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April 23, 2024, 02:44:13 PM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

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Hey modders, Piboso, can this be usefull to register some good quality engine sounds ?


The video is pretty convicing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKT-sKtR970
Support / core.exe disapear
November 28, 2017, 06:31:49 PM

I launched GP bikes, clicked on 'race' then the game crashes. The core.exe has completly disapeared. It is not in the trashbin, all other files are here  in the folder but the core.exe is not. O_O wtf ?
Hello everyone.

I tryed to join a IMT server yesterday. It was the one on Aragon with WSBK 2017.

I was unable to join. I tried multiple times, I played with the texture loading mode in gpbikes.ini but nothing helped me.
Every time I join the server, It stuck on 'syncing' and the game freezes. If I click anywhere with the mouse, the game crashes, core.exe etc...

I use LAA and I have no problem joining any other server I tried. Also, When a WSBK 2017 bike is the last one I used, the game is extremly long to load. I think there is something with the loading of the textures or the models.

Any hint on how to solve this from my end ?
General Discussion / Switching to 1P, the easy way.
September 26, 2017, 10:19:36 AM
Switching to 1P, the easy way.

Hey guys, Many of you are still playing in 3rd P and I understand why. It is easier because you actually see the bike,
You can flirt with those kerbs without climbing on them because you see where they are.
3rd P also gives a better awareness of your direct surrounding and helps to avoid collisions. Maybe it will also gives you more feedback about your leaning angle but most of all, are your lifting up a wheel. It is easier to control wheelings and stoppies.

You already tryed the 1st p because you understand that this is the way it's meant to be riden. But it's not comfortable, you are not fast, you lose all your habits and it feels unnatural.

Here are, in my opinion, a few tips that can greatly ease the transition from 3rd P to 1st P.

1) : First of all, download, install and configure MaxHUD plugin : http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=79.0

It will bring back all the info you had at the bottom right of the screen, and even more !
What must be activated ?

- radar
- map

This will compensate the lost of surrounding awareness and help you to better locate you and other opponents on the track
The other features are cool but don't help to switch to 1P

2) : Activate the alternative view mode : http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=15.msg70886#msg70886

Quote from: PiBoSo on February 19, 2017, 11:02:38 PM

mode = 1

To select the "alternative" mode for the onboard views ( pointing to the direction of motion and pitch relative to the ground rather than the bike ).

3) : Start with the second inboard view (tank view)

This may be not the best one, but it has some advantages, It's fixed to the tank ! You will have to learn a new way of looking around you, it could be easier to have a fixed camera at the beggining.

4 ) : Settings !  http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=431.msg2997#msg2997

There ! There you will make the difference ! Let's be honest, the default settings are not giving that much feedback.
It gives the feeling that the bike disapear on the side each time you lean a little bit.

- increase FOV : You will need at least 80° of FOV in order to see what happens on each sides
- pitch : Don't give too much pitch, the more you look up, the easier will be your corner exits
- corner anticipation : This is important !  I suggest to put it in corner anticipation rather than rider lean.
You don't need an exessive amount here. It will only make a real difference in tight corners. Set it to 20, it should be good to start.
- Tilt : This thing will make all the diference !! The lack of feedback and the arcade feeling of the default setting is due to this setting. Try to put it to 50 to see the real difference. Then you can adjust it if it's too much.

5 ) : Practice !

You should practice now, but choose wisely the bike and the track. Take a bike that is easy to lean, stable, and choose a track with nice and clean kerbs.

Here comes all the beauty of GPB ! You will need to apply real life concept.
-> don't look your feet, look ahead, as far as possible, where you want to go !

Make some easy laps to accomodate with the new feeling. Maybe you can adjust the settings a little bit. Now, try to be as close as possible from the kerbs to feel the bike under yourself.

Choose a bike with a camera set high on the bike, You need to have the more possible vision around and in front of the bike.

6) : Enjoy !

If you have a Trackir, EDTracker or any device that can track your head movement, USE IT !! This is a real game change.

Hello !

In VR, if you fall in 1st or 3rd Person view, the camera locks on the bike. And if the bike spins during the fall, puke in the helmet garantee !!!
Is it possible to keep the camera fixed somewhere to avoid the motion sickness ?
Owners Club / [RACE 9] Spa - Francorchamps
August 02, 2017, 10:23:11 PM
Yo guys !

Here begin the psychologic war. What's your time ?

so far I'm in 2.50.40 in race setup. Only did 5 laps and taken the setup from Imola. It is quite good here. Just changed the tyres and the gears ratio.
Racing / Resurrection ??
June 12, 2017, 07:54:49 PM
Hello guys !

I see quite often a 'Resurrection' server with fancy bikes and some guys riding around. What is it ? a private comunauty ? How Could I join to beat your as*es !!  :P :P ;D
Paints / CBR CUP - SevenStars Honda
May 30, 2017, 08:21:43 PM
Hello guys,

There is one skin I really love on the CBR RR, the #7 SevenStars Honda from the Suzuka 8h.

The problem is, there is no official 600cc 7*Honda. I found a lot of different fairing that can be bought on ebay to put on stock CBR RR. So I gathered some of them, make some researches and tryed to make a credible skin for this bike.

So, this a personal interpretation of what could have been a CBR 600 RR 7*Honda in 2005.

link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5TKVZJ933RdTVpWZ0hQdHI4RkE

An other skin that I really like is coming. It's start with an 'M'  ::)
Feel free to tell me if you see any mistake or something...
Hello guys.

Is it possible to gather all the knowledges of your brilliant brains and make a 'settings database' ?

It would be nice to have different layers from 'noob' to 'nasa engineer'. So one could start with the basis, tyres pressure, compound, electronics and then move forward to spring compression to finish with offset, and all those things that need a bachelor in mechanics.

If this already exists, I didn't found it and I appologise.
Owners Club / Scheduled race evening
February 15, 2017, 10:36:46 AM
Hello guys !

It's been such a while since the last race being held here. We are so many and in the same time, so few to ride together. Why don't we race more often ??
My idea was to scheduled a race, one evening per week. Something funny that allows rookie to join the fun.

Let say, for instance, every sunday evening, practice starts at 19:00 qualif at 20:00 and then we make a series of 2/3/4 little races, 15 minutes each. So every body could hence the pace.
Aliens could fight in the front and rookies could maw the lawn in the back.
We could have a new bike per week to allow people to discover new category and explore new mods.

How is it hard/simple to manage this kind of repeted event ??
Suggestions and wishlist / How does the camera works ?
February 09, 2017, 11:16:36 AM
Hi riders, I was wondering if there was a way to improve the 1st P camera.
I know, this subject has already been discussed, But Today, I am ready to get my hands out of my pocket and really work on it. I'm not only complaining, I want to improve it.

First of all, here is for me, the main problem.

In 1st P, the camera is binded to te bike tank with a gyro stabilizer for the leaning axis, with a tilt factor (iirc. something like, cam_lean_axis = 1 - bike_lean * tilt_param;  where tilt is lower than 1)
But, there is no other stabilization for any other axis. This is the for me a real problem because it gave me sickness, and I don't talk about VR, that I have purely stopped since it makes me sick in GPB.
If there is any vibration, bump, spring movement, wobbling or whatever you will see it on the screen. The camera doesn't focus on the horizon, what your eyes/brain would do in reality.
For instance :
-wheeling : it goes to the sky
-hard breaking : you will see the ground and not the track ahead of you
-wobbling : the cam goes from left to right very quickly

Lets make it simple, Your brain can filter barely all parasite movements (and vibration, and shake and whatever) and your eyes will lock the horizon. You will see the bike move in your peripheral vision.

This has been done in assetto corsa with the "real head motion" mod. It emulates a trackir to move the camera according to the brain filter (sort of compensation). It works like a charm but I think there are a lot of easier way to achieve this.
As there is already a filter on the lean axis, why would it not have other filter for the other axis ?

What I was thinking of :
In 3p, the camera doesn't shake. It keeps the horizon. why ? how ? What are the rules ? Is there a target point on the horizon ? For me it's like the camera is focusing on a point in the horizon determined bay the bike actual movement.
This point always has the same distance with the ground, the camera never lean. The is only 3 DOF for this cam, x and y translation and z rotation.
This is exactly what I would like for the 1P. A target point for 1P based on bike actual direction.

Do we have any control of the cameras in config files ? How could we explore it ? How could we make a mod for the cameras or change their behaviour ?
Is the logic and code behind the cameras a real secret ?

It may be not look as a real priority. But as GPB is intended to be a realistic sim, I think that the cameras (The main tinterface between us and the sim) should be appealing and realistic too.
Bug Reports / HTC Vive : change resolution
January 23, 2017, 11:48:53 AM
Hello Piboso,
I know I may have been annoying with my requests for the support of the TrackIR. Especially know that I have dump it for a HTC Vive ^^. Anyway you did very good with the TrackIR and I am sure you will be magic with the Vive.

I am encoutering 2 bugs right now in the beta 10C.

- Every list in the UI is barely unusable (known issue as it is stated in the general discussion. Just confirming)

- In the settigs, the confirmation dialog is not displayed when changing resolution. In the helmet, the game becomes unresponsible. But, this confirmation dialog is displayed on my main screen. I can move my mouse and hear the "blup" sound when hoverring the buttons but the cursor does'nt move and stay stuck on the right bottom. Impossible for me to confirm or cancel the changes. When the timer ends, the game stay unresponsible.
How I am reproducing it : I manually edited  the resolution in the config.ini file to match the vive resolution (2160*1200 iirc) Then, I opened the game and went to the settings to change other few options. On the panel dedicated to resolution and other stuff, I saw the dropdown stuck on 1920*1080 with an other value on the right, printed in red, something like 1000*1000. I don't remember exactly but those were not the values I put in my file. I din't touched nothing in the screen, just click done.

Also, is there a way to reduce the aliasing once in the game. The aliasing on far distance is terrible :/
Support / TrackIR support [Resolved]
November 21, 2016, 06:02:10 PM
Hello !

In the changelog of the new beta10, it is written : new : TrackIR support

I enabled free look, I checked the box in the settings for Trackir, went into 1st P view but it doesn't move :( :(
What have I missed ?

Edit : I have updated TrackIR to 5.4 and now it does work ! BUT, most of the axis are inverted... :/
Hello guys ! Hello Piboso !

I think that the subject has already been discussed but I cannot find any thread dedicated on it.

So, to be quick, kerbs are a pain in the arshe. On each track there at least one kerb (100% on certain tracks) that are completely unusable. If you put a inch of a tyre on it, you fall.
There is a real problem with the suspensions and kerbs. I saw my bike literally fly sometimes when riding on a kerb.
Last time I was in the grass and was going back to the track at 1 or 2 km/h (spa francorchamps). I crossed the kerb because I fell in a turn, and when the rear wheel hit the kerb (at 2 km/h) the wheel jumped at 1 meter over the ground
and the bike made a 180°. Sometimes if you are just riding at 30/40 km/h on straight line and go a little bit over the kerbs, you lose the front end and crash.

The suspension physics are really good when riding at normal speeds (even if the front end sometimes annoy me when it goes full left-right-left-right... with no reason in straight lines). But it seems that there is a problem with
relief and unevenness of the track and kerbs.

That led me to questions and suggestions.

1st, the tyre is the first suspension on bikes/car before the springs. I think that in GPB, the tyre is considered as a solid material that absorbs nothing.

2nd, I feel like there is no force applied to the fork by the rider arms, I mean, the steering bar. If you ride on a straight line and hit anything on the track, or even if you bend a little and hit a kerb,
the shock will propagate in the fork and will make it wobble. It's like rider arms are not present and apply zero force to absorb the wobble. Same if your are making a wheeling. As soon as the wheel is leaving the ground,
you can observe the fork going full right-left-right even on bike that actually have a fork dumper. Its like the rider have his arms around the tank and not on the bars.

So, is it possible to test or add a new feature that will simulate tyre deformation and rider arms force on the fork ? I mean something like a virtual suspension. This virtual suspensions could be factorized by tyre pressure,
and for the arms, maybe just a constant value of suspension that will add force in the vertical axle (left-right, like a steering damper).

Of course, this doesn't completely fix the issue, as I said I also had the problem with the rear wheel. But maybe this would worth a try.
Media / Trailer / video presentation of GP Bikes
October 06, 2016, 06:10:19 PM
Hello guys,

I'm not a guru in GP Bikes but I rolled my rock in the simracing scene. I make live comments and magazines on youtube on several channel for several games and several communities.

This year, I started a new project for one of the most famous YT channel about Formula one simulation in France. Each two week, we make a magazine about news and we are debatting about real life seasons etc... I run a specific section about video game news, release etc... Of course it all gravitates around racing.

I want to promote and make a little review of GP Bikes. It wont be a gameplay review, it is more something like a presentation, only speach but I need a video support. I would really appreciate if I could use a good video or a nice trailer. Or maybe some good races replay. If some of you guys have this in your dusty hard disk, I would really appreciate to use them.

Thank you guys !
Hello guys !

Is there any way to de-associate throttle and brake inputs ?

I was just trying to make a burnout (Yes I know, It's stupid and useless. But so fun ^^) ans I realized that it is not possible to accelerate AND brake at the same time.
If I am holding the brakes, the throttle input is inert. If I am reving the engine and touch the brake, the throttle is cut immediatly.

I use automatic clutch. Is it the reason ?

Thanks in advance.