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December 01, 2021, 10:11:36 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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Is it me or ? I now have the off track feeling in earlier gpbikes beta in Milestone moto gp 2021!! Gpbikes off track behavior in the last 3 or 4 beta is just too grippy  :( !
General Discussion / Use Xbox trigger as steering
November 12, 2020, 08:55:12 AM
Is there a way to controll steering/lean with the left and right trigger of a Xbox PC game controller. The trigger are seen as an unique Z axis when calibrating controller in gpbikes, but when i try to assign them as lean controller it is separated as 2 axis, so i cannot assing it.
General Discussion / Why gpbikes needs AI !
February 26, 2020, 11:44:39 AM
I'am a big fan and follow gpbikes since 4 years, i love the physics, the range of customisation and the moddability of it and especialy the fact it is an Indie / one man game. I used to play online 2 year ago, there was way more people playing it online these time. Then the number of players online drop. So i continue playing it offline and chasing my own ghost or hotlapping. But even with the best physic engine etc, i'm feeling realy lonely playing the game. It sad to say but i start getting back to milestone game (Moto gp 19) so even if i found it very crap (physic wise) i love the fact that i can make offline race, feel the week end feeling when watching at the sametime IRL Moto gp.

Se here we are, we really need :
- or Implement AI so we can feel more lonely even if not a lot of people play the game
- either make something to attract people to play online (i don't know what could Piboso do about that)

I'm just so sad that such a good game/software stay on my hardrive and never get played just because i have nobody to race with (human or AI).
General Discussion / Milestone acquired by THQ Nordic
August 16, 2019, 11:58:18 AM
Good or bad ? anyway doing worst than milestone is already very difficult   ;D
As I continue to explore Direct Steering, the most difficult thing is to know how much ar you leaning, that's why i'm asking if it is possible to add a gentle vibration in the FFB when the rider knee hit the road. Like when you're on curbs but less ....
Support / GPbikes infected or false positive ?
May 05, 2019, 07:22:02 AM
Hi all,
After a long time not playing gp bikes, i'm now back and go downloaded the latest beta, but, Windows defender keep deleting the downloaded file, saying it is infected by a dangerous malware called "unwaders.c ml". I've tryed every link and all is infected ...

My question is : Is it really a virus, or a false positive. i've searched for unwaders.c ml on the internet and it seems dangerous. So before i create an exeption in my antivirus, i wanna be sure.

Seems that the grass grip has significantly increased since the last Beta  ???
Hi Everyone, as you might know (or not  ;D) i'm a 3D Artist, i've start modding in GPB but stopped it since i think there is enough modder for GPB and they are doing great job. In the other side, it seems that almost no modder is interested in modding for WRS. I'm a big fan of Richard Burn Rally (now RSRBR) since years, and in my opinion, there is no rally game that came even close to RBR (Physics). Rfactor 2 might seems an option but since it doesn't handle dirt or snow track/surface it isn't one !. But then i realize that WRS could be the best candidate to be the next "RBR". It has top level physics, it handle all surface type, groove and dynamic terrain deformation etc ...

So i decide to try to make mod for WRS, but don't know where to start, so i have a few question :

1 - Is there an equivalent to Bike Ed for WRS ?
2 - I know that, all Pib's sims ary limited to a certain track length, how long is the limit ?
3 - For first time trying, i will probably rip content (probably some WRC cars) to test and be familiar with the workflow but then i will do it then from scratch, so when that moment arrive, which car could be the more advantageous to be scratch build for WRS (i mean one that could be in the same time be popular, and who knows Pib could one day easily licence etc ......).

I have lot's of question but let's start by those  ;D

Off Topic / what "simulation" is and what "sim-cade" is ?
February 05, 2018, 07:31:36 AM
I don't understand one thing, i regularly ear people here saying assetto corsa is not a simulation but a sim-cade (especially RFactor 2 fan). I just want to know from what base they said Rfactor is a simulation and assetto a sim-cade. Physics ? FFB ? what ? cause in my opinion all is pretty close to each other (RF2, Assetto, I racing, Automobilista etc ...).

the only difference is i notice is that one is slightly better at one thing than other, and another one is slightly better on another thing ......

A fact is that lot's off peole say Rfactor have a better FFB than other but kunos reply to that they made the wheel FFB mimic only what you feel on a wheel on real life, so if you want to feel the rear sliding you have to build or buy a motion system ... etc ....
Hi everyone,
As you already know, i'm struggling with the hardcore mode since month, i first know about it with klax's thread : http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=1125.msg75810#msg75810
I found it pretty cool, and start to learn it. at that time, i still played gpbikes with my DIY handle bar : http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=3878.0 , but since it has no FFB, it was too hard to know where the lean maximum angle because of lack of bike feedback (hard for me, but klax manage to ride in hardcore mode with gamepad so it is surely possible).

Then come to me the idea to build a handle bar with FFB. Having poor knowledge in electronics, mechanics etc, i just buy a logitech G920 wheel and is making a handlebar that could be "mounted to the G920" (still in WIP so i'm still playing with only the wheel itself) http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=5117.0

I play first with DST mode, cause klax used it in his thread, but found soon it was so difficult. Then I tryed DSA  but idem get me more frustrated. i pratically try it every day (change setting, whatch replay, the re change setting, re-watch replay .....etc)  found it too much frustrating and go back to Normal Steering mode.

My main problem was to keep the bike up at a given lean angle, in DST mode you can do it with the "klax method", wich consist of using the throtle in corner, personnally i found it very unaturral as you don't do that IRL, in IRL you throtle, hard brake, realease gas (on a hard corner) and then re-accelerate only in the corner exit. With klax method, you had to keep throtle during all the turn.

I was very near to give up, then yesterday, i finally found setting that allow me to drive finally naturally and do 1, 2 or 5 lap without crashing. i'm a slow rider (even with normal steering) i'm 10 sec slower that most of online riders, now with Direct Steering, im 10 to 15 sec slower that in Normal steering mode but Direct Steer is so much fun that i don't really car about laptime for now, i think i will be faster with practice but first of all it is pure pleasure, you have to really ride the bike in each corner, it was like the moment when i switch from Moto GP to Gp Bikes, so i wan't to share my setup here to help in case someone wan't to go with Direct Steer.

1. Rider lean :

I think a head tracker is a must have if you want to go with Direct Steer to controll the rider leaning (the auto rider lean doesn't work when you are in hardcore mode so you're ridier is just hanging on the bike in turn and you loose almost 10° in maximum lean angle, also the replay look very ugly with the rider sticked in the bike  ;D . don't be worry, i don't have fancy headtracker, i just use my phone (with a gyroscope) and a couple of software (ed tracker is surely the best option and cheaper one but for me who is in the middle of the Indian Ocean it is a real problem to buy thing and ship it here.

So this is a tutorial to make your DIY headtracker with your phone : https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/201647-using-opentrack-with-android-phone-for-headtracking/

2. Wheel controller : Unless you are Klax, i definitely recommend you to play hardcore mode with a Wheel or a DIY handlebar with FFB, i set my FFB setting force at minimum force, otherwise the wheel is incontrollable and i don't think that IRL handle bar produce that much of resistance.

3. Direct Steer mode :

After playing almost 2 month with both mode, i finally choose DSA (Direct Steer with Angle), because you controll directly your lean angle with the handlebar angle so you don't need to play with throttle in turn to keep the bike up. The problem is that IRL the handlebar max angle is aproximatively 25°, but when you gain speed you only use 5° to 10°of it, so if you go with the Piboso's default steering angle setting ( Directsteer_maxangle=20 ) it is almost impossible to keep the bike up past 30° lean, you can do it IRL because you have lots of feedback from the bike, but with gpbike you don't have these feedback, so 5 to 10° is definitely not enough to controll the bike lean and that's why i was keep crashing and get frustrated during 2 month. Yesterday, i open up the profile file, put 80° as max steering angle, fired up Gp bikes and tadaaaaaaaaaaaa got i working.

Edit : You have to re-calibrate your wheel each time you change DSA max angle

i'm now able to reach constant 50 to 55° lean angle and surely with practice go past 60°.

Here is the code you need to put into your profile.ini to enable DSA mode with my setting, wich you will find in : Documents/Piboso/Gpbikes/profile/profilename/


4. Bike :

For now i made my test with Moto GP mod bike and GP 500, i'll complete testing with other bike (especially smaller bikes) but for now, i found that the GP 500 category is the most easy bike to start with Direct Steer (the default Varese or the mod bikes).

5. How you lean your bike :

The fantastic thing about Gpbikes is that it works really like IRL, so with your headtracker controlling your rider lean F/B/L/R and attached to your head or your shoulder, you start leaning by leaning your body first, then turn slightely the handlebar until you find your lean angle limit, or the lean angle you want. I'm using MAX HUD to show my leaning angle but it could distract you when you ride.

Disclaimer : Despite DSA is 5 times more accessible with this setup, that doesn't mean it is easy, it still need lots of practice, so I'm no responsible of suicide statistics grow up after this thread  ;D

Hope it help and sorry for my poor english.
as this topic, http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=5212.0 , i got problem softlocking my wheel (logitech G920) below 180°. I'm searching for a solution since one month, i've try everithing even the logitech official forum, but didn't find solution. I posted my problem in a french simracing forum and gyus says that they didn't manage to soflock any wheel (Commercial, and even DIY wheels) below 180°. I don't mean here the efficient range, i mean the softlock (when the FFB block the wheel rotation at a given degres of rotation).

So i just wan't to confirm if what they said is true (180° is the minimum softlock limit).

Hi there,
As i think you know i'm a fan of hardcore simulation, i'm still learning DSA/DST and even if i like thing to be the harder way i think DSA/DST is way more to difficult to handle, mainly because of the lack of feedback you get from the bike in DSA/DST mode.

So not talking about hardcore counter steering wich i think people is doing instinctively ( i think 70% of people riding a bike don't even know they turn the steering the opposite way when turning)
will it be more natural and more accessible to a lot off people to get a mix version of DSA/DST, to the Default normal steering mode. Let me explain :

In Default steering mode, you are dictating the bike leaning with your controller, and the software do the rest to match the steering, rider leaning and balance of the bike ... The problem is that you do not have to worry about lean angle limit so you can just push your joypad ton the maximum on a hard turn and wait the bike to turn without worriyng about nothing else that your trajectory.

In DSA/ DST you have no leaning angle limit but you have to control the angle or the torque applyed to the handle bar and guess the resulting bike leaning, wich with a very limited feedback from the bike is very difficult and not natural at all.

So why not take the Default steering mode and just remove the bike lean auto-limiter, with that you are dictating directly the bike lean without worrying about countersteering, but you have to limit you lean angle yout self.  So for example on a wheel, say you put a 140° angle limit for your wheel wich is a normal moto gp lean angle limit (70° left and 70° right) so you know (depending on wich bike you ar) how much can you go with leaning.

Thanx :)
No matter what value i'm putting in the Logitech Software, i'm always in 180° of rotation in gp bikes (90° left and 90° right). I'm training with DST and DSA and it really just kill the mode. The problem is that the wheel is "soft locked" into 180° but only 40 degrees (wich i put into the Logitech software) (20° Left and 20° Right) is used by GP Steering which lead to a huge deadzone in each side !

Please Help
Hi guys,
i'm working on a serious controller prototype for a counter steering with FFB experience for GPbikes. But to avoid complex engeneering with servo motor etc and keep the cost viable for an eventual commercial plan etc.... i'll be making an "attacheable" system to a Logitech G25/27/29 Wheel for the FFB. of course if the prototype is good enough, i'll be planning to sale it but for now it's just a prototype.

As DD, i'll be using real motorcycle part for handlebar, lever, etc ... and 3D printed for specific parts.

I cannot say yet how the counter steering will work, but it will be a very simple but efficient way to controll gpbikes (no load cell, no complex axes .....)

I'm still on the mechanical engeenering (waiting for my 3D printer to be delivered) for the linear to radial movement translation for potentiometer.

Here i'm now

Just by curiosity, i know Piboso start the adventure alone wich lead us to our wonderful sim, but now is he still alone or is he having team now ? If he's alone he must be a super man !
Just found that tutorial, tried it and it work fine ! tick freelook and freetrack in simulation menu ! hope it help and no your are not ridiculous with your phone on top of your head  ;D

I'm trying lot of thing with my smartphone gyroscope and the software monect (who transform your phone into a game pad). So my question is how i can assign my joystick axis to the freelook, i know there is an option "joystick" in free look but i don't know it is assigned to what joystick and and i don't see any option to assign it!

Hi, every one.

I just want to share this as this could help so much newbie modder like me :


This is for Mx bikes, so oriented in dirt bike, but can be adapted to gp bikes, at least explain you how bike ed and enged work (wich is pretty difficult due to lack of online ressource to learn it)

Hope you enjoy ! :)