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Bug Reports / Only 6 bikes visible at the same time?
January 29, 2014, 11:27:32 AM
When i join a race with multiple people, i often (if not always) get a problem where only a part of the riders are visible, with some disappearing and some appearing at random intervals. As suggested by others.. it seems like the number of bikes seems to be limited by 6 although I have not really counted them myself. As the start is the place where you see the most people this is where i predomonantly notice it, but i can recall at least once in a race that it happened.

Two days ago we did a practice race with I think about 10 people (could not see how many there were ;)) on victoria, had a great start on the 125cc and when progressing through the field, riders just popped up in front of me. As I was just lucky not to be on the same line i didn't hit anyone but I think this gives a good illustration of problems it can cause.
Although i do not know whether this an easy fix... I really would like to know who is currently online driving in each server. As the servers page does show all the servers and the people in them, I can't see which people are actually in it. As I usually check the servers stats page before starting GPbikes or when I am not at home, I would like to know if I need to get home quickly if I want to race with specific persons. This also holds for when I want to decide whether i need to download a specific track. If I see familiar people riding it I am tempted to do that quicker than when I don't know them.
As I think this option is available on the real MotoGP machines (SBK as well?), it would be nice to be able to adjust the traction control while driving similar to the engine mapping atm. As tyres wear or circumstances change during a race it might be good tg be able to adjust the TC accordingly. Aside from this I sometimes want to pop some wheelies and with TC on its just not as nice  ;D
As I recall something similar being suggested on the old forum, I wanted just to suggest a solution once more...

To prevent the bike from going on forever after a crash without someone actually on it, i want to suggest putting a timer in the game that makes it possible to reset the bike although it did not come to a complete stop. If the game "knows" when the biker has fallen off (which I expect it does) then it should allow a bike reset after <insert variable here> seconds. After let's say 10 seconds the bike usually has come to a stop and if it did not, it would not be unreasonable to allow for a reset imho.

I think this might be an easier (but less realistic) fix for Piboso then changing something in the physics to prevent this from happening. I know the gyroscoping effects sometimes keeps the bikes standing up in real life as well, but especially on tracks such as UlsterGP with the "curved sides" along most of the track it just happens a bit too often.
As I was just wondering... Does the average GP Bikes user find out that there is more to GP Bikes than just Victoria Circuit and three bikes?

I guess not everybody that buys the game will visit this forum, and since a newbie to GP Bikes does not have any other tracks installed he/she will not know that there are other servers hosted with different tracks. The official "server stats" page is not something you are going to search for if you do not know of it's existence. for example, in the beginning I was not aware that there was a records page that kept track of the best times until i randomly stumbled upon it.

It might be an idea to just always show all the other servers when in game, even though you might not have the track. By now I got used to looking at the server stats page to see how many people are actually online and on what tracks, but I guess that might be just me.
Are we "losing" people because they are not aware of the extra's GP bikes has to offer or are there no ignorant people that buy this game?  ;D
When setting up a new install I set the "help" function to off in the settings menu not exactly knowing what it does and thinking I didn't need it. As I was doing a race on the cold turkey server I noticed that the GUI for the start positions and lap information (at start/finish) was missing.

Maybe it is a good idea too rename the "help" function to something more explanatory since it does not really explain what it does currently. Currently I still don't know what it exactly does to be honest.
Since i think most people are using a gamepad, especially xbox 360 controller, it would be nice to see the xbox one controller being supported in the near future. For now there is no official pc version of the new controller but in time, it would be nice to use the rumble/feedback on the triggers in  gp bikes to give some extra information on stability or traction of the bike.
Bug Reports / invisible bikes on track
January 04, 2014, 09:56:52 PM
I sometimes encounter invisible bikes on the track. Since i have the rider names showing above the bikes i see where they are riding, and collisions can still occur, but for some reason they are not rendered. For a fact i know that i am not the only one that is not seeing them, and i am pretty sure that going to the pits is not solving it. As this is not occuring very often it is not that a big of a problem but maybe worth investigating if its not just me.