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February 26, 2020, 09:12:30 am


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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Bug Reports / Garage error and crash
May 01, 2019, 08:46:37 pm
Many times when I play online no matter if its M2 bike or modded one when I change the bike settings and try to save them the game crash.

I have made a clean install of Beta 15b and also deleted all previous mods and the game is still crashing...but it only happens in multiplayer.

As far as I know Klippie has the same issue.

I have tested it few times and it seems that no matter if rider is hidden behind windshield or not there is no effect on top speed or acceleration. Maybe it is possible to add this feature?
General Discussion / GP Bikes croudfunding?
July 11, 2018, 07:35:46 am
I was recently thinking that GP Bikes is constantly in development and it is only depending on the number of licence keys sold. Each developer need founds to develop their games. So maybe PiBoSo could start a croudfunding or Patreon site so we could support him in the development? If Bikesim Experience can make croudfunding campaign why not GP Bikes?

What do you think ?
General Discussion / Ride 3 announced!
May 16, 2018, 08:23:01 am
General Discussion / New MX GP Pro game by Milestone
April 08, 2018, 07:32:49 pm
It was a big surprise for me to see a new game announced today.
Here is the announcement video. The release date will be in june.
Suggestions and wishlist / Distance view
April 01, 2018, 09:06:38 am
I would like to see a little bit increased viewing distance in the game menu. I have to change it manually and each time I go to settings.
I dont like to see the rendering of big objects on longer tracks. 
I observe that recently many new players joined and the level of culture in online races dropped drastically. Colliding with other racers without a word of apology, going into track after crash without assuring that race line is clear or riding the opposite direction of the track starts to be a regular behaviour of some players.
I know its the game but unlike in Ride 2 or other racing games I really like the real life track riding rules so please don't destroy it.
General Discussion / Rider balance. How does it work?
February 04, 2018, 11:21:00 pm
I have a question about rider effect on the motorcycle (of course in GP Bikes)

1) does the tuck in/move weight forward affect the top speed/acceleration?
2) does moving weight forward allow to ride faster through corner? Today I have noticed that when I press the move weight forward button the rider in maximum lean moves lower so theoretically it should help in cornering.
3) does moving weight backward help in hard braking? I have noticed the opposite effect - moving weight backward makes the bike less stable and prone to sliding/crashing what should not happen. Also it does not allow to brake harder. I have noticed it in Moto 2 bikes so not sure if its a matter of bike geometry or the game code...
...i am shocked how realistic the graphics are and how nice the gameplay is. I am not a fan of playing car racing games. I prefer to play 1-2 motorcycle games and try to be good at them... Anyway why I wrote this post. I feel sad that there are games with photorealistic graphics that can be good and since I remember motorcycle games are light years behind car games. I ask why? Why we get games like Milestone crap that looks like a cartoon and feels like mobile game in case of physics... I wish one day we get a game like Project Cars 2 with gp bikes physics...
Helmets / Game does not see Shoei helmets
January 25, 2018, 05:23:52 pm
As in subject. I have all helmets installed in the same folder, all of them work but only Shoei helmets are invisible Does anyone know the solution of that problem ?
As in the subject. The game will be available in June 2018. There will be possible to ride motorcycles. The developer is Deep Silver and Bigmoon Entertainment - those guys worked also on MotoGP13 (3D art).
Some more info http://www.deepsilver.com/en/games/dakar-18/

I hope it will be nice not a arcade shit ;-) 
Off Topic / MotoGP e-Sport finals
November 10, 2017, 04:39:12 pm
Does anyone watch this?

I must admit its very entertaining :-)
General Discussion / GP Bikes tyres
November 10, 2017, 03:27:52 pm
Just a small question. Does the GP Bikes also simulate the stiffness of the tyres or only the difference between grip and how long they last?
Suggestions and wishlist / Open class lobbies
November 03, 2017, 05:29:29 pm
Is there any chance to host a lobby with open class? Just to make a Track Day like sessions...
I know it was written somewhere but please PiBoSo allow the bike change during online practice. People often quit the race and join again just to ride another bike. When someone is connecting game freezes for a moment :-( This is not a big problem when its not often, but when there are many people in the game it starts to be very interrupting.
In case someone missed this news Milestone announced today new title. There were rumors some time ago and it came true. Supercross The Game is the title. Not sure what to expect from it as MXGP3 was arcade title but quite nice to play. Im not MX fan but it is nice to catch some virtual mud.
Ok, after 4 days of mixing I came to this point. It was frustrating 4 days as I wasn't happy with any of my results and I had to lower my expectations because I am not really sure what numbers do what ... I only saw the effects of those modifications so it was even harder for me to understand what I do.

At the start I wanted to make the modification as realistic as possible taking Ohlins suspension as a model. But unfortunately each idea came to the point where the bike was very unstable and unbalanced. Thats why I have left original amount of 11 levels of each suspension parameter. I think that eventually 14 will be best number of levels for balance.

What I've done. I took the last number in the row for front suspension code and doubled it. The difference between each level is 3 times bigger than in original code. For rear suspension I took last number in the row (didnt double it because it was too big number and the result was too stiff rear suspension) and also made the differences bigger 3 times than original.

What I have achieved: the difference between each level is not big but noticable. The lowest and biggest compression or rebound setting is like between soft and hard suspension. I still consider to make difference 4 times bigger than original bcs the last grade of modification feels too soft 4 me. Maybe 14 levels will make it work? Not sure. Anyway finally the bike suspension do not decompress so fast making the wheels (especially front) loosing grip. I have tested this modification formula only for Murasama bike. Not sure how will it work on lighter bikes which seem to suffer most.

If someone would like to test the *.cgf file I attach it to the thread. Plz do not forget to make copy of original file. I am really curious what you think about it. 
Bug Reports / Suspension set up not working
October 09, 2017, 07:09:47 pm
There is a problem with suspension set up. Rebound and compression damping do not work at all, and it has big consequences on bikes.

In short form:
Each movement on the bike causes rapid suspension compression and decompression and the bike acts like a ball. It has an impact on the bike behaviour because each faster direction change cause the bike going up and loosing grip of the tires - mainly front. The issue can be mainly visible for game pad uses that can change direction faster unlike using wheel where it is easier to make it smooth. I have tried to smooth out the release button to 100% and the problem still exists but has less impact. Unfortunately the lighter the bike the problem is bigger.

I have tested the problem in this way:
Track Victoria. Bikes - Original 125 and GP1000 bike. I have set the rebound and compression damping to 1 done some laps and then to 11 (both parameters) and also did some laps. There was a very little effect, I'd say there was none. The lighter the bike the problem is bigger. 125 cc jumps like a ball and in chicanes it almost always looses grip. The only way is to go very slow and smooth. Unfortunately in DEMO version there is only one bike - 125 and its the one most affected. I think that fixing it will let acoid frustration of possible new players who have to struggle with this problem in their early steps.

Here is video of the problem:
Each direction change causes very fast decompression of suspension. No matter how fast it is done . The effect is inapropriate front tire load which losses grip becuse fast decompressed suspension pulls front wheel up.

In longer form:
I had a problem because each time I have changed the direction the bike was jumping like a ball. The biggest problem was in chicanes where I always lost seconds because I had to be very smooth and slow not to loose front end. In real life I would set rebound damping to higher to avoid too fast decompression that will cause instability in corners or even give softer spring. But here there is no such option. One of the solutions I found is to slightly brake in turns, when changing direction and to set smooth release to maximum. But for me its temporal solution. Ok I know that in real life racers move body weight to upright position as last thing to avoid suspension decompression and grip changes. But here it happens too fast. As seen in video posted above each turn gives significant changes to suspension.

Suggested solution:
Fix the compression and rebound damping
Returning to upright position should be affected by speed and bike setting. At this moment no matter if I ride 300 kph or 50 kph the bike leans and goes upright with the same speed. Wheelbase has no affect in this matter. 

Racing / Online start procedure
September 24, 2017, 05:46:24 pm
Sorry if there was similar or the same topic, but yesterday I had my first online race and I was surprised by the start procedure, the track was Aragon and it was different from the actual one in WSBK/MotoGP. At first all red light were on, then they turned off, and only one line were on. I have jump started bcs I had to wait for green lights.

So on each track I have to wait for green lights? Can it be updated for future so there is actual start procedure. And yes, removing a dsq from race after jumpstart would help a lot.

Thanks in advance :-)
I have found something like this in the internet
Does anyone know anything more avout this project?