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March 03, 2021, 08:50:14 AM


GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

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Off Topic / IoM TT Game Fan Voice
February 22, 2021, 09:45:27 PM
The offical license team of the Isle of Man TT have released a Facebook update on the Isle of Man TT Races Facebook page asking about what fans want in a TT video game title.

This is independent from Kylotonn, which leads me to believe they're perhaps exploring 'other' avenues.

If you're interested, and want the TT games to perhaps improve, here is a link to their Survey.


It's something that I have never seen before, it'd be like dorna asking about the MotoGP titles instead of milestone, which is why I'm thinking it's the best shot we have at getting a decently realistic title for a TT game. (Similar, if not better than the old PS2 ones)

Have a mooch and fill it in, no contact details, or info required.
Support / Multi-Core Processor Support
February 22, 2021, 03:00:51 PM
Is this a thing in GPB?

If not can we please have it integrated. Would open up more performance, especially in VR.
It was confirmed the 'fully kitted' rider weight in GPB is 75kg. This was good to know, as it has allowed me to calculate the 'correct' spring rate for this rider.

HOWEVER, my problem comes, when putting in the spring rate into the CFG's the values don't add up. Even on Maximum  preload and minimum oil I'm only JUST getting 35mm of rider sag on the front end (rear seems OK With a 100N spring in which is right but the front is only just acceptable).

(25mm-35mm generally is the accepted mark for race bikes from my research)

As a result I'm wondering if there is something missing in the code, as the maths checks out on my end with the spring rates. Theoretically I could just bang a stiffer spring in, but I shouldn't have to do that to get the right SAG amount. (Also this is with the 'calculator' set to 'stiff' preference also)

Am I missing something simple here?


Expanding on previous post about SAG value position, it would be nice to have the option to setup rebound properly.

This means being in the garage and 'pushing' down on both the front and rear suspension to check it has only one stroke, and the bike is 'balanced'.

This again is a huge part of bike setup, and would help modders actually understand just how big their suspension values have to be.

This video, although brief, demonstrates the 'technique' I want to see usable in gpb

Now I am not sure if this is in GPB somewhere, but after realising 90% of the bikes available in GPB are unable to be setup correctly, (from my testing) I would guess it isn't.

It is a huge thing, and after I put 'correct' values in the entire riding experience in GPB changed, and the rebound actually began to make an extremely noticeable (and realistic) difference when changed
The sag value is the most important value available at the minute in the garage for bike setup.

Having this setup right (spring weight and preload) makes a HUGE difference to how the bikes handle in the SIM.

That being said the easiest, and most common way to alter the sag value is with spring weight and preload.

Therefore to do so requires constant flicking between pages in the garage, as the preload and spring weight is available on the 'suspension' page, but SAG value is displayed on 'other'

Having these both on the same page, (sag and weight dist vakues display on suspension page)would make 0 difference to the operation and setup of the bike, but would streamline the process and  make more sense in terms of layout.
Bug Reports / Incorrect Thermostat Operation
August 04, 2020, 07:48:38 PM
So when I was trying out my HP4 race in the 'physics debug' mode, I noticed the thermostat opening and closing is directly related to the throttle input.

Not sure of ratios etc, but this is incorrect, as the thermostat should be closed, until the bike just hits operating temp, before it opens and remains open to varying degrees to keep the engine at the correct/optimal temp.

Having this correct could change quite a lot in the temp management of engines in GP Bikes.

I have a feeling the entire temperature simulation in GP Bikes could do with altering, but I haven't looked that deep into it.
Given the current state of Launch control, it requires some custom engine maps and ECU settings to really get the best out of it, and those are often different to what people use for standard riding. This results, in a mad scramble on the control input to select the standard riding modes, and can often be slower/more dangerous than just starting in a full race mode.

To combat this I would suggest a 'dedicated' launch section in the Electronics part of the Garage. This section would over-ride the standard ECU when Launch control is engaged, and revert back to the standard ECU when launch control is disengaged. You could even have it so you can select a map to use in the dry and wet conditions to accommodate for different grip levels.

I was a little bored so I photo-shopped a basic HUD on how this would look in the garage, to help me figure out what I wanted  :P

It may open up the use of launch control a little more, and actually increase the accuracy of a motorcycle LC, rather than the current 'Car 2Step' Launch control we have now.

Here's the example pic I made for anyone interested:

Suggestions and wishlist / Replays: Slow Motion Sounds
August 01, 2020, 02:33:52 AM
Tried to record a slow mo of the mod I'm updating, and the video was perfect, but there are no engine sounds when you use the slow motion mode.

It'd be cool to have this included.

I understand some sounds may not respond well to being slowed down, so maybe having a togglable option in the 'replay' section in the menus to play bike audio?
This is an unpopular opinion really, but I feel that the new version of Assen (post 2005) is the best layout.

Its shorter, safer, and still horrendously fast.

The old version didn't have seem to have many overtaking points, most of the braking zones in the first 'changed' sector being curved.

Any specific 'stand out points', still remain, as the first sector was nothing really special, but the fast back straight and last sectors still remain.

I personally don't see the appeal to the old pre-2006 version.

Now the original road version is a whole other beast and a different circuit in the grand scheme of things to me.

Opinions on old/new Assen?
After some testing, I believe I have come up with a theory and a possible solution to the seemingly random front end crashes, as well as the issues with camber changes mid corner.

(Thinking MG hairpin at Victoria)

I did touch on this in a previous topic before it was moved, as it got way off the original conversation point. (As much my fault as any that was so I apologize)


Until I started fiddling with tyres, I thought the front end crashes on camber changes was because of the suspension, and a lacking part in the simulation or mod..

However, in the tyre files, max lean can be set using the DX1 and DY1 values.

Now this differs per front and rear tyre so you can have a tyre have a larger max lean angle than the other.

The bike will only lean to the angle of whichever tyre has the smallest max angle.

So for instance if you let the front have a higher max lean angle than the rear, it is the rear that'll determine the total bike lean.

This becomes important in camber changes.
It's no secret the front tyre is narrower than the rear, so in terms of lean angle, it has a slightly different steering rate it seems. (Not sure on Reasons or physics behind this just how it seems)

If you are on the max lean angle of a tyre, and then the camber changes, the bike does not get stood up, the lean angle changes to beyond the maximum set value in the tyre file, and a crash occurs with seemingly no warning. Typically these crashes are front end crashes as that's the narrower tyre and it's also what it's the camber change first.

As a result I found giving the front tyre 0.1 extra lean on the  DX1 and DY1 values when compared to the rear tyre helped a lot.

This extra angle doesn't affect the bikes handling on the flat, as the rear tyre will be the limiting factor, but when the camber changes, it means the front doesn't simply 'fall off the edge' like is known to happen in GP Bikes.

This isn't to say you can't crash, you can, it just adds a bit of control of the bike over camber changes.

Here is an example of the M2v2 at the MG hairpin, where I was being quite aggressive on approach, and could make the apex confidently, despite the known issues.

It is a marked improvement, but I am going to do more tuning when the 'big tyre update' drops for the v2
Support / Unit Pro Link Help - Over extending
June 06, 2020, 10:40:54 PM
Trying to make a Honda CBR600rr from 2005, and it uses the Unit Pro Link suspension model, also known as the "Linkage Rod Swingarm" option in GP Bikes.

I own this bike, and used accurate measurements for each parts length and angle, and I put them into BikeED, and it looks good there. However when I go to track, the bike has no limit to the rear suspension extension, to the point when I brake hard the rear stays on the floor, but the bike chassis hits about 45-50 degrees, nose down.

Why is this, and is it a bug? Or have I made a mistake? The measurements are accurate to the real world machine so it should work...
Support / Clutch Mapping
May 27, 2020, 06:33:34 PM
Was browsing through the CFG file and found the 'Clutch Mapping' option under the clutch section. (of all places)
Do we know what this does and/or is it working/implemented in GP Bikes ATM?

What are the differences between mapping 1 and 10 for instance?
Bug Reports / Replay Free Camera Bug:
May 27, 2020, 06:29:24 PM
Bug report:

Replay mode free cam:
The number keys on the Numpad which are used too look around, also now seem to control the replay settings such as play and skip to end at the same time, making freecam close to unusable for me.

Dunno why
Bikes / 2018 M2 V2 Rework
May 26, 2020, 10:24:32 AM
Following some research, I attempted to rework the M2 to make it more rideable and accurate to the real world.

As it's the same model all skins work on this model also.

Beta 1 is available on my Discord, will get an update tonight to amend some issues.



Shot By TomHWK

Mods / QuickShifter Sounds
April 10, 2020, 06:44:45 PM
Just wondering if there is a way to assign a specific sound to gear changes, rather than backfires through the rev-range?

Such as the ignition cut 'bang' on up-shifts when using a quickshifter?
Paints / KRUSH Racing Suit
March 04, 2020, 08:34:29 PM
I offered to make KRUSH a suit, and well, here it is - rider model 2

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!BCxxiIiC!RzmBhwTJ5T-U0ALLoXluh6IGDJfyuiQa_3aJOahEFlc

Support / Onboard Camera Replay Volume
March 02, 2020, 12:20:11 AM
I was watching a replay of some of my riding, and noticed that in gyro cams, the bike gets louder when leaning one way than when leaning the other.

This is most noticeable in the 'tail gyro' cam as it is in the center of the machine on the L/R axis. I was wondering why this is, or even if its intentional, or if my pc is Glitching out?

Is it the mic of the imaginary go pro is on the right so it gets closer to the exhaust when leaning, and if so, is there a way to change this? As some bikes have left hand side exhausts and under-seat units so that shouldn't happen if that bit is correct. What is the reasoning for this difference in volume?

Support / First Person Dash LEDS
February 22, 2020, 09:51:35 PM
In first person there is the option for LEDs to light up on the 3d cockpit model, what LEDS are available to light up:

So far I've got:

RPM LEDS, so the strip
Pit limiter engagement light
High Temp Light
Launch Control LED
Neutral LED

Are there any more systems, such as Oil pressure, or when the electronic aids kick in, that can light up on LEDS
Suggestions and wishlist / File Auto-Gen Programs
February 14, 2020, 12:26:39 PM
I've been delving into mods, and, being a bit dumb at some points, there are things that confuse me, so I'm hoping that they can be cleared up in this thread.

As I said in the bike physics thread, the BikeEd seems to have some little oddities in the way it does calculations and naming, so clearing that up would be lovely.

Thread: https://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=8189.msg103822#new

Tyres - I believe I have a little bit of understanding on how the tyre files cfg work, but I am not anywhere near confident on something like Pacejkas Magic formula.

I am going to be reading up on it a little to help myself, but as a newbie, it can be quite intimidating.

I have noticed a program called MaxTyre and this seems to show tyre behaviour. Although again, without an understanding of the magic formula, I don't know enough about it to utilise it fully.

As a result I was wondering if it'd be possible for a program to be created with some basic input values, that then auto-generates a correctly formatted tyre cfg based off these.

Values like 'maximum lean angle' (for flat uncambered surfaces) and then a +/- angle that can be used in ch
Canging cambers and track profiles.

Then input tyre size, in actual sizes, (like 190/55/17) or some such (that may not be a real size but you get the idea)

Maybe have a baseline to adjust the radius and those values automatically, per manufacturer?

A tool would also help tyre handling as some tyres don't behave 'well' shall we say, so it could be beneficial for both Pib and Modders.

I would love something like that.

You could even take it one step further and have a bike.cfg editor, that does the maths for you.

Add the masses, lever travels and all that, and have inertias and forces and such Calculated accurately without the need for users to do the calculations, which for unknowing people new to the process could be a bit hard.

As well as that a streamlined GUI could make the massive 'wall of text' that is a cfg easier to look at and understand.

I don't know if I'm the only person that feels like this, but I know the tyre program would be used if it exists.
Mods / Myst1c's Mods
January 27, 2020, 12:16:05 AM
Here is a link to my discord, where I plan to release the odd mod every now and then: