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February 28, 2024, 03:14:21 AM

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Bug Reports / Re: Assen 1.3 Not in the pits
July 24, 2022, 02:31:37 AM
cheers matty. It appears that I have made my 'Discord' channel impenetrable even to myself.
Password frenzy to the level of paranoia is driving me nuts.
cheers, Mark.
Bug Reports / Re: Assen 1.3 Not in the pits
July 23, 2022, 04:23:34 AM
Well if you have any issues you better just roll up yer sleeves because nobody else has any idea.

All my collected mods are stored here D:/PiBoSo/GP Bikes/mods/tracks

Decided to delete the Assen 1.3 from there and then try putting it here:
D:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/GP Bikes/tracks

For some strange reason it now works correctly.

Thanks for all your help. Cheers, Mark.
Bug Reports / Assen 1.3 Not in the pits
July 21, 2022, 12:07:03 AM
This is where I am when you get on the bike. Can't move left or right without sudden crash.
Not seen any mention of it elsewhere so I'm thinking it's a setting I have wrong somewhere.