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August 05, 2021, 02:36:45 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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I'm swapping to Suter if that's ok Gzehoo, it's clearly the bike being used up top and may as well give it a proper shot :p
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Italian Mod Team / Re: [Release] Suter MMX500
January 23, 2018, 04:36:01 PM
I'm looking forward to the next version, if I can't keep it on the road, I know it's gone in the right direction, and that's for me to contend with  ;D ;)  It's always fun working towards taming a beast!
General Discussion / Re: Udemy C++ course
January 12, 2018, 01:44:12 PM
Do they certify you and is that worth anything in the professional industry?  I'm a working software dev in cloud services but am wondering if online courses would hold any weight.
Paints / Re: Suter MMX 500 Ian Lougher TT Livery
January 07, 2018, 11:38:41 AM
Now that's one tight livery - well done mate!
Italian Mod Team / Re: [Release] Suter MMX500
January 07, 2018, 11:37:43 AM
Quote from: MultiCOOLFRESH on January 07, 2018, 11:14:11 AM
So, I agree on Klippie, but not with how he said it. First of all: my problems are 1. the sound 2. the handling 3. the powerband
1. It sounds like a 125ccm. It should be way deeper from the sound and not so screaming. You could share the sound and we may take it for the Mito 125ccm ;)

2. The bike feels like a brick. It is pretty good at turning in, but still not as fast and light as you would expect from a bike, that weighs as much as a 125ccm 2 or 4 stroke. The worst problem is accerlating out of a corner. The bike just goes straight and does not want to turn. You really get wide and this will definetley not be the case in real life, I can not imagine.

3.It feels like a 4-stroke, even though I am not having such a huge problem with this, since the new MMX500 is so well made, that there is no power hole. Just give it a lil bit of a hole and then it should be nice.

Thanks for the bike IMT! My feedback is that MCF's 2nd point best describes what I felt was happening.

It initiates turns ok.
Brakes also work great (20mm helped me) and this is kinda what I expect from braking on light bikes in the first place
I thought power was a bit underwhelming (Expected it to be a massive wheelie machine, not just a stoppie best! :P - but once again it was just my expectation, didn't base it on real life experience)

But throttle totally screws your turning capabilities.  I kept going really awkward lines and I couldn't figure out why.  Having read MCF's it seemed to click with me pretty accurately.

Also we gave Klipp a bit of a spanking on discord, he's still stubborn but we'll turn him into an obedient little sex slave in good time (I hope he reads this)  :P 8) ;D
Custom hardware / Re: Thrustmaster GPX issue!
January 03, 2018, 03:19:55 PM
I'd welcome a pic of your end result Uberslug if it doesn't trouble you too much, I'm probably going to open it up and get into it.  Losing power on straights is a major disappointment and source of frustration currently :(
Custom hardware / Re: Thrustmaster GPX issue!
January 03, 2018, 09:27:21 AM
Bought it online, doubt I'm going to want to pay postage to send it back - might end up costing as much as the controller itself :(  Any chance I could buy the components and do a replacement or is it junk once you open it up and muck around with it?
Custom hardware / Thrustmaster GPX issue!
January 03, 2018, 08:55:54 AM
I bought a Thrustmaster GPX a while back (few solid months ago) for GP Bikes - it worked really well - much better than the x360 pad, but since last week, when I hold down the throttle (Right trigger) I noticed that the in game throttle input twitches to half throttle and back to full throttle, in continuous succession.

From what I can tell it mostly happens when I have the throttle pinned, causing it to continuously twitch between half throttle, and full throttle.

I'm not sure what can be done, but it does seem like a hardware related issue, is there some way to directly check the inputs without relying on gp bikes?
Is there a driver for this thing, my search turned up nothing.

I might consider opening it up, I just hope it won't ruin it.
General Discussion / Re: Hi and Happy New Year!
January 03, 2018, 08:51:58 AM
Welcome mate, try everything and anything your heart desires.  GP Bikes isn't just about going fast, but enjoying the ride - so if your controller feels right for you, even with some limitations, that's all that matters ;)
General Discussion / Re: Online Racing
December 23, 2017, 06:08:56 AM
Quote from: Docfumi on December 23, 2017, 04:07:45 AM
The first thing the game is a (BETA) and we all know what that means. As far as
CORE.EXE crashes I can only say it is a bit of a mystery, yet people still act like
PiBoSo is not fixing it or avoiding it to spite you (us). IMHO I'm super happy whenever the game gets an update no matter if it's Boots, Fonts better setup options whatever because that is what happens with BETA games, they get updated which we all know. The thing that kills me is there are still a group of people out there that download Mods and want to run full grid championships without giving thought to the fact that it's a BETA GAME and there will be bugs. Do you think PiBoSo sits in a room with 20 people to test racing online with Modded Bikes and Tracks which can also contribute to CORE.EXE crashes?

Just a thought, you paid next to nothing for this game so take it for what it is, the best bike game you will have ever played. I mean you can always run out and drop 60 dollars on MOTOGP17 and play online with a bunch of CU*T kids because that is what some of you sound like.


I can't say the above posts don't have any merit to them, but I'm more thinking along Docfumi's lines personally.  At its core, even just in singleplayer, this game is a blast.  Having a couple peeps zip around you is welcome but not necessary.  If that's the direction it's headed in eventually, great - if not, fine.

I'm very happy I discovered the game, and I don't regret a single second of time I dropped into it.  Even when people connected and wiped that one hotlap I was sure was going to be a new best lap, or when it cored out seven times in a row not knowing why.  At its core, it's a great bit of game, and I believe PiB is human like the rest of us, and getting burned out can be a real issue I'd rather not see happen.  I'll take slow steady progress over a long term over quick and fast only to halt early and never again get picked up.  He's already done a hell of a job, and 27 bucks for all that GP bikes is (yes, I'm including the mods), is well worth the money.
Tossed a vid up of my first lap, I never recorded my first lap before and I think it's interesting to look back at how an unfamiliar run tends to look.  Made a big ol' mess of it so not worth learning much :P
Quote from: Italian Mod Team on December 22, 2017, 01:36:42 AM
Without a online server or the replays files anyone can put lamer datas into a bike (grip 100%, different engine maps, etc...)

Really also with the replays are useless for a best lap "database" because with any bikes update (and new gp bikes's beta) the replays are not compatible more.

That might be true, but since it's just for the hell of it I don't think we need to go super strict.  If people want to lame their way through it they best not show their snouts online since it's easy to spot someone who can ride like a beast (most guys I know of here) and morons who sputter around the track, going wide and eating dirt (such as myself).  No prizes are involved just a bit of friendly competition :)
It's smooth for me on frames but the camera seems to shake endlessly left to right in quick succession giving me a headache.  Track is also super bumpy in some sections which seems to unsettle the bike in a non-realistic way, created by polygons meeting each other at a sharp angle maybe, don't know.  I'll give it a few more shots, will even post a vid of me trying to learn the track, though that's not gonna be anything fancy :P
Yeah when it comes to time comparisons we usually post a replay file or video link along with it.  Video is usually better as one can demonstrate the actual lap ride and cockpit or orbital view being used.  I'll give it a shot when I'm home, since the Autodrom Most event ended I've been looking into some other track to dump time into, this might do nicely :)