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Moto3 Championship / Re: ROUND 4: BRNO
March 18, 2015, 11:05:35 PM
I see one there for you Hamish - in #26 place 2 days ago. Has it stopped working?

Off Topic / Re: RIDE videogame
March 18, 2015, 03:55:38 PM
<Chortle> Sore bum on DVD lol.  :o

OK here's my 1st impression. I must of been lucky no install problems and no crashes seen.

1. Its an arcade game - I took the time to tweak the graphics, bike settings and difficulty in the hunt for realism on the CBR600. I still couldn't do anything wrong on track even with no TCS or anti-wheely on and only Joint brake assist.
2. I don't like the graphics one bit.

1. Didn't lose the front end on the slow corners.
2. Not a single Core.EXE seen.  :P

Personally its not for me - I'm always hunting for realism (hence GBP). However, it is another bike game to add to the small pot of bike games that some people will like. Milestone have their hearts in the right place - I heard the developers say they looked hard at SBK2001 when creating MotoGP.
But I ask - that was 14 years ago and bike games have just gone backwards since then.

Anyway, take it, leave it or wipe yer bum with it.
Off Topic / Re: RIDE videogame
March 18, 2015, 10:54:17 AM
Downloading now!
But I am not holding my breath, it looks boring but I am keeping an open mind.
Will let you know 1st impressions.
Moto3 Championship / Re: Suggestions for M3 Champ
March 17, 2015, 10:42:55 PM
Here are my Noob thoughts on getting everyone to ride.

Firstly, roughly how many people don't get to ride each race so far? One or two or a lot?

If its enough to make 2 races on two servers or 2 races on different nights then that would be great for us all to get a race.

Totally appreciate it is more work for someone of course.

Hope that helps,
Tracks / Re: Daytona 200 Circuit....
March 17, 2015, 10:01:50 PM
Hello Hawk,

this is beautiful work and I thank you indeed. The Daytona video is a great watch too thanks for posting it.

I ride a Honda VF1000R which is the road version of the  FWS1000 race bike in the video ridden by Mike Baldwin, and this racing is really my era - I mean what I grew up watching.

When I get a clue about how to do such things, I would like to model a VF for GPB. Much like some great guy did back in the day for MotoGp08 https://www.youtube.com/v/Wd41uPeMiWw

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you.
Hi all I know I'm a noob round here but I would sure like to get in on this championship and any others going.

The fact the SBK makes me mess my pants with fear at the moment is irrelevant  :o   

I was Ok on SBK2001 game lol

Moto3 Championship / Re: ROUND 3: ASSEN
March 16, 2015, 10:07:36 PM
Hello everyone, I have joined today (from UK) after having the sim just over a week.

I had the great pleasure of being in practice with you before you all left for the Assen race, and I desperately wanted to join you so I have trawled the internet to find out how and now wait for the Brno round to be posted in the hope I can earn a Wild Card ride.

Many thanks to you all for your help and advice.  You will recognise me on track - I am the old bloke going slow at the back...

Hope to see you all soon.
Regards, Nick.
(Crutch-high) :o