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April 23, 2019, 12:13:18 am


GP Bikes beta15b available! :)

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Bikes / Rim/tyre modding
September 06, 2018, 03:38:03 pm
Hi guys, i was wondering, is there a way to mod the rims/tyres of the game to replace the stock one?
the chain can still be the same, no problem, i can adapt the 3d model to the current chain.

i want to do it for mx-bikes, but nobody has done it there, so i tought since the structure is the same i´d ask here.

thanks a lot guys!
Off Topic / Next huge step in realtime graphics
March 23, 2018, 01:20:05 pm
So, any nerds here?  ;D

As you know 3d rendering, more specifically rendering engines such as V-ray, Mental ray, Arnold, Renderman, etc. uses a tecnique called ray tracing, its roughly explained here.

A light source emits rays, they bounce off different surfaces and some of them get to the camera, voila!

While this is super accurate it´s ultra slow because it calculates a bazillion rays each frame, hence a 3d rendering looks awesome but it can take up to a couple hours/frame, while a game engine must push at least 30 frames/second.

Video games fake all that, it looks prety good but is a ton of work to do it right, well, say no more!

Nvidia released a new technology called RTX, and it´s to actually use Ray tracing on video games, this means that we can now have real global lighting illumination, light bounces, actual reflections instead of some crappy made up ones, soft shadows and a lot of overall improvements and ease of use!

ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) used it for a starwars short, everything is realtime or "gameplay" as you might call it.
btw, they are the ones in charge of every star wars and big hit movie visual effects.

and a little tech demo on unreal engine 4
Off Topic / Honda issues?
June 05, 2017, 05:41:12 pm
What´s up with honda factory?

Mclaren/Honda: Engines blowing up and not enough power.

Honda in indy: Same stuff, 4 blew engines in a weekend

Honda Hrc Motocross: Tim gajser and Ken roczen eating shit, seems to be a chassis design issue?

Honda fireblade sp2:
John McGuinness at the The International North West 200 crashed because a stuck throttle, they havent confirmed anything tho.

and now Guy martin eats shit after a false neutral, he seems so pissed about the bike.


Honda has always been on top of engineering and performance but they are failing a lot lately, toughts?
Off Topic / New Bike Simulation Game!
January 01, 2016, 07:56:25 am
Check this prototype:

I´d say it looks pretty awesome, with some work it could turn into a great Moto Gp Sim  ;D
Off Topic / New to the bike world! any advice?
October 20, 2015, 02:41:08 am
Hi guys, i´m about to get into the road bike world, i´m buying a bunch of stuff and i wanted to ask for some feedback/buying guide.

For bike i´ll buy this loncin gp250, it´s a cbr 250 clone, it´s not the same but got a banger deal for it.
Height to seat (mm): 780
Wheelbase (mm): 1348
Ground clearance (clearance) (mm): 175
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Front suspension: Telescopic fork upside
Rear suspension: Circular, monoamortyzator
Net weight (dry weight) (kg): 145 ± 10
Front Wheel Size: 110 / 70-17
Dimension of rear tires: 140 / 70-17
Max. load (kg): 170
Brakes front: Disc
Brakes rear: Disc
Engine: RE
Engine type: single cylinder, 4-stroke, balancing shafts
Cooling system: oil cooling
Cylinder volume (cm. Cube.): 250
Rated power: 18 hp (At 0000 rev / min.)
Power System: Carburetor
Running: Kikstarter and electric
Battery: 12V 7AH
Strength: multidisk in oil bath
Transmission (power transmission): 6-speed 
Max. speed (km / h): 150



For the gear i will buy 3 things at first:

Bell qualifier momentum

I dont know, some acerbis or alpinestar leather gloves.


I´m sorry for the huge images, what do you guys think?  :)

Thanks for the feedback and your time, cheers!
General Discussion / Piboso titles graphics
August 17, 2015, 07:02:18 pm
So, all i´ve heard on internet is:
Gp bikes graphics sucks, mx bikes graphics are dated blah blah blah.

Personally i think piboso engine is a strong engine in therms of performance and look, the games look clean and sharp, without artifacts, only thing i´d improve are reflections.

Now, what´s the problem, in my opinion there are 2 main problems:

1- Resources to make more props/art and more detailed environments
2- Post fx

There´s nothing we can do about the first one, only make tracks/environments by ourselves.
About the second.. not much but, do you remember Enb series?
It´s a library of filters/post fx setting that works over the games, here´s an example in gta.

Link: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5oCmkZ2aMDg/maxresdefault.jpg

So, why dont we use it in gp bikes?
Because we cant, Gp bikes runs in Opengl, where Enb series are only compatible with Directx.

Now, after been looking for a good amount of time i stumbled across this:

Reshade is a program that allows to run different filters (You can code your own or select some of the ones contained) on various games, including both Directx and Opengl!
So, that means that we can have Ssao, Sun Flares, Bloom, Glares, Motion blur and all kind of effects that piboso games lack and makes the games feel dated.

i´ve made some tests and works nicely, although i dont really have the time to invest time on it and make a profile that works the best with gp/mx bikes, so i tought i´d let you guys know about this tool, knowing the amazing modding community you have here somebody might find a good use for this tool  :)

Hopefully this post is not offensive to anyone or piboso, i only want to help growing a stronger community and see these amazing simulators get to the next level  ;D
General Discussion / A couple question about gp bikes
August 16, 2015, 11:49:59 pm
Hi guys, My name is Mauricio, i´m thinking about buying gp bikes and i had a couple questions.

-How´s the online scene? there´s players racing?
-Is there a nice comunity going?
-How demanding in therms of internet connection is online? (I could play mx bikes beta 2, once terrain deformation was introduced in b3 i couldnt connect anymore, seems like it uses a lot of internet to sync)

I know the development is not fast but i´m ok with that, this is still the best bike sim out there and as i see there´s lot of mods and tracks going.

Hope this doesnt bother anyone, Keep racing!  ;D
General Discussion / Wrs truck physics
August 14, 2015, 05:01:29 am
Hi guys, first post in wrs/gpb forums!  :)

I was thinking on buying wrs but i have a few questions.

1-wrs track format is the same as mxb right?
2-Can wrs simulate long travel trucks (Baja trucks or buggies).
3-is there a offroad vehicle planned? (other than the rally car, a truck or buggy).

Thank you!  ;D