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June 24, 2019, 09:30:03 pm


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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General Discussion / Re: So, what's next?
Today at 08:01:35 am
I'm very disappointed with how the humanity is thinking these days :

1 : Big company ( like Milestone) make AAA games, with a "compromise physic" to attract more people to be able to make profit and pay their hundreds of employee, licences fee. and is forced to make almost 1 new game each years.

Humanity : "Fuck off Milestone, don't mess me with you're eye candy UE4 thing, you'physics sucks, Go hire a really physic developer."

2 : 1 Guy develop an indie motorcycle simulator, with kicking ass physics (still not finished since 10 years), VR support, a ton of mod (almost all existing track), unbeatable input configurability, track ir support,  , and sell it 29 Bucks + a free copy of WRS (a car simulator with also kicking ass physics, especially on dirt) ........

Humanity : "Fuck off Piboso, you're game looks like a 1990's atari title, you're physic is not an excuse to not have eye candy, why don't you switch to UE4 ? it's very easy no ?"

- Guys, you don't even imagine what a nightmare UE4 is and how much work represent switching engine (i'm working in that area so i'know what i'm talking about) ! IF you doubt ask Kunos's guy ! Also you're also forgetting how difficult is to mod an UE4 based game ............

Virtual Reality / Re: Windows MR and rider lean?
June 17, 2019, 07:27:09 am
Because WMR use inside out tracking, when it looses tracking, only the rotation tracking work until it recover the tracking, sometime it never recover until you re-configure it iny Windows mixed reality portal. Anyway i found it very hard to use DST 2 with VR .... i use G29 wheel
Virtual Reality / Re: Windows MR and rider lean?
June 13, 2019, 05:24:35 pm
the rider lean works but is 1/1 scale so you really need to lean far from your chair to see it, also make sur to check rider lean vr in option. you can reduce the scale by changing the "linearity" option in controller option page
Anyway the offtrack object is nicer than the old one .....  :)
How the hell the current Mugello circuit could be wrong ? as it is an Assetto corsa Laser scanned Riped version ?  :o
When i thought about what Hornetmax said :

-If you use Loadcell, it means you will use DST or you will just controll DSA with torque input ?

-If DSA controlled with torque input, this mean you'll use the arduino analog input from loadcell as "lean" input in controller mapping ? which mean you're FFB wheel will no longer be consider as "lean/steer" input cause you can only map 1 axis to  the lean input (in this case the loadcell) and then you're FFB wheel will no longer receive the angle output from GPbikes ? or can GPB take input from 1 controller and return the FFB (steering angle) into another input ?

As I continue to explore Direct Steering, the most difficult thing is to know how much ar you leaning, that's why i'm asking if it is possible to add a gentle vibration in the FFB when the rider knee hit the road. Like when you're on curbs but less ....
Hornet Max : i've respond to you in the other threand about you asking why people insist about DST, when you've compared it with car simracing .......

And why are you so sceptic about DST ? have you tried to build something and failed or are you just assuming it will never work ?
General Discussion / Re: DS2 users
May 07, 2019, 01:36:11 pm
I dont undrestand what you mean by : "the bar must have a feedback loop to track the angle provided by GPB". Of course it need that feedback, like all normal wheel. the ffb motor will be a normal FFB motor like any wheel, it just need to not be "turned by the user by inputing angle, but torque, even if of course the handle bar will turn when you input torque".

Why whould be the FFB torque be a problem cause when it is static then the torque calculated is just the torque you apply on the loadcell witch is a separate input on the handle bar (nothing to do with the ffb motor or sensor). if the ffb return angle that may be caused by curbs or whooble then you just need to apply more torque, just like in real life .......

Edit : Car sim is not comparable, cause you turn your wheel way larger in angle than a bike handle bar. That's why apply in torque is more intuitive and natural then turning and applying angle .......

Edit 2 : It just like when you use head tracker to controll rider lean wich influance the bike lean ........just replace the ed tracker by the loadcell and the bike lean by steering angle .....
General Discussion / Re: DS2 users
May 07, 2019, 11:28:16 am
For those who have trouble using DSA to get out of pit, please note that in DS mode, the virtual rider auto lean doesn't do anything, you are forced to use manual rider lean. I victoria, i take the bike out of garage by using the "push bike" command that i assigned with the wheel up and down button then when i'm aligned to the pit line i lean forward and centered and it is easier to Start. I'will make a thread with a video of me riding in DSA mode and explain to you that with a relative simple setup (in my case a G920 wheel + a ps3 cam that track my face with facetracknoir) you can enjoy Direct Steering ......
General Discussion / Re: DS2 users
May 07, 2019, 08:06:42 am
What would perfectly mimic the real world with DST 1 (torque) will be :

- A handle bar with torque sensor (load cell) which you push when you want to lean, and which will sent torque input to gpbike
- Then Gpbikes calculate the appropriate steering angle resulting from that torque, and then re send it to a FFB motor in which is attached the handlebar. (the motor need to be powerfull enough to not receive "false angle" when you push on it ) this loop need to have the smallest latence possible. So you think your turning your handle bar when actually you just input torque.

- Then Gpbike add the virtual rider lean torque calculated for exemple from a Track ir attached to the rider and then lean the bike accordignly.

I don't know if GPbikes can separate the torque input and the steering angle output but even assuming it is the case, the real problem with Direct steering is (DST and DSA) : In real life you have the centrifugal force that tell you your leaning + off course your knee and what your eyes see. In Gpbikes DS mode you only know you reach your maximum lean angle when your tyres start losing grip, which is of course too late......
General Discussion / Re: DS2 users
May 06, 2019, 02:00:12 pm
The worst thing about DS is that it is way more difficult than riding a real bike, because of the lack of feedback and dedicated controller ........
General Discussion / Re: DS2 users
May 06, 2019, 08:59:29 am
I would vote for "Love it but cannot manage to stay on my wheel" option lol
General Discussion / Re: DS2 users
May 05, 2019, 01:06:57 pm
i'm trying since year but ............... ;D
Support / GPbikes infected or false positive ?
May 05, 2019, 07:22:02 am
Hi all,
After a long time not playing gp bikes, i'm now back and go downloaded the latest beta, but, Windows defender keep deleting the downloaded file, saying it is infected by a dangerous malware called "unwaders.c ml". I've tryed every link and all is infected ...

My question is : Is it really a virus, or a false positive. i've searched for unwaders.c ml on the internet and it seems dangerous. So before i create an exeption in my antivirus, i wanna be sure.