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June 21, 2024, 09:42:02 PM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

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Bug Reports / Wheel Tracking issue, Still not fixed
December 28, 2021, 11:57:38 PM
Hi All!  :)

I have been playing GP Bikes since Beta 4 or 5, and the ONLY thing in this sim that erks me, is still not fixed, so many years later. We are up to Beta20 at the time of writing this topic and this wheel tracking issue is still a problem. It has been posted before, many moons ago here:

I have about 300 hrs in MX Bikes and can confirm it is still a lingering issue on MXB too, although seems to have been "sort of" fixed with the latest updates, so not as bad anymore, but still noticeable. I posted a bug report on MXB as well, here:

Can anyone in the "know" shed some light on if this issue is being adressed at all on GPB?

I have searched and could only find one topic discussing it as originally posted by Stout Johnson in Topic 3129.15

Thanks for reading this, i hope it gets acknowledged by PiBoSo or at least noticed.

still love the game BTW and am glad i spent my hard earned on it.

Peace out!  8)   ;D
Hello everyone!! my name is Rob, i'm Australian, and ive been playing the GP Bikes demo on and off for about a year now, and now that i got my own debit card i finally bought the liscence!

Moving from the demo on Beta 4b and getting pretty good at the gp125 on Victoria, to updating to beta 6c last week.... my word, what a difference!! im not sure if i'm completely used to the difference, i can't seem to stop those tank slappers no matter what i do!. I didn't seem to have a problem on Beta 4b. Other than that, the update was welcome to me. I love this sim so much! much time has been spent on it when i should be studying for my HSC final exams, so i blame you PiBoSo if i fail ;).

P.S, the only other thing in this sim that bugs me is the strange side movement that a bike has when going around sharper corners. I know in real life, the front and back wheels don't follow the exact same path, but the back wheel seems to sit a little too much on the inside of the turn, actually travelling diagonal with the proper rotation of the back wheel. I'm not sure if i'm just seeing things, but the replays look un-natural sometimes, especially when coming over a crest/bend combination, but this is really just an aesthetic nitpicking situation. There's not much to complain about in reality!!

Anyway, i gotta go to work! Thanks PiBoSo for the great sim and thankyou GP Bikes community for being such cool people compared to other simulation forums *cough* mx sim *cough*  ;D, looking forward to seeing all of you on the track once i download all the bikes!!  :) Happy racing