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August 03, 2020, 03:40:47 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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I have a Mastercard pre paid system furnished by post in belgium when i tryed to purchase a key paypal automaticly open i guess is for the email account to send the key but paypal wont finished my transaction cose the first and last name of my Mastercard is Bpost Bpaid so they asking for copy of identity card and a copy of a official bild for ex a internet provider bild...
i saw a faq link here : https://www.gp-bikes.com/?page=about&section=faq  someone asking of is possible purchase a key without paypal and see response positif so why is paypal auto open and ask for email password and born date ?? if i fill this case paypal says impossible to finish transaction and have tones of security progress to do they know my smartphone number and send me security sms to open paypal they olso took 1.50€ on my creditcard with a 4 caracter code line i can read on my creditcard transactions report but wont finished transaction without a copy of identity card and i dont call Bpost Bpaid  so i guess it wil refused any issue for me please i buy many things on stream and instant gaming why is so difficult to have gp bikes i have VR and would like ride out of the demo please...