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May 18, 2021, 02:47:00 PM

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Is it possible to automatically save the replay for every "best lap" registered using a unique composite primary key of track ran + bike ridden?

Maybe a mod that can easily check its own db and automatically save the replay of that lap?
Ok I've set direct lean to 15% and this seems to work much better than with it off, this way the bike seems to want to recenter. I also added a 10% to 20% deadzone for most analog controls since my controller is a bit old and always leaves some form of input in there.  It all seems much better, I'm still struggling with being gentler on the brake and throttle, I'm also finding it impossible to brake and downshift at the same time (left trigger is brake, left bumper button is downshift)  any recommendations there?
I get what I'm supposed to do when it comes to riding hard, I don't really race on my rl bike but I get what's what, I'm however struggling to convey the inputs I want in game, The greatest problem I'm having is leaning, there are times I want it done quickly and other times very slowly but it just seems to either jerk around violently or not quite keep up with my intent to suddenly shift direction.

In addition, when trying to make micro adjustements on throttle and lean (sometimes I just want micro changes, like rider positioning without touching bike inputs) it all goes through too violently and either jerks the bike all over the place, or just dumps it in a lowside followed by a violent piroutte.

Anyone using x360 successfully and if so could you share the setup as well as some general tips when it comes to tackling corners with precision?  I also play on the dashboard layout because rider's view isn't informative enough ( no feeling of bike so can't exactly tell what it's doing ) and third person just feels weird, and not particularly immersive.