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October 24, 2020, 02:07:12 PM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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Quote from: speedfr on November 25, 2017, 02:48:05 PM
I acknowledge, each time you came last night, you disappeared right after and it lagged so much, it made me crashed (on the grass not the game). 4 or 5 times i think.
Same things happend to me. When "Core.exe" crash that means yours folders are probably not all where they are supposed to be. It's not obvious but trying hard and sneaking everywhere in the forum will give you the answer. (had the "missing bike" too at the beginning, then went to Core.exe crash...)
And now i understand why you were never answering my question in the message part.
See you !!

Each time I fail to connect I cause the rest to crash?  Oh lawd I must have pissed off a bunch of people these past 2 days then xD  That's some really weird net code shenanigans.

I've tried like 6 times at least with Tor Poznan on some spanish server (non dedicated) and had no luck - those guys must have wanted to seek me out and kill me at this point  :-X

I updated drivers and restarted PC and now can't launch the game - trying to figure out what the heck is going on - modding shouldn't be this complex  :-\
Thanks Syd, sounds like this problem is due to the mod files then - that's a relief.  I'll throw everything out and start with a clean installation, add things slowly as you suggested.  Will report back with any information deemed useful for future reference.  Cheers!
No idea what that is, probably not.

EDIT: Looked it up, stands for Large Address Aware - just did the change and tried again, still the same.
It just instantly crashes as i hit join on a server, or as i hit start to sync to a server - what's the cause?

I did previously join and briefly play a bit on CAWS #3 default before downloading additional tracks, but it's now failing on every server, every single time.  It's quite literally unplayable   :'( (on racing - testing works perfectly, game is smooth without issues)

Can I get the logs for whatever unhandled exception is being thrown to figure out if this is on my end somehow, or maybe I have some corrupt data or some such?

I have downloaded:
- all the tracks listed in the server list (aragon, hockenheim, mantorp, misano, nuburgring, oultonpark)
- Bikes and tyres and such using the syncback free profiles posted by some user somewhere
- hornetmax hud for time comparison and input tracking.
Racing / Re: Racing - single empty server. Halp!
November 24, 2017, 11:37:50 PM
Ah that makes sense - thanks teeds.  Is there some link to getting the bulk of mods that are required for all those servers?

Edit: I'm using a SyncBack option that downloads all this stuff for me, hopefully that includes everything
Racing / Racing - single empty server. Halp!
November 24, 2017, 10:49:19 PM
So I'm quite fed up crashing with no audience to laugh at me and I'm looking to spy some racing lines off some other peeps.  The problem is when I hit race and go to world I only get one "CAWS default" server with nobody in there.  Did the online scene mysteriously die overnight just as I joined or is there something I'm missing?

Appreciate any advice / direction.  I'm EU GMT+1, Maltese (south of Sicily) Also ideally pointed towards tracks who don't mind finding someone sideways on the gravel with his head in his hands at every other corner they pass.
General Discussion / Re: Recommended GpBikes
November 20, 2017, 08:24:50 PM
Quote from: loinen on November 20, 2017, 01:45:34 AMdemo is not enough for some people, especially for casual gamers who used to play mxgp or motogp. even many mxs fanboys are blind. they don't know how to judge physics, they just used to play that shit and think that anything different from it is wrong.

Yeah I just watched videos looking for a moto sim and I kept watching them slide over grass and bending the bike over, hard on brakes and no issues - I was horrified, I thought that was the state of the game until I watched some guy epicly fail on gp bikes, the interesting part is that the failures made sense, and he was getting flustered but he also understood this is just how it is with 2 wheels. 

Simulation I think is less about working well when you're doing well, and more about properly displaying your mistakes and giving accurate feedback when you mess up.  Any game can make you rossi with a few button presses, few can help you build up to that genuine feeling and I think GP Bikes is the one that gets closest to that sensation.
That low speed control thing... damn I thought not being able to reverse was a huge oversight.  I just settled to spin the bike around doing doughnuts until it pointed in the right direction...  Half the time ending up on my ass, of course!
General Discussion / Re: Just a few questions
November 20, 2017, 08:18:15 PM
Ah to be fair I never rode two strokes, owning a parallel twin means all this no torque shenanigans make me loop my bike each time it kicks in.  I do wish I didn't have to mash throttle and then lift quickly though.

On the plus side the suggested edits for 1P view did a world of good.  Watching the bike thunder underneath me on the occasional corner I happen to get right is an amazing feeling!!
General Discussion / Re: Just a few questions
November 20, 2017, 06:42:18 PM
I thought I replied to this - my bad!

Thanks both for the tips,   since I moved on to the muramasa I had no real issues with the clocking of the bike, less fun I suppose but promotes cleaner runs.  One issue I have is when I'm super low revs (like starting from stopped) on a peaky bike like the 500cc, which is what made me abandon it.  Happens to a lesser extent on the muramasa... Is there someway to allow me to hold throttle halfway and still get maximum accel from low revs?  If I don't pin the throttle at low revs it climbs too slowly, but then I get caught out WFO when it starts to peak which causes all kinds of problems when trying to keep it smooth!

Also thanks for the qualifying tyre tips, I shifted to hard tyres and tried soft a bit, can't say I'm good enough to notice the difference! :P  Also start a bit on 1p view today, I did a 1:44 on muramasa, which is crap compared to my 1:33 on 3rd person but decent considering I stumble about like a lost baby when on 1p.  But the way the camera moves is still disorienting so I'l try out that link for some tips.

Hey teeds, yeah I did - I put in the license, my paypal email and everything seemed ok.  I'll try re-register and see if that works out.

EDIT: Oh whoops I edited my profile name not my nickname in game so it didn't technically match.  It does now and it works - cheers! :)
Maybe I'm using the wrong buttons but I go to Race option and then select world to see servers but I get error "Invalid Login - Please register", I later created an account on http://stats.gp-bikes.com/stats.php and modified my ingame nickname to match to no avail - I'll retry tomorrow maybe it needs some time to refresh but any other tips if not the case?
General Discussion / Just a few questions
November 18, 2017, 03:15:35 PM
Hey so I posted here before, some months ago, and have been occasionally popping in to play a bit on and off, a couple days back I decided I'm not dropping this game yet so I may as well purchase it, and so I did - and hopped on some 500 cc bike which was hilarious fun.

Not my question is, since I do dump the bike quite often, either by spinning out the rear, 12+ oclock it and so on and so forth, does tyre traction get ruined each time I dump the bike?  Am I losing tyre heat, what are roughly the elements I should keep in mind?

I'm going out with qualifying tyres, and after a couple of bike resets when I dump it, the bike starts falling over restlessly.  Did the tyre temp go cold, is the tyre worn, is it ruined because of sand?  Is there some way to get this info (some mod or otherwise) that gives me bike track health - totally ok if i have to pull into the pit to get a reading.

Also, any tips on 1p view?  I tried it and the whole rider's head movement on every twitch is extremely confusing to me.  Having a real hard getting a "feel" for what's happening with the bike when I can't see the rider, and obviously have no feeling, unlike what happens in real life.
Yeah, if lukey heights is the part which shifts into a positive cambered section of road that did give me trouble for a couple hours but I figured I just needed less lean due to the positive camber.  The last turn before finish line is a place that I would fall often when trying to pick the bike up as I am about to exit the turn, under throttle roll on.  Another area is the 2nd turn (first left) after passing the finish line, it's a two apex turn I think, or at least I treat is as such for a good line, but when I ride the bike hard it pretty much puts it into this doomed state where it will never be picked back up.

Trail braking on the other hand works very well and gives good feedback, I'm enjoying almost every aspect of the game except these questionable situations where the bike is doomed (at least afaik).
Thanks for the replies, apologies for lack of response since I wasn't notified I was getting replies. I'l look and see if I can find a Thrustmaster controller to ship to my tiny island in the middle of nowhere

Since making this post I changed my down shift to the Y button and it worked much better.  I'll probably set my rear brake to RS down having read BOBRs control scheme layout.  I'm not really using the clutch however, I find riding my own bike the clutch is an automatic impulse and it's more annoying then simulative to use in a game such as this, although admittedly would be nice to revmatch, just no way to twist a throttle on an x360 gamepad! :P

The only issue I have left is how the bike gets dumped at slowing speeds or heavily committed corners.  It doesn't just fall straight up, but without inputs (steady engine braking) it gets to a point where it just falls.  The other scenario this happens is right when I'm about to pick the bike back up to finish a corner, it intermittently gets dumped every now and again.  I'm finding that slowly rolling on the throttle or keeping it steady helps minimize this a bit, but it's all intermittent, sometimes just cracking the throttle open dumps it, other times I can go hard on braking in full lean and no hassle.

I'm still on Demo, and was hoping to try some different bikes maybe that would solve the issue, but none of the 8gig + data of bikes I downloaded seems to have showed up in game.  Probably because it's just a demo...

But without finding some solution to this issue I'm having I can't justify buying the full license and really pouring the time into the game.  If it's something I'm doing wrong that's all well and good cause that would be an easy fix with practice, but it feels like it's out of my control, sometimes the bike is committed to a path of doom and once I try to straighten it back up or give it any form of alternative input it's just gonna get dumped.

Any situations similar to this and potential solutions?