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October 20, 2019, 03:05:03 am


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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crash on race yesterday and spend about 1 and half a minute to get to the track  ;D, but i 'm on full manual too so the pain is doubled lol
General Discussion / Re: Connection Timeout Problem
November 07, 2016, 06:23:16 am
same problem for me io can only join some BES server ! other "private" server i got also connection timeout and there is no ping speed indication !
hi david, thx, you're Lucky man, you have force feedback  8)

It's pretty simple 2 USB standard joystick canibalized to serve as main board (one for the wheel and one for the pedal, needed 2 because the usb controller only have 4 analog axis and  we need 5 axis (throle, steering, clutch, front brake and rear brake ). the pedal doesn't work in milestone game since it doesn't support 2 joystick inputed in the same time . I've canibalized one other USB joystick (pretty cheap aprox 5 USD) just to take the analog controller and deport it for the (cluth and front break) then rewired to the main analog . i'v buy 2 potentiometer (1.5 USD each) for the throttle and the rear brake and wire it into the analog port. I'm planning counter steering but it seem complicated (readed the other thread).

Sorry for my english !

hahah, thanks, no way for it to ring, it's in airplane gpbikes mode !  ;D
hahahaha, i've managed to attached it to a helmet lol, so now i wear helmet when i play gpbikes hahahah, it's getting better or worse hahaha it depends .........
Hi there, i'm new here, i bought gp bikes for about 1 and half a mounth, i played 2 times with gamepad and notice that it's just too realistic (physics) to be played with joystick, i've searched for bike controller in the web and appart some custom made(too expensive for me)  and the truthmaster shit one (that is no longer on sale) it simply doesn't exist, so the only way was to make it my self.

I've copied the AI System (double dragon) for the pedal. Mine looks prety ugly, no 3d print here but it works well, and it's the only thing that matters to me.

Tested it this WE and it is thousand more precise and fun than gamepad.


PS : I don't know how to attach youtube video directly to the thread !