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November 27, 2021, 02:08:32 PM


GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

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I used crap I had laying around.... still unsure how I got it all to work together, but, I figured out how to make a smart phone with a gyro (Samsung Galaxy S3) transmit motion to the program "facetracknoir". Using a freepie program on the phone, facetracknoir on the phone and PC linked through port 5556, and TrinusVR with USB tethering enabled. Connected to the PC client Trinus VR, I got the output on facetracknoir to be "freetrack" and when setup properly with the "freelook" in the GP Bikes, WRS, MXB, options menu it functions with fantastic results! Confusing as that sounds to you, it is twice as confusing to me. lol

I feel like a caveman when I try to make programs, hardware, etc. function correctly as I have to learn from scratch every last detail it involves to bring this from just an idea to fully functioning. After 2 weeks of struggling, walking away, coming back to it, playing with every little setting and reading every last bit of info I could, it works, it finally works!!  8)

The video is not running at the FPS that game-play usually does, it's a bit slow (capped at 30fps, with half size video compression) but it gives a fantastic idea of how well it works overall. I am truly impressed, and it gives an amazing sensation of speed and immersion compared to a fixed view.


Programs used on PC:




Programs used on Galaxy S3:




HeadTrack (not sure if it has an effect, but I turn it on anyway because it also transmits the gyro signal)

All programs are free, just gotta find all the instructions to make them work together, and with the phone. I may make a tutorial on this if I can figure out exactly what makes this function as it is cheap and easy to get some good old free look without having to move a mouse around. Used S3's are super cheap on ebay, and from what I understand, loading programs into it via USB or wifi requires nothing more than having the phone turned on.
Custom hardware / Controller.....
December 03, 2014, 07:21:26 AM
Double Dragon donated quite a few parts, and even left me a design that I carelessly let disappear with a computer, so I never actually got to see what the inner workings were truly about, so I hemmed and hawed about how to go about making anything work from this pile of parts I had in my hands. I finally decided I wasn't going to be a stupid caveman level idiot and do something about this stuff, build something... first I had to overcome my fear of wires... no idea why, but the moment I put my hands on a loom I get spastic spells of anger and rage, dunno what it is really, just hate dealing with wiring. Too many Honda's I reckon.  ::)

Just about to give up I found a flight simulator forum, seems they build far more intelligent designs than the few controls a motorcycle has! Should be easy enough to find what I am looking for there, so, I peruse many a thread reading about wiring, theory of engineering, material strength (pfffffff, I'll use STEEL!!), and find all that I need to understand how to wire pots, and what alphabetical and numerical combination they belong to on this curios "plug and play" board Mr. Dragon had left behind in the bitter cold north woods. Was I really on to something or had I gone in over my head? I couldn't tell at that point... honestly it felt like the world had somehow changed a bit.

The last 2 days have been spent burning cedar and oak in the wood stove, heating the area around my mill and lathe, welder, and associated motorcycle building paraphernalia, I was feverishly modifying parts, changing things, and working on a grand design that only the most sick of motorcycle minds could recognize as none other than a ratbike. As it took shape I was realizing I had created a monster, a moving, living, breathing piece of machinery that actually lived if I just gave it a jolt of live electricity, it was MY Frankenstein, and it was all in the name of motorcycles!

After some bugs, some fixes, and a bit of testing, I can't recommend this enough, if you can find it in you to piece together whatever you can to make something like this beast happen, DO IT. The feeling of GP Bikes with grips in your hands and levers on your fingers is worth more than any words.

Developing the stand and control positions fully inspired and parts by DDCC (pots, steering shaft, bearings, bar mounts, pot levers):

Steering by DDCC (steering shaft, center spring mount plate, pot levers/pots) :

And once I went ballistic on the whole setup with my own crazy motorcycle builder attitude about how things should work and all that nonsense:

Off Topic / DoubleDragonCC (not a good experience)
June 08, 2014, 08:28:37 PM
Thread served the purpose as intended, no need to leave such personal stuff laying about. As per the thread title, the story I told was my experience with DDCC, and that was of the sort that nothing was accomplished as agreed upon, there for, I felt it necessary to enlighten the community to that fact.