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June 21, 2024, 09:14:11 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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Hey all, here's hoping (The Great One = Piboso ), includes in his plans a way  to implement, an error parameter for trainers, eg when you load a trainer the code has already recorded the line taken, the error parameter is implemented at random lets say 2 errors per lap, to my knowledge we can set the trainer to be a pre-determined amount of time ahead of us..you load 10 trainers....all with varying degrees of errors set for each trainer....no collisions coding needed ...maybe as current...you simply ghost through them...all trainers can be set to continually lap....the bulk of the no ai issue solved...all the folks out there that have suspect wifi - or want to stay offline if they encounter lag issue..but still want to play this fantastic sim...lets have faith in the (The Great One = Piboso )...he wont let us down....
September 04, 2022, 04:27:27 PM
Any of you GP nutcases answer this one - does direct lean work better with auto l/r lean  and f/b lean ticked - I have tried direct lean with opentrack, pretty happy with how its operating, but here the caveat when I untick suto l/r lean  and f/b lean, i really struggle to get the rider to shift enough l and r (also the r and l lean is not as smooth as when ticked)...2 regards f and b lean the rider leans back correctly but when i lean forward the helmet is basically right under the windowshield... thanks nutters...or nearly forgot is direct lean supposed to be used with auto l/r lean  and f/b lean ticked or is it designed to operate with both those unticked..thanks guys
General Discussion / Polygon Limitation -
September 02, 2022, 02:57:36 PM
Hey all, I hope you all agree with me - this poly limit seems to me to be seriously blighting the progression of Gpbikes, I have not purchased MX as yet but will most cetainly do in the near future - it looks an equally well defined purist effort from the  "Great One = Piboso )...however caveat here  - this is the 21 st century here were talking about folks, lets be fair GP/ AND MX would not be what they are without all theses fantastic modders...some of the work is just fantastic...now whether or not were talking about the limitations of 32bit or opengl rendering seems to me pretty much a mute point at this point... I see the need for the "Great One = Piboso) to put his heart and souls into remedying this issue because it is very evidently seriously stunting growth and the progression of this sim/s..so here's hoping the Great One sees this thread an acts accordingly ...It is very clear that (The Great One = Piboso) is a hugely talented coder...so no disrespect meant ...but lets be honest - just imagine the quality of work these modders could produce if they were let loose - and were not bound by this poly issue...
Good News everyone, the (Great One = Piboso), has reached an agreement with Elon Musk and has had his Neuralink fitted, this goes without saying is great news for the community, the (Great One = Piboso) can now work on his various projects without any mental fatigue....the (Great One = Piboso) no longer needs to be powered/hooked up directly to the grid = thus we will no longer have occasional power outages when the (Great One = Piboso) gets frustrated working on particularly difficult technical issue.... ;D
General Discussion / Lean Tracking -
August 21, 2022, 10:44:40 AM
Just tried that lean tracking with opentracker (with tilt at about 24...oooh yeeahh..this game is sim porn....all praise the (The Great One = Piboso)...we are not worthy....my lame laptop cant run tracks with realistic setting...unfortunately..cant wait to get a high end rig ..to put this masterpiece through its paces...great work regards all those fantastic mods...little disappointed how badly optimized some tracks are though,,,I wonder can one of you maestros let me know if a dry line forms when testing on a ..say 50 percent wet track...or does that only happen with the realistic setting ticked...and 2/ can you adjust the probability of rain in the track ini..before testing so it will rain during the session...clueless regards how the sim works regards weather settings...thanks to all you have made this sim great...+1
Hi all, like the sim, glad I bought it, well sort off...any chance one of you maestros can contact Manu and ask him to fix the surface properties of his track surfaces, they are not casting bike shadows and are flickering all over the place, caveat here, some of the mods and tracks for this game are off the charts !!....so well done to all ....who have brought this sim to the level it's at...phenomenal work ...there doesn't seem to be a thumbs up emoji....but thumbs up anyway....


ps it aint a driver issue...seems to be linked to the type of texture Manu uses,,,other tracks load and work just fine....TIA

pps this post was posted in the wrong General Discussion section - apologies
Hey guys...newbie here...this guy PIBSO seems a hoot, a real mercurial physics maestro...lol...got gpbikes a little while back, struggling to run it well on a midrange laptop, however I just checked the official dev status page, as the title suggests, and got a long line of good songs....lol. I can just see this physics prodigy sitting there on his own with a checklist for the week...Ive done a,b,c,d and saying to himself "nuff work done think I'll call Adriana Lima round and get some ..REAL work done"...he seems to have various projects on the go, some have made strides to near completion some not, would appreciate if someone could inform as to whether WRS has a damage model..I tried to dig up some info on it  (nitto)...couldn't find any...the tyre model...looks top notch !!