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April 08, 2020, 08:49:53 am

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Paints / KRUSH Racing Suit
March 04, 2020, 08:34:29 pm
I offered to make KRUSH a suit, and well, here it is - rider model 2

LINK: https://mega.nz/#!BCxxiIiC!RzmBhwTJ5T-U0ALLoXluh6IGDJfyuiQa_3aJOahEFlc

Support / Onboard Camera Replay Volume
March 02, 2020, 12:20:11 am
I was watching a replay of some of my riding, and noticed that in gyro cams, the bike gets louder when leaning one way than when leaning the other.

This is most noticeable in the 'tail gyro' cam as it is in the center of the machine on the L/R axis. I was wondering why this is, or even if its intentional, or if my pc is Glitching out?

Is it the mic of the imaginary go pro is on the right so it gets closer to the exhaust when leaning, and if so, is there a way to change this? As some bikes have left hand side exhausts and under-seat units so that shouldn't happen if that bit is correct. What is the reasoning for this difference in volume?

Support / First Person Dash LEDS
February 22, 2020, 09:51:35 pm
In first person there is the option for LEDs to light up on the 3d cockpit model, what LEDS are available to light up:

So far I've got:

RPM LEDS, so the strip
Pit limiter engagement light
High Temp Light
Launch Control LED
Neutral LED

Are there any more systems, such as Oil pressure, or when the electronic aids kick in, that can light up on LEDS
Suggestions and wishlist / File Auto-Gen Programs
February 14, 2020, 12:26:39 pm
I've been delving into mods, and, being a bit dumb at some points, there are things that confuse me, so I'm hoping that they can be cleared up in this thread.

As I said in the bike physics thread, the BikeEd seems to have some little oddities in the way it does calculations and naming, so clearing that up would be lovely.

Thread: https://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=8189.msg103822#new

Tyres - I believe I have a little bit of understanding on how the tyre files cfg work, but I am not anywhere near confident on something like Pacejkas Magic formula.

I am going to be reading up on it a little to help myself, but as a newbie, it can be quite intimidating.

I have noticed a program called MaxTyre and this seems to show tyre behaviour. Although again, without an understanding of the magic formula, I don't know enough about it to utilise it fully.

As a result I was wondering if it'd be possible for a program to be created with some basic input values, that then auto-generates a correctly formatted tyre cfg based off these.

Values like 'maximum lean angle' (for flat uncambered surfaces) and then a +/- angle that can be used in ch
Canging cambers and track profiles.

Then input tyre size, in actual sizes, (like 190/55/17) or some such (that may not be a real size but you get the idea)

Maybe have a baseline to adjust the radius and those values automatically, per manufacturer?

A tool would also help tyre handling as some tyres don't behave 'well' shall we say, so it could be beneficial for both Pib and Modders.

I would love something like that.

You could even take it one step further and have a bike.cfg editor, that does the maths for you.

Add the masses, lever travels and all that, and have inertias and forces and such Calculated accurately without the need for users to do the calculations, which for unknowing people new to the process could be a bit hard.

As well as that a streamlined GUI could make the massive 'wall of text' that is a cfg easier to look at and understand.

I don't know if I'm the only person that feels like this, but I know the tyre program would be used if it exists.
Mods / Myst1c's Mods
January 27, 2020, 12:16:05 am
Here is a link to my discord, where I plan to release the odd mod every now and then:

Support / Throttle Mapping
January 25, 2020, 02:30:28 pm
I get that you can create different throttle maps in the bike cfg, which better controls the power for each gear.

But what I want to know is how can I assign one throttle map to one specific ENGN file?

So have one map for one engine mode,
Then another for a different mode, and so on and so on.

And when, in game, I change from say a Q mode to an R2 mode, am I changing the throttle mappings or the engine mappings, or both, and how does the sim figure out which?
Off Topic / F1 New Engine Format: Considering 2T?
January 13, 2020, 09:56:00 pm
So I came across this link that f1s new engine format could be a revival of ye olde 2 smokers with alternate fuels and so on, and apparently MotoGP have been looking at similar options.

I think this could be a step backwards, due to emissions and so on. I actually believe diesel would be a better alternative for Grand Prix, a more forward looking option. (No electricity as motoe exists)

But still here's the link, any thoughts. I know what @Hawk is going to say before he even replies,but still..  ;D  ;)

Off Topic / Ride 4 Confirmed
December 04, 2019, 10:25:09 am
So milestone revealed ride 4 today..


Following some testing, It appears that the clutch is not needed for gear changing at all, no matter if semi - automatic is set to 1 or 0. I get clutchless shifts are a thing that is possible however, and while it is possible for up-shifting, It should only be possible on downshifts with a blip, and yet I can just mash the box down without any blips or what not.

Wondering if I've missed something or if that it is currently not possible to make the clutch a requirement, for downshifts at least?
Off Topic / Return of the 2 strokes?
November 06, 2019, 06:05:43 pm

Following this little pop up on my Facebook news feed, and seeing that it will meet the highest EU emissions brackets, it makes me wonder:

With the new technology that's available, are 2 strokes a viable option again?

And also, what does everyone think of this new 250, gonna be good? I for one will be paying Very close attention to it.
Oh, and it's Italian which is a win


Paints / MOTOGP Skins: Missing Link
November 02, 2019, 06:59:10 pm
Following the release of the outstanding MotoGP mod by manu, and the update to move Zarco to the LCR Honda, I elected to re-introduce the ones that were removed. (Zarco KTM, Nakagami Suit + Helmet)


After watching some interviews about how MM93 rides the Honda GP Bike, and why he's able to perform so much better, I found out a lot of it revolves around the rear brake usage.

According to Crutchlow, (Who has access to Marc's data) the Honda has huge issues regarding the electronic engine braking and its consistency, which results in an awful jumpy sensation of the rear, particularly when it is just touching down after a small stoppie (Not too dis-similar to the current EB Simulation in GP Bikes)

Now apparently, Marquez gets around this by slamming the rear brake when the wheel is in the air, to override the engine braking of a fashion, so that when the wheel touches down, instead of it gripping, and causing a tank-slapper, the bike keeps sliding relatively smoothly.

Now I tried to replicate this in GP Bikes, and to do that, I bound both the Front, and Rear Brakes to my left trigger (XBOX ONE CONTROLLER), and fiddled with the input sensitivity/parameters to get them something like what I could run.

It worked rather well if I'm honest. I was able to replicate Marquez's style on entry to turns, and slide the bikes much more naturally on entry also.

However it wasn't 100% set up, and there is still tweaking to be done, as well as the fact it changed my approach to corners. Overall I didn't notice much time difference, but I was more consistent, particularly on the Grand Prix Bikes.

One unexpected issue however was that after the initial turn in, I lost all functionality of the rear brake as an individual system, as to activate the rear brake I had to pull the front, and that was not great for small corrections mid turn.

That is where this suggestion comes in, and having the option to map 2 separate inputs to the rear brake, then we can have the option to run individual brakes or joint, or a mixture of both. As without a full handlebar/footpeg system, it can be awkward trying to get your fingers to all the sticks on a gamepad.

Most MotoGP Machines have both a thumb operated rear brake lever, AND a foot operated rear brake lever, giving them 2 options for rear brake usage, (How they can use the rear brake with a foot dangle), so I think it would be cool to have a similar feature, and would open up so many more avenues for riding style and setup.

The actual use of a rear brake on a motorcycle is questionable, some people swear by it, others say you don't need it at all. This Thread is NOT about whether you should use a rear brake or not, its not even about how or where you should use a rear brake. It is about having an option in the menus for an alternative input to the rear brake. As a result of this potentially going off topic easily replies are locked
Setups / Trouble Shooting Setups - Tips
October 13, 2019, 10:24:27 pm
I have had a circuit guide for a little while, and in it it has various items in it to help tune out some issues with setups.

Given GP Bikes is a Sim, these 'trouble shooting tips' should work here as well to some degree, and will definitely help a newer rider begin a foray into setting up a bike, both on track and in GP Bikes.

So here goes. I will list symptoms that are commonly found in the sim (and on track) and possible fixes for them.

Note: Sometimes there is more than one possible fix, so adjusting one value may not work and fixing one issue may cause another.

I will also hopefully get this a sub-board, and expand this to include terminolgy and such, but for now, this seems to be all that is needed.

Symptom - Forks Top Out
Fork Springs too stiff/too much preload/too little oil. (Too light of an oil can be relevant for real world machines but that is not changeable in GP Bikes)

Symptom - Forks Bottom Out

Fork springs too soft/too little preload/air gap too small/compression damping too soft

Symptom - Front End Judder(Chatter) in turns:

Insufficient Fork Rebound Damping

Symptom - Front End Judder(Chatter) on Brakes:

Too much Fork Compression Damping (Real world bikes would also check wheels and brakes for balances/warping/general condition, but generally not an issue in GPB)

Symptom - Rear Wheel Skips on Brakes:

Insufficient Rear rebound damping/rear ride height too low/Changing down gears to quickly - Especially 4 Strokes - (Can also be caused by a too low Idle, which does not affect GP Bikes)

Symptom - Bike Weaves Under Hard Braking:

Rear Ride height too high/Steering Damper too stiff (Not currently adjustable in GP Bikes, but real world riders may find this useful)/wheels out of line(Again not a thing in GP Bikes, but real world riders may find this useful)/Fork Springs too stiff/front compression damping too hard

Symptom - Bike Wallows or Judders(Chatters) through Turns:

Insufficient Rear Rebound Damping

Symptoms - High Speed straight-line weave:

Rear Spring Rate too soft/rear rebound too soft/steering damper too stiff (Not currently adjustable in GP Bikes, but real world riders may find this useful)/head races too stiff/rear ride height too low

Symptoms - Bike Unstable at Speed, Prone to Tankslappers:

Rear Rebound Damping too soft (Or too stiff, adjust either way to pinpoint), trail too short

Symptoms - Rear Wheel Judders Under Power:

Rear Compression Damping too Stiff/Rear Spring Rate too high.

Suggestions and wishlist / 2D dash in First Person Mode
October 13, 2019, 09:29:23 pm
This is perhaps a little controversial one, but Id love to have the OPTION to see the standard 2D dash, (That you seen in chase cam) when I'm riding in first person or VR. Some older Mods, while fun to ride, do not have working dashboards, and can result in a bit of an odd sensation.

While MaxHUD fills this void, it would be nice to have the option for the default period dashboard to show, and be moved to a more appropriate position.

(Like you can with MaxHUDs data)
I should think this is pretty self explanatory, but when in replays the dashboards are static 2 dimensional objects.

I occasionally, where possible, use MaxHUD in replays to put some data on the screen.

It would be nice if the dashboards in replays functioned as they do when riding in the sim.
Most racing sims, (And games these days) have a way to customise the way the ingame camera looks, with basic positioning, and angles etc.

GP Bikes has this to some extent with the FoV and tilt controls, as well as a look to apex I think, but various mods utilise different starting postions for the onboard cameras.

Some are high up, and some are close to the tank, some are closer to the nose, and some are closer to the tail of the machine.

I think having the option to adjust this manually as a user, inside some max/min params would be a big step forward in allowing people to setup the sim and machines to where they are comfortable, as not everyone who rides in first person has head tracking or VR available.

iRacing has a very good system, where you can move and adjust every aspect of the in-game driving camera, but it won't let you go to extremes and make all new ones.

This allows the maximum customisability, to the point pretty much all setups and users are catered for, but means an unfair advantage cannot be gained by making a camera that's not in the game/sim by default.
Suggestions and wishlist / Adjustable Steering Dampers
October 12, 2019, 05:57:37 pm
Following quite a 'Heated' discussion  on the GP Bikes discord, that involved a lot of toys being thrown out of a lot of prams, It came to my attention that GP Bikes does not have a manually adjustable steering damper.

This for me is perhaps one of the Largest issues with GP Bikes, as depending on your riding style, its value can be subjective to each person, and having a set value per mod bike can cause issues where one person can ride fine, but the next crashes at every point.

(This was the issue on the discord regarding a WIP mod, and like I said it got quite heated, and could have been avoided with an adjustable steering damper value in the Games 'Garage' area)

As for why this isn't in GP Bikes is beyond me, as it is virtually a necessity of all modern racing, and now road, motorcycles, and has been used since way before GP Bikes was considered for development.

It would allow people to have each mod more customised for their riding style, and eliminate most issues regarding the 'front end wobble' that seems common in this beta.

The M2 bike even has one on its 3D model so why its not simulated I have no Idea.
Racing / Race Weekend: Scarborough Gold Cup
October 01, 2019, 10:45:49 pm

Following myself going watching the real world 'Gold Cup', I thought it'd be a good thing to have going In GP Bikes, so here I am.

It going to be a one off race weekend, with one 30 minute practice for people to join, one 10 minute qualifying, and two races, each being 8 laps, around the Oliver's Mount Road Racing Circuit.

As per the Real Life Gold Cup, SuperSport 600cc machines will be used, courtesy of the 'WSSP 2018' Modpack.
I will release updated files for each bike with the relevant DMT Values in.

Things to Note:

This will 'Hopefully' be uploaded to my YT, providing it goes ahead and the racing is up to standard

        • The Supersport 600 machines are very fast, and quite hard to handle. So make sure you can get around the laps with as few crashes as possible.
        • The Olivers Mount track is still in a development phase, so while very good, and functional, there are still bugs and missing details
        • Olivers Mount is NOT a race circuit. It is a COUNTRY ROAD RACE, as a result the Course is EXTREMELY NARROW and BUMPY
        • Riding Dangerously, ignoring Flags, speeding in the pits, and Riding the wrong way through pitlane will result in immediate ejection and banning from the server. Always rejoin, and exit the track at T1 from the Pits.
        • Olivers Mount is on a small Mountain, so there are EXTREME ELEVATION changes - Prepare accordingly
        • Olivers Mount is a ROAD RACE, and as a result there is NO RUN OFF AREA. HIT THE GRASS, you WILL CRASH. Run wide, YOU WILL CRASH. There are TREES, HEDGES, and FENCES instead of gravel traps.
        • Ensure you have learned the course as well as you can before hand, as it can be very frustrating at times, as its so unforgiving
        • Weather Will be randomised, so ensure you have practised in all weather, as OM races in the RAIN!
    REGARDING USE OF THE CIRCUIT:As a result I plan to run this in the last weekend in October, which is the 26/27 October. On the 26th, we will have an open dedicated server, for all to join and practice in.On the 27th, we will have an open dedicated server, for all to join and practice in, up until 1pm GMT. At which point the server will shut down, and the race server will be launched, allowing only the 'official entrants' to join, and the above schedule will be strictly enforced.That being said, Entries:Post your entry below, in this format:Nickname:Number:Bike:GUID: (Found in the 'Profiles' Tab in Game Menus)Here is mine: Nickname: Myst1cPrun3Number: 93Bike: 2018 SSP Yamaha R6GUID: 18CBBE3C
Suggestions and wishlist / Alternate Last Lap Flag
September 26, 2019, 06:41:33 am
OK this is perhaps a little different of a request, but I'd like to see an alternate Last Lap flag texture.

As I run VR, and no help, (popups, 2d flags etc) it can be difficult to spot the white flag for the last lap, and it sometimes gets mixed up with the checkered flag.

In the UK we don't even use a waved white flag, we use a static yellow flag with a white cross, which seems much easier to see.

I don't even think MotoGP use a last lap flag anymore, but I could be wrong in that.

Whether this is just me or not I can say, as I don't know, but it'd be nice to have the option for a different texture, have the flag static, or to turn the last lap flagger off completely that way the only one you see is the end of the race, to cut out any confusion.

picture uploading site
Mods / MODS: Feedback and Development
September 21, 2019, 06:32:02 pm
I'd just like to say a few things regarding giving feedback, as poor old Manu has had to shut down development of the entire MotoGP 19 mod as people were giving very contradicting advice, and I think the channel went from 'feed back on the mod' to 'what I want from the Mod', and I will more than freely admit I was as guilty as anyone when it comes to that sadly.

(At the end of the Day that also came down to the Core GP Bikes Simulation not being where it needs to be to pump out high quality mods, and I hope Pib reads this as the slow development is harming the Modding Community that GP Bikes depends on more and more, as it was so eloquently put in the discord, 'The only thing that harms GP Bikes is GP Bikes itself')

But that's another topic for another day.

So here are a few guidelines I've dreamt up regarding feedback for all bike/track mods, that should keep the discussion to topic, and allow for a more productive feedback session (This will also be on the forums as well).

So Here we go:

1) Ensure you've done A LOT of laps, with runs of various lengths, on various tracks, in various conditions, with various setups. This will ensure you get a larger understanding of whats going on with the bike. Remember, we are testing a bike, not qualifying, or even racing, so doing 5 lap runs on max engine power, wont really cut it, and wont allow you to get enough info to make an accurate judgement.

2) If there is a problem with the bike, try to adjust the setup to diall it out. This is for a few reasons.
a) If you can dial an issue out with the setup, you can give accurate feedback on what the issue is and can help the developer fine tune the issue.

b) It will help you understand how to improve yourself as a rider, and all the setup changes you make can be applied to other bikes as well.

3) Remember, it is NOT going to be a mod of a mod, so for the love of god don't compare it to another mod. In the past week I've read more of

"This mod is how this one should handle" or "This mod is better it needs to be like this one".

That is literally the most unhelpful thing you could say, and to a developer, it would be effectively saying this is crap, make it like someone else's.

All bikes, should be compared as much as possible to real world information, such as onboard footage and replay cameras. Notice how I didn't say DATA there as that is another point.

4) DATA.

a) Real world data isn't always 100% correct in GP Bikes sadly, so a 1:1 data input may yield a motorcycle that is unrealistic to ride and in a simulation that isn't the best thing, although 9 times out of 10 it is a very good baseline/starting point.

b) Real world data sometimes isn't always available. This is where the TV Cameras and on-boards come in, as they can provide invaluable information on how a bike should look at certain points in riding, and chances are getting a machine in GPB to replicate that will result in something that isn't far off realistic.

5) Lap times. These are a valuable part of comparing real world data, however its important to note exactly what you're comparing your times to.
Often I've seen people compare a 'backmarker machine' (KTM GP machine) to a bike that is winning championships, (Honda) and then claim the bike is way off the pace and thus unrealistic.

Please ensure you're comparing your times to the actual bike you're riding, (EG Tech 3 KTM RC16 to Tech 3 KTM RC16, not Repsol Honda to KTM RC16 and so on).

Try and get the conditions you're riding in as close to the real conditions as possible. GP Bikes has a basic, yet very customizable weather engine, so use this to your advantage.

6) As I said in #1 you are TESTING. So treat it like a test. Do short runs, do long runs, do runs on worn tyres, do runs on different fuel loads.
Cover all bases.

7) As I said above change the setup. But ensure you do it one thing at a time, and ensure you run your ENTIRE programme again on that one change. We have the rather awesome ability to not have time constraints, and can post as many laps as we need so use them. Don't make a change and then do 5 laps and change it back.

Don't even do 50 laps.

In the MotoGP 2019 Mod I did well over 250 laps at various circuits, and the only things I adjusted was the tyre compound, electronics, and gearing, just to make it controllable and consistent.

8) As I keep repeating, it is a TEST. So treat it like one. You will gain nothing from going out, doing the worlds fastest first sector, and then crashing for the rest of the lap. Slow it down, be consistent, and add speed slowly as you begin to understand the bike, and more importantly how GP Bikes handles said bike.

9) Don't Forget the RAIN. Rain is a feature that is in GP Bikes, and is often overlooked, as again we have the awesome ability to turn it off. But rain plays a pivotal role in a motorcycles development and setup, and it should here as well.

10) GP Bikes is still in Beta, and far from perfect. Remember this when Giving Feedback, as some of the issues you highlight may be core issues with GP Bikes, and not an actual mod issue, and trying to fix these in the mod can make the mod unusable

Any more points may be added later, but for now here is Empty Box going over how to practice. This is very applicable here, despite being for cars and not bikes: