducati released when Nicky won the GP championship in '06
just a small tribute to the legend of the Kentucky Kid.

should fit the Road Ducati 916. ;)

D/L: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5cbmppypcm6c2dh/ROAD_DUCATI_916_HAYDEN%2369.rar
hey fellas, and others  ;D
so, this idea literally just popped into my head, no idea if it's at all possible, but thought i'd throw it out and see what happens.
as i spend more time online, i figured it would be cool if there was a server feature that shows a set of race lights, possibly repeating every minute or so, that guys could use to practise their starts together when online, in a non-race environment, and even have little mini races between whoever is online. no stats for position or anything like that, simply a set of race lights for starting purposes.
that's it.
well, more like, i used to be able to ride a bike really fast, and still keep my shit together, for the most part.
virtual bikes btw, not real ones - i loved the old GP500 game, and especially the fact that i had it so sorted, that i had set new records on every single circuit (original) on the highest sim settings.
playing GP500 today, it certainly shows it's age, and even the physics appear somewhat limited, after being thoroughly spoiled with GP Bikes.
however, with all the awesomeness that GPB brings, maybe my tender age of 49 is beginning to tell, it seems that the more i've been practising, the more i've been falling.  ;D
i'll use the past 3 days of attempts at Laguna Seca as an example.
i've never been a big fan of this track, but i have found in the past that i often get better times on some tracks that i don't like, because i'm more focused on it. but Laguna these last 3 days...man....
here's more or less how it's gone.
fired up Laguna for the first time on GPB.
out lap - no issues at all, a little wide on one corner, but otherwise not a problem. (bike is RGV250 in this case)
first flying lap - 1m32s.something.    thought to myself; that's not too bad, i should easily do 1m30, at least.
annnnnd, no, sorry, the tale then just gets ridiculous.
since then i have done over 4 hours in total, lost track of how many laps, but other than decent outlaps, i was dropping the bike at least once on each and every lap. from either just pushing too hard, not pushing hard enough, worn tires, cold tires, dropping it into one corner on the one lap, dropping it out of that corner on the next lap. next lap, next corner. losing the front end in a spot i never lost it before.on and on like this, and after each session i just give up in frustration.
odds are, you'd say, that sooner or later, i must get that one good lap in. i'd agree.
reality, however, had other plans, as many otherwise potentially perfect laps were spoiled by real world interruptions, telephones, and so on.
one instance that tripped my poor brain was exiting the final harpin onto the start straight to finish a definite 1m30s lap, possibly high 1m29, and my controller cable got snagged under my foot. as i leaned the controller slightly, the unexpected extra resistance caused me to go wide and drop the bike.
another time - this more regular for me, but will surely interest some of you - i had to jump up from the keyboard in a huge hurry to close the window, to stop a baboon from climbing in. lol
this is how it's been going.
anyhoo, i'm a cup half-full kinda guy, and am still gonna give it a few more goes. ;D
the real depression kicks in, when i was doing a few more crash-prone laps around Laguna online, still hunting that elusive 1m30s lap.
a guy by the name of nurb pops in, says hi, goes out and does one flying lap of 1m25s, says goodbye and leaves for another server.
man, that's depressing stuff.
i used to be able to ride a bike....    ;D
hi folks 
after recently blowing a few motors (in-game only, thank goodness), i was wondering how hard it would be to implement some kind of mechanical, winding down/grating sounds that you often get with a blown motor. you don't always just get a deathly silence.
maybe if just could just be coded in, so the modders could add their own sounds - possibly these sounds could be random, just cause variety is the spice of life, and all....
just a thought, one of those 'might be nice' features...
cheers   8)
hi all
i don't remember if i had this issue with earlier updates, but currently, my ingame profile, which reads as CapeDoctor , #47 , doesn't seem to reflect when i try to join an online server.
my number appears - 47 - that's fine. however, my name is always 'unnamedProfile', even though in my game it is 'CapeDoctor'.
been struggling with this for some time now, even went so far as to delete the entire 'unnamedProfile' folder from Documents/PiBoSo folder, but no matter what i try, i can't seem to get my online name to show as CapeDoctor
anyone have an idea what i might be doing wrong here?
thanks in advance   :D
Hi PiBoSo, and all it may concern.... 

hope this hasn't been mentioned already, i didn't find it after an admittedly perfunctory look...  ;D
a little something that has always been bothering me about how the menu screens work, something which is hopefully not too difficult to implement.
currently, whenever you go from the Main GPB menu to Testing menu, you can then still go back and forth between the Bike selection screen menu and the Testing setup screen where you can select Track/Settings and such.
Then press Start, you get the Syncing load (what exactly is being synced at this point, if i am staying offline, as a side question, lol) and then you go racing.
Now, when you come back to Pits, or want to leave that test for whatever reason, you select Back,and you are sent back all the way to the main GPB menu.
It would be much nicer if, when we select Back to exit the test, we first go back to the Testing setup screen, to maybe select another bike, track. conditions, whatever, rather than being sent all the way out of Testing entirely...
to me, that would be a much more user-friendly menu option.
thanks for consideration. ;)

oh, big applause for the new multi-option reset function for crashed bikes. classy solution, methinks :D
Helmets / a new, old helmet 3D request
May 12, 2017, 12:12:35 PM
hi all
hope it's okay to ask in this section, if not, move it...?  :D
this request comes from the loads of fun i've been having with the superb CAWS Agusta Triple 500.
such a nicely modeled classic would be greatly complemented by a rider with a similar golden era style helmet.
having an open-face/goggled style helmet would also open the way for rider faces to be visible - imagine the fun if we could each paint our own ugly mugs, or such, and have a golden age racing session.... ahh, dreams....  8)

edit: the modern helmet styles just don't do it justice....  ;D

Setups / Anyone to share RGV250 setups?
May 06, 2017, 03:05:01 PM
Anyone have some good setups for the RGV250 they're willing to share, to help me compare with mine?
I can be even more specific, i'm looking for a good setup for Mugello.  ;D
I'm struggling to do 2m03s, and i'm sure i can do a sub 2 minute with it....
but in literally in hundreds of laps so far, the best i could manage is 2m03, so far....
a qualy type setup would be fine, a race setup even better.
i believe these 250's all share the same engine, so maybe setups for another GP250 might work, slight geometry differences not-withstanding...?
thanks in advance  8)

p.s: i tried to figure out what it is that keeps bringing me back to this bike. in real life, i cut my teeth on an RG250 '86 model, and then i realised i am addicted to that insane powerband. i mean genuinely. addicted.  lol  ;D
General Discussion / Is it my imagination or.....?
August 01, 2016, 09:25:17 AM
so, i'm having a hard time trying to figure out if what i'm seeing is an optical illusion, or if there is something wonky with the way the GPB bikes move in certain situations?
for my example, i'm going to use the Nemuno Ziedas v0.6 track (either NDS or not, don't matter) which is where i saw this behavior for the first time.
when you get to the first uphill climb in the last sector of the lap, and as you come over the rise and have the bike cranked over to the left, the bike (to me) appears to be moving sideways in a kind of crab-like movement, as opposed to turning with the line. it may be a trick due to the shadow in this section, as well - i'm really not sure.
i mean, the bikes behave fine, from a physics point of view - it just looks rather odd....?

p.s. - it's more noticeable the wider you take the crest/corner

i could post a vid, but i think it's better if people just tried it for themselves and tell me what their impressions are... cheers!   :D
hey folks
i've been away on a course for the weekend, pc was off except for a little while last night, but not run GPB since Friday.
now, when i try to run core.exe, buggerall happens...the mouse pointer has a loading circle thingy, but that's it.
when i look at running processes, i see 4 instances of core.exe there, maybe cause i have 4 cores? but either way, nothing is happening other than that...
anyone have any idea what might be up?
Support / No records saved while hosting local....?
July 18, 2016, 07:07:02 AM
hi guys
here is something that's been puzzling me a bit - i've always been a mainly offline player  (i.e: Testing screen in GPB)
since i started experiencing way too many core crashes whenever my bike went along the edge of the track, i was advised to use online mode, or at least, semi-online (i.e: Host Local screen in GPB)
this immediately solved these edge crashes, and i was a happy camper once again.
however, now i've realised that it doesn't seem to register my best lap times in this mode, most notably if i race on a new track for the first time - it simply never registers my best times.
in offline/Testing mode, this would happen automatically, and i could straight-away look through my Best Laps list to see it - using the 'Host Local' mode seems to not register best times.
is this an issue? is it deliberate?
could someone explain it to me, please?  :)
i saw this ad in the local online ads today, have already spoken to the guy, bike is perfect all round except needs new speedo cable.
seriously thinking of going to have a look at it tomorrow once the rain clears.
i believe these FJ's to be great bikes - a tad heavy, perhaps, but i'll be using it for touring mainly, and keep my trusty XR250 for commuting...

this is a current pic of the bike, i'm told it's a '96 model
anyone know of any serious issues i might have to look for with this when i go check it out?

General Discussion / Physics observations....
July 13, 2016, 05:41:38 AM
well guys, been playing b8 since it's release, both the stock and modded bikes and tracks.
generally it's been a pleasant experience, with most of the serious issues of b7 sorted.
i figured it's time to discuss some of the current physics issues, purely in an attempt to try and help with improvements - this is not a thread for just pointing out problems, but will hopefully lead to positive discussion, from which we can work forward through some of the apparent physics issues.
my first and foremost issue with the bike physics in it's current state is how it handles weight shift/transfer, and more specifically, how it handles the bike going 'light' or unloading weight, in certain situations.
while it's taken me some while to initially get used to the new physics, and generally the feeling is good (way better than anything else i've experienced with a pc, it still seems to be the most common 'unforced error' type of crash for  me, which is the thing that shatters my illusion of being on a bike.
usually it happens when i flick the bike one way and then another quickly through a set of turns - the first rapid flick, say, left to tight, works beautifully - it's when i flick it back the other way - tight to left, in this example, that it loses all sense of cohesion - the bike seems to just lose any weight at all, and virtually does a 180 roll - so while i am quickly moving it in one direction, it just decides to be really helpful to me, and flips the entire bike over - something which is physically impossible in the real world.
this is by far the most illusion-breaking issue for me - it doesn't always happen, either, btw - only on occasions when i really flick it back and forth very quickly using a lot of force, that it happens.
at other times, and less so, i have had the bike suddenly do strange things when i make a move that allows a side of the bike to go unloaded, weight-wise, and things go pear shaped.
for me, the common denominator with these issues is how the sim interprets the bike 'losing weight' like this in certain situations.
i believe physics wise, this is for me, one of the biggest issues with the physics.
let's discuss - i'm always willing to accept that i might be at fault, lol    :D