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Tracks / Re: Aussiedirt speedway experiment
September 23, 2015, 11:29:00 pm
Track looks dope, should be super fun online!
General Discussion / Re: Wrs truck physics
September 10, 2015, 11:50:37 pm
we could do some lucas  oil stadium offroad races! <3
bumper to bumper, jumps, tight turns and stuff, not to mention some sweet Rx courses  ;D
Off Topic / Re: Bradley Smith's dream track
August 21, 2015, 11:43:30 pm
Looks cool, if i get to buy Gp bikes i might give the layout a try  :)

I´ve had shitty luck with mx bikes editor tho,  :-[

@Hawk UK
Max rules maya drools  ;D
Just a joke, no ofense intended, never could learn maya, hate the interface xD
Thanks a lot for the feedback guys!

At first i really tought that it was a boring game, now that i´m able to slide the tyres and turn in yellow/red lines is freaking exciting, i think i will buy it  ;D

Cant wait to race the big bore hondas and ktms <3 and the nordschleife mod that i´ve seen  :o

a couple more questions regarding various topics, i feel like a super noob here so please dont throw rocks at my silly questions xD

-For some reason using manual shifting the bike wont gear down, it´s a pain in the ass to lower the gears, i´m using auto clutch.
-For track creating, the tracks are a 3d mesh and the grass/dirt is a heightmap or everything is 3d? (in mx bikes almost everything is heightmap, altrought a fully 3d map can be done as i understand, gotta try that!)
-I have 2 mbps internet connection and could run pre beta 3 mx bikes online at a decent lag (B1 and B2), you guys think i could play online?
-I think that all piboso sims have the same track structure, are they compatible cross games? (Gp bikes nords on wrs or mx bikes?)

Thank you guys  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Piboso titles graphics
August 17, 2015, 07:59:50 pm
Oh, i´m new here and missed that, i´m so sorry!

That´s looking great PeterV thanks for the heads up!  ;D
General Discussion / Piboso titles graphics
August 17, 2015, 07:02:18 pm
So, all i´ve heard on internet is:
Gp bikes graphics sucks, mx bikes graphics are dated blah blah blah.

Personally i think piboso engine is a strong engine in therms of performance and look, the games look clean and sharp, without artifacts, only thing i´d improve are reflections.

Now, what´s the problem, in my opinion there are 2 main problems:

1- Resources to make more props/art and more detailed environments
2- Post fx

There´s nothing we can do about the first one, only make tracks/environments by ourselves.
About the second.. not much but, do you remember Enb series?
It´s a library of filters/post fx setting that works over the games, here´s an example in gta.

Link: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/5oCmkZ2aMDg/maxresdefault.jpg

So, why dont we use it in gp bikes?
Because we cant, Gp bikes runs in Opengl, where Enb series are only compatible with Directx.

Now, after been looking for a good amount of time i stumbled across this:

Reshade is a program that allows to run different filters (You can code your own or select some of the ones contained) on various games, including both Directx and Opengl!
So, that means that we can have Ssao, Sun Flares, Bloom, Glares, Motion blur and all kind of effects that piboso games lack and makes the games feel dated.

i´ve made some tests and works nicely, although i dont really have the time to invest time on it and make a profile that works the best with gp/mx bikes, so i tought i´d let you guys know about this tool, knowing the amazing modding community you have here somebody might find a good use for this tool  :)

Hopefully this post is not offensive to anyone or piboso, i only want to help growing a stronger community and see these amazing simulators get to the next level  ;D
Thanks BOBR6 84!  :)

Tryed the 125 from the demo, i kind of like it but there´s a few things that bugs me.

Rider trespasses floor on crashes.
bike wobbles way too much? (that might my fault xD)
1st gear takes forever to start, it´s so slow until it reaches about 50km/h, from there up is top notch.

i´m not quite sure yet, i kind of want to wait for the new wrs vehicle or gp bikes b7, altrought i might give in and buy it anyways xD
God, hate you!

Bought an xbox one controller about a week ago, love it! but then i read here about the trigger issue and bam, mine´s like that too, in mx bikes is ok, i always go full throttle  ;D but in mx gp demo it sucks, i always end doing an endo or side swap  :'( same with wrs  >:(
General Discussion / A couple question about gp bikes
August 16, 2015, 11:49:59 pm
Hi guys, My name is Mauricio, i´m thinking about buying gp bikes and i had a couple questions.

-How´s the online scene? there´s players racing?
-Is there a nice comunity going?
-How demanding in therms of internet connection is online? (I could play mx bikes beta 2, once terrain deformation was introduced in b3 i couldnt connect anymore, seems like it uses a lot of internet to sync)

I know the development is not fast but i´m ok with that, this is still the best bike sim out there and as i see there´s lot of mods and tracks going.

Hope this doesnt bother anyone, Keep racing!  ;D
Paints / Re: SKINS: Suzuki GSV-R @ DOC#47
August 16, 2015, 11:43:20 pm
Wow, the blue one! <3
Gotta buy this game soon!  ;D
Nonono! xD
it was an example of what could piboso write!
i dont have any information regarding development, i´m sorry if i caused confusions.
Quote from: Arvoss on August 08, 2015, 04:23:17 pm
I don't understand why PiBoSo doesn't release an update every month. Even if it's only 1 little fix it would be amazing. Just to show that he's still working on the game and to motivate all the players/customers...

I dont think he wants that, he likes to release more polished updates, Mxb b3 is well headed altrought it broke a lot of things in the game, now we have b3 but waiting for what b3 should have been, that now will be b4.

What i do like a lot are development blogs, check this one out.


Developers post updates in a weekly basis, some times once a month but they show what are they working on, Piboso did the same for Mxb (cant find the freaking link!), but as the studio is a 3 man band we had an update around once in 2 months.

So, what i propose and would like.
A Piboso Development blog, not focused on a game but on all 4 of them, we are all sim racers and we love sims, that´s why we are here, i´d love to hear news from Gpb, Mxb, Krp and Wrs in one place, even if we dont have pictures, something like:

Development or just a random picture

Cross patform:
-Various Netcode improvements

Gp Bikes:
-Physics stabilizer improved
-New track objects in progress

Mx bikes:

well, you get the point  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Wrs truck physics
August 14, 2015, 06:16:45 pm
Piboso, you do a offroad truck and i will freaking love this game, insta buy, i mean, offroad truck racing online  :o it´s the dream!
General Discussion / Wrs truck physics
August 14, 2015, 05:01:29 am
Hi guys, first post in wrs/gpb forums!  :)

I was thinking on buying wrs but i have a few questions.

1-wrs track format is the same as mxb right?
2-Can wrs simulate long travel trucks (Baja trucks or buggies).
3-is there a offroad vehicle planned? (other than the rally car, a truck or buggy).

Thank you!  ;D