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June 22, 2024, 09:31:10 PM

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Plugins / Trying to understand how plugin works
July 12, 2018, 07:03:37 PM
Hi everyone!! I am new in the forum and a new user of GPB.

I am doing a simulator of 3 axis but before knowing that GPB exists I only has in mind to create the analog signals from the encoders and sensors and make a bypass thow a joystick to control MotoGP. Now that I played GPB, the new potencial is huge and I woul like to get the data from the simulator to a program to control the motors.

The problem is that I do not understand well how comunicate with the .dll I created using the GPB_example.c

This is what I have done for the moment:

    1) I just created the .dll using labview CVI (is very similar to visual studio) using the GPB_example.c and creating a new .h with all the function names (but removing the "_declspec(dllexport)" .With both files I could create the .dll, copy it in the PlugIn folder of GPB and renamed as .DLO.
       When I go to the track the game suddenlly exit then I expect I am missing something (or all!! :).

       Regarding the custom program I need to do to get the data,  do I just make calls to the functions of the .dll or how I do that??, I really do not understand it, if anyone has any example of a program communicating continueslly with the GPB in .C and getting for example the spped of the bike would be a huge help and I believe I could start.

Many thanks for your help!!!