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May 28, 2024, 11:08:57 AM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

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How do we hide the "Speed/Inputs & Gear selection" overlays showing in the replay screen?
I've listed below a couple of .ini file functions that appear not to be working:


autoriderdab = 0

I added this and it makes no difference, the rider still dangles his leg(that was insulting. Lols ;D  ;D  )


replay  = 20

I changed this to 800 and yet the replay length was still the same as default 20

GPBikes is creating these .ini files in both the installation root GPbikes folders and the Documents/GPBikes folders and I've tried altering both sets to see if it would make a difference and it didn't.
@Mystic: Are we sure Discord is a good place for exchanging useful information?

As far as I'm aware, Discord servers do not keep a record of any discussions or useful information for others to find easily as does a forum format?

PS: I don't frequent Discord servers for this very reason, but if you can prove me wrong then I'm very open to change my opinion on this.  ;)  8)
Support / File Encryption Tool for Modders Please Piboso?
February 21, 2020, 02:56:45 PM
Can you please supply a "File Encryption Tool" for genuine Modders please Piboso?

I know I've asked for this before, but I believe that if you want to attract genuine serious modders, that is modders who will build mods from scratch and not rip other peoples work-off, then you need to supply a file encryption tool to stop others from bastardising and stealing their work, some of which could be work that has intellectual property rights that doesn't allow certain files(physics, tyres), textures, etc, etc, to be used or altered by anyone else except the original author of the MOD concerned. Thank you. ;)
Please Piboso.... Allow all texture and map data's that are present in FBX files to be used and implemented in the export of models to GPB without having to create separate scripts to do so. Make it an option checkbox feature in the FBX exporter if you want to still keep same scripting possible. Thank you.  ;)

Enjoy guys! ;D
Quote from: Myst1cPrun3 on July 18, 2019, 06:09:56 AM
Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 AMI give up on you young ones..... Sometimes I think your a lost cause with no appreciation for what's right and wrong in sport these days???
I mean where has the honor gone from a lot of sports, where has the true sporting spirit gone?

I'm not sure using a motorbike with Traction Control is the same as having no honor, I mean, you don't see the Japanese riders committing seppuku at the end of a race do you...

As for true sporting spirit, the definition of that is:

"If you are ready to compete in a fair manner without favouring yourself or others unjustly and never giving up when things are hard accepting defeat and victory without arrogance or bitterness, that is a sporting spirit"

I don't know, but to me that seems still highly relevant to current sports and motogp, everyone shakes hands at the end, and for the most part it's a fair race. Rossi atm is the epitome of never giving up, and Marquez remains quite humble, considering he's winning everything that exists..

Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 AMIt seems to me that the younger-gen are only interested in winning at any cost and be-damned with any sense of what true sport is all about.

Sport is about winning. If we don't want to win, what's the point at competing?

There isn't one.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just going to jog the 100m Olympic finals as winning just isn't honoured. Can you hear what you're saying its ridiculous.
Its a RACE, the goal of a Race is to finish first, fairly of course, which again for the most part, motogp does.

Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 AMIt's the same attitude with your computer gaming with a lot of youngsters these days.... So long as they win whether it's by hack or crook that's perfectly okay with them.... I just don't understand cause you surely can't get any sort of fulfillment or pride from the direction many sports have gone these days?

I can speak from experience when it comes to hacking, as I did hack Csgo and I did get banned from it, and as a result I know some games are very, very trying of one's patience.
However it's not the right thing to do and I really don't encourage anyone to do it.

I will say, you do get a DIFFERENT enjoyment out of it, owning people, and seeing them get mad, after you've just gone through all those feelings. It's a bit of a satisfying thing oddly, and for me, wasn't to do with winning the game but just releasing my frustration onto someone else, which is a complete low blow yes I know.

Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 AMModern attitudes..... Phfff!!! PURE MADNESS!!! :o  :o  :o :P

The problem is the Old 'we have to go back as it was better then' attitudes, unable to accept change, and keeping us stuck 10 years back at least. This isn't 1987, things have changed, accept that move on, and in the immortal words of Disney,


That happened, instead of being sad its not around anymore, be happy you got to experience it at the time .
Because I didn't, and I wish I could have.

Everything you answered in your last post to my questions of modern sport and attitudes of winning today, you actually defined how it should be, how it used to be, and then have contradicted it's very definition and justified it as progress and the modern way things are nowadays???? :o  :o
That doesn't make it okay to continue down the path of destroying the heart of a sport just because people have got used to the way it is now, what's wrong is wrong, what's right is right no matter what the era we're talking about. You don't just collapse and fall down just because some big corporations decide they want to make it into a big money-spinning project for their businesses and be-damned the actual sport itself.

Typical.... It's all about money, money, money and winning at all costs these days no matter the cost to tearing out the heart of the sport in the process.... It's all very sad to see it happening in such an insidious way.

And by the way.... Motorsport is by its very nature a dangerous life risk sport..... No matter how safe people think they have made the tracks people will still die, often cause of safety implementations in some freak cases..... That's not to say that reasonable safety precautions shouldn't be taken, but to say that riders know the risks involved and should ride accordingly..... If they don't then they know very well they could die for the extra risks they take to win.
People don't need mothering, and these self-righteous, self important do-gooders that think they need to stop the high speed corners just because their isn't enough run off area to stop potential serious injuries need to pull their heads in...... You can die from a 20MPH collision or even less and yet survive another collision at over 100MPH, so no matter what over-zealous mothering safety precautions are implemented, it won't stop accidental deaths from happening and never will do.

As for us oldies just not wanting things to change; what nonsense. Lol. It's about the older generation having the knowledge and experience to know better when they see something changing for the worse. Typical youngsters thinking they are indestructible and know it all for the future they want from life..... There's an old seemingly forgotten saying, "Your elders know better", and as you get older you'll realise that all those elders who were warning you of what's wrong with modern times, etc, etc, turn out to be true, then as you get older you'll start saying the very same thing to your young ones..... Don't you think it's about time the younger generations actually started to listen to the voice of experience and knowledge and act on it? Maybe if they did, the world would be a better place for all of us. ;) ;D
Personally I think Dorna should've implemented these rules back in the year 2000 to avoid the mess and astronomical expense that MotoGP is experiencing today and to keep motorcycle racing within a reasonable budget as well as most importantly making sure that it was the riders latent skills that controlled the bike at all times:

Machines used cannot:

  • Be constructed in any part from Titanium or Carbon-Fibres
  • Use uncoated ceramic parts
  • Use telemetry during a race except for timing purposes
  • Use any electronic components to control the engine, brakes, suspension or wheel rotations
  • Use supercharger or a turbocharger of any kind.

Just a little controversial.... What are your thoughts on this guys? ;) :)
Support / Forum Search not working........[SOLVED]
December 11, 2018, 09:01:39 PM
I tried to do a forum search and entered "Embed video" into the search box, clicked search and it said in red letters that I needed to enter more than two characters. :o  ???

Re-tried it several times with different search criteria and still the same red letter error message.

Anyone else get this happening to them?
Off Topic / "Lest We Forget"
November 18, 2018, 12:31:45 PM
"Lest We Forget" just how special the GP500 era was...... If only they'd bring these bikes back were they truly belong. :-* ;D

General Discussion / Is Open-Modding good for developers?
November 14, 2018, 09:28:13 AM
Looking at the results of developers releasing titles that allow for full-on open modding by the modding community, I'm personally torn about this subject in this day and age where there are many free and/or cheap alternative software applications that allow for raw amateur and often first-time modders to openly try their hand at creating mods for many game/sim titles, much of which are born from openly ripped content from other developers game titles.

But I'm more concerned with the practice of developers allowing fully open access modding for their product releases because much of the mod content although it can be useful in providing a quick array of usable content for a product is in general(let's face it) barring a few exceptions, of a very low standard; and personally speaking, low-standard content does not bode very well in promoting a good product?
I'm basically suggesting that an open modding policy promotes a large product catalogue of very poor standard mod-content that in actual fact damages the reputation and sale-ability of a product?

So this begs the question: Wouldn't it be much more prudent for developers to make sure that anyone/team of modders that wanted to develop mods for their title had to be approved by the developer of that particular title before they could create a mod for it? This would make sure that the modder concerned was capable of producing mods to the standard the developer wants to see for their product and not have their product littered with huge amounts of sub-standard mods that make their product look as though it was developed back in the late 80's?

Some developers are already working on these principles.... One in particular comes to mind in Eagle Dynamics who produce DCS World Combat Flight simulator, and I also believe that Studio 397 who develop rFactor 2 are now steering heavily towards the same type of mod managing format to make sure the content for their product is up to a good standard too.

But basically, yeah, I think this is the way to go for all developers who wish modders to create great content for their products..... and I also think that by managing their products in this way the developers attract the best modders in the genre too, the modders also get the opportunity to make a genuine living from their work(depending on how popular the developers product is)which is a win win for everyone concerned.

What are your thoughts on this guys? :)

General Discussion / Hawk's rant
September 14, 2018, 09:05:03 AM
Quote from: davidboda46 on September 13, 2018, 07:29:08 PM
Are any of you wizards (modders) working on an update on the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli circuit? The one that exists in the Track Database is based on the old layout with the chicane (when it also went in the other direction) and the version that we have now that goes in the current direction has the track markers (corner signs) turned the wrong way.


/David "Gonzo" Boda #46

Personally speaking, I've stopped doing any mod-work until Piboso updates/develops his export Mod-tools to work as they should work with the products we can produce direct from professional 3D apps..... When that is done(if it ever will be) then I'll be back modding for GPB again...... Just so much potential that is sadly being held back by apparent bad development priority decisions by Piboso in my opinion. Modding is the life-blood of Piboso's projects and yet the modding tool development apparently is being grossly neglected right now..... It's sad.  :(

Maybe Piboso has his good reasons for not developing the MOD-export tools further right now? I don't know because he doesn't tell us these things, so I can only come to the conclusion I have stated above.  :)

Hopefully Piboso could enlighten us to his reasons and  future intentions/plans for these tools with some kind of approx timeline for any improvement release?
Take a look at this video guys.....


In my opinion this guy hosting the video doesn't really know what he's talking about and is purely spouting his own opinion and making his own theories on the subject(including his so called physics explanations. Lol!) rather than it being based on any scientific data or proof...... 
In my personal opinion, there is absolutely no reason or any relevant real advantages for a rider to dangle his leg out like they do these days. It's all utter nonsense besides looking obnoxiously UGLY too!! :P

It seems that modern riders are smoking too much wacky-baccy these days and have forgotten the elegance of riding a racing motorcycle in the process..... At least Rossi who started the whole leg-dangling trip had a good excuse in that he was shitting himself at the time! Lol!  ;D ;D

Pleased to announce the release of:  Silverstone GP 2017

This track was released several months ago(v0.96) in a rush to get it out for DD's Silverstone GP 2017 meeting with Dorna, hence we didn't publish here until now with the latest update provided by javiliyors today.

A better track intro-presentation will be supplied with pictures soon.

The download link will be released via DD's "GPBOC Track Database" here: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=4584.0  as soon as possible today. Thank you.  :)
Support / Legends Suit Template??
August 20, 2018, 01:59:35 PM
Any chance of letting us have the "Legends" Suit Template please Piboso?

And please can we have all the official templates in layered .psd format please Piboso for ease of painting? Thank you. :)
Personally I'd just like to know when the mod-tools are going to get serious attention and updates Piboso?

You seem to be moving soley onto other projects after beta releases and yet the mod-tools get very little or no attention apart from updating to work with your latest betas..... In my opinion your mod-tools need serious attention to work well for modders and your projects and more importantly work well with industry standard workflows and formats.

Sorry for sounding frustrated about this Piboso but if you want pro-quality mod work(which would greatly help to enhance your sales figures moreover than what modding already does for you) then you have to give us the mod-tools to allow us to do that within established work-flow practices or modders will just get fed-up and leave as has been the majority cases over the years.

One massive plus would be to allow the FBX converter to export all the required maps, materials and animations that can be applied directly in 3D-apps..... The FBX format allows the export of all this information so, as far as I see it, the issue must be on your side of the projects alone?

Also, what happened to you implementing a progress bar on the FBX converter? That was asked for at least a couple of years ago now and with interest it seemed from yourself too.... Has that now gone by the wayside?

I'm sure other guys/groups that mod for GPBikes/WRS/MXBikes could also add to any additional enhancements/features/updates that are needed in any of the the mod-tools too that have been far too long over-looked in my opinion.

Again, sorry Piboso for sounding frustrated, but that's exactly how I feel right now; but I say it how I see it after years of requests and hopes failing for any real progress with the modding tools capabilities and versatilities.
Just to let you know that the bike has no controller control when riding on the "Silverstone 96" track kerbs.

Strange thing is that it seems okay on a track like "Donington Park" which also has 3D Kerbs.....

Can anyone else confirm this too. Thanks.  :)
Studio 397 are making great inroads now with rFactor 2 with regular updates and big improvements already added and on-going for the near future..... I must say their PR in keeping the rFactor 2 community up to date with their progress and visions is absolutely excellent! More importantly they do what they say they are going to do and listen to the rFactor 2 community.

rFactor 2, undoubtedly the best sim out there physics-wise right now and will no doubt also be the best sim in the eye-candy department by the end of 2018 now they have moved over to DX11 graphics.

Latest Studio 397 rFactor 2 Road Map:
This poll is not intended to try and influence Piboso in any way, but just to gain an insight into the GPBikes Communities opinion as a whole on this long running debate.....

Please vote everyone! Thank you!  ;)
Bug Reports / Replay Camera Bug?
October 07, 2017, 11:58:17 AM
I've modelled a 3D "Cattle-Grid"(shown in the pic below) at the pit-lane entry and exits points for a themed track I'm creating, and I've noticed when viewing the replay that every time the bike runs over the 3D Cattle-Grids the screen view breaks up very badly just as if there is bad interference in a TV screen signal.

For ref: I have the metal bars of the actual Cattle-Grid currently defined as "TRKKERB" to try and get a rumble sound as the bike passes over the grids.

Additionally: Is there a way to implement custom sounds for object surfaces such as this so that I can implement the correct sound to play when a bike runs over this Cattle-Grid?