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July 20, 2024, 09:20:03 AM

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Hello !

And sorry for this noob question...

But since i re-installed the pc under a new and fresh W10, i had to reinstall the game, and didn't want that time to put all the extra bikes/misc/rider/stands/tracks/tyres on the system SSD so i moved them into the other SSD in d:\GPB\Mods. I also filled the following line in gpbike.ini
folder= d:\gpb\mods

And everything works except maybe the paint of bikesuit that doesn't display anymore but it's the only thing. I get to try the bike/track i want, i'm satisfied.
But, when i start a server, it can't find the tracks/bikes and always goes to Victoria with Open category...
I checked my Dedicated.ini, it's seems fine.

I've seen a mods folder into \My Docs\PiBoSo and it's empty, is that okay ?
And what line should i add to Dedicated.ini or elsewhere to make it work. Some re-routing line as in Gpbike.ini probably but i can't find anything around that...

What do we do with mod.ini ? what can we do ?

Otherwise, i have to moved my extra files back to where it was when being under W7 and server was working great and on all the tracks/bikes i installed on the game.

Thank you.
Hello everybody,

I haven't play GP-Bikes since Beta 13.
And since, the 64bits version came in, thanks Piboso, and i didn't reinstall it because i couldn't play until my gear was ready.
Now, i need to test my Simucube install and in order to do so, i need to install Beta 15b version.

So, after a extensive research, i can't find the answer to my question :

_Do i need to erase the Piboso directory under \My documents ?
__ If not, what needs to be replace ? Is just the new install going to replace the "good" files ? How does it work ?

And if i want to install all the bikes/tracks/pilots that are "extra" from the game, on another disk, as d:\ for example, i found that in the Documentation section, in gpbike.ini :

folder= d:\gpb\mods

But my question is : How is supposed to be the way directories are installed inside ?

Is it : \mods\Bike, \mods\Tracks and so on ?

It's not essential for the mods side right now because i'm gonna try to setup my gear with the basic GP bikes.

Oh, and quick last question : i guess we don't need the LAA Hack anymore do we ?

Thank you.

Bikes / Example Bike Tutorial Chat
June 17, 2018, 01:44:21 AM
Good idea and whish you lot of strength to do that.
Because personnaly that could push me to do it instead of begging some specialist to draw my Sapetoku #40 bike as a bee - like i want mine.
The only thing is to perform on some Photoshop software, not my world at all...  ;)

Thank you Matty.
Off Topic / Closed Beta The Crew2
May 31, 2018, 01:25:50 PM
Hello guys,

as many of you probalby, i got invitation for this closed beta from Ubisoft games.
I have at least 2 free invitation.
If someone wants it, give me your Uplay nickname and it will be yours.  :)

Its active from today to June the 4th.

Suggestions and wishlist / FFB Filtering
May 20, 2018, 07:15:53 PM

in the whishlist, i'd like to know if the FFB could be filtered meaning that for example, the shaking effect could be turned off (gear up or down, woobles and other shocks from kerbs), to keep only what concerns steering-leaning strength.
For the ones that use a wheel or a DIY rig like me, that will be a really nice improve.
Shaking might be great for some but for the one that wants to be super accurate, its really annoying.

That was my Christmas gift list  ;D
Bug Reports / players not able to join
May 14, 2018, 09:30:34 PM

i've seen that many people tried to join tonight, tabu, Wanderleis, teeds but none of them couldn't stay looks like.
What was the error message  ?
is it ping related ?

Bug Reports / About joining server ingame
April 15, 2018, 11:35:25 PM

sorry if it appears somewhere else, but i can't find another reference to that.
How come ?
Is that a question of ping ? Wasn't like that on 12b ...
Or is there a problem with DNS or displaying servers in the game ?
Did i miss something ? Because if i start a server and it doesn't appear, i'll have to inform the ones that are not going to see it ingame.


Both pictures taken at the same time.

Off Topic / FIM MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 2018
March 16, 2018, 08:10:36 PM
Surprised not to see any topic about the new season, i made this one.

And as a presage for the followings seasons, maybe they are prophets at Dorna (or Madame Irma  ;D) they made a mistake on the logo that displays after having a pilot action replay, here it is  8)

Everybody have good races !!!

Off Topic / The Castellet in its new outfit !
February 17, 2018, 11:59:18 PM
Here it is, a lap with HervĂ© Moineau (Former Endurance World Champion)  :-* :o :o


I cannot succed in displaying the video directly, so i put the link and the code for the ones who knows... (IMT did it ones but i can't edit the msg)



Off Topic / FIM World Cup Enel MotoE
February 07, 2018, 06:35:32 PM
So, yes, how about that...

I'm born with 2T engines, and that's the only sound that give me goosebumps since i had my first DTMX 125 more than 30y ago...
And my heart is attached to the 350 RDLC engine forever.

But, we have to look at the future and the future is electric for driving system. At least it looks like because even a Hydrogen system produce electicity at the end, for the engine.

So, as what happened in my Prius, we will have to get used to whistling engine and silent races... Or maybe, as in the Pike's Peak race, they will force to have some kind of noise ? (at Pike's Peak its for security reason).

But, hey, after looking at the presentation with "Super-Capirossi" (still fresh this one !!!), i think this bike is beautiful.
Hope to catch some races this year even if i'm not buying their MotoGP video pass.
Maybe Brno IRL in 2019 (not 2018) to be close to the track and listen/see. Reminds me of Tron a little bit for the ones who knows, so futuristic...   ???

And you guys, what do you think of that ?

Off Topic / Merry Christmas Riders
December 24, 2017, 04:02:42 PM
Well, i guess that's the "season" so Merry Christmas and good family times to all of you.

One of my gift to my second son was a GPB licence and he is thrilled.

Have the best times everybody.

Custom hardware / Project Realistic Rig
December 08, 2017, 02:10:31 PM
Hello riders,

yes, i'm having the guts to call it "Realistic"... We'll see.
But i've been riding my bike and others this last week to check the mouvement. I'm driving bike for more than 30 years and i never really paid attention to the cinetic even after watching every week-end every possible bike race in the world...better later than ever...
And  then i tried to find a good way to reproduce what's happening on a bike AND that i could "ride" on my chair in front of my screen... --> GPB !!
Because i don't want do a real frame bike and having to use hydraulic or electric servo to shake, lean and move the frame. I don't have the room and more than that i don't have the money.

And so...
In red you have the handlebar that will be counter-steering to lean on the sides. This mouvement (vertical axe) will be short angle but hard to do (piece of metal into a big rubber that makes the mouvement harder - trying to reproduce what is real and what a steering absorber will do). The green piece will then turn left and right in a horizontal plan.
The blue part will be the driver leaning and can go on a horizontal axe from top to bottom, this will be a free mouvement, inside a "teflon" piece that will make the mouvement smooth (as in a bearing wheel).

Obviously, the feet parts are missing - brake and gear - and all the buttons on the handlebar but that easy stuff, what was annoying is to find a way to reproduce counter-sterring as it is in real life. I want a be able to ride in GPB without thinking of the device, just being absorbed by the screen. Like Assetto Corsa with a steering wheel, you forget about the device, you drive.

Now it's going to be time to make a prototype and then improve the stuff.

Thanks again to DD because he helped me a lot with the Leobodnar stuff and since HS1, HS2 and soon HS3, we have of excellence to follow, doing my best !!! (and if i could buy one and race instead of burning my brain into that rig, i'd prefer !!! )

Hello again,

another question about the dedicate server.
Is it possible to close the entrance to the server once Qualification or Race is started ?
I can't find any reference to that and that happened for example yesterday night on the "Come" server, once we were on Qualification Session, a "unnamedprofile" keep trying to come in, get disconnected and retry several times. It's not against him, it's about the guys that was there, since when this player was trying so hard, it keeps freezing the game and then your lap is dead...

So, i think the best will be to close the entrance once the Qualif session or Race starts.

Support / Bike Category name in Dedicated.ini
December 02, 2017, 12:34:13 AM
Bonsoir  :)

I'm almost ready with a dedicate server that i'm trying to set and looks like the bike category name is a problem for me.
As far as i know, names are taken from the bike mod database and there, if i look at the WSBK 2017 the name is : WorldSBK17 and then underscore and the brand as WorldSBK17_Aprilia...
But, in the dedicated.ini file, the line is "category = WorldSBK17 ; bike category allowed. Empty -> Open. Multiple categories can be set with a slash in between. For example: GP125/GP500/GP1000" and that doesn't work, the server starts as if it were empty so it's "Open". Which is not what i want.
I tried WSBK17 or WSBK 2017, nothing works... Does somebody knows the exact spell ? And is there a list of all the categories listed to avoid this kind of inconvenient ?


Edit : Found out that it's the list displayed in the game when you choose your bike.
So it works fine now.  ;D
Support / Connection Timeout
November 30, 2017, 06:13:56 PM
Hey Riders,

'till yesterday night i could and i played allright on "World" servers, on Jerez track and then on the Paul Ricard on GP500. Fine and smooth as usual  ;D

But tonight, (it's 7PM in France) i can't join any server or worse, i can't even have the servers displayed ingame and i get this awfull "connection Timeout" after starting the "World" trigger on top right.
Am I the only one ? Or is it why there's nobody on every servers that looks like they are online if i go to the server page (http://stats.gp-bikes.com/servers.php?sort=name)