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December 12, 2019, 03:00:31 am

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Paints / Skin Creation - Tutorials
September 02, 2019, 08:30:08 pm
Following some questions from newer community members, I've elected to make a commentated tutorial on how to make skins for GP Bikes, and import them into the game.

Like I've said its commentated so you get my beautifully dull voice to accompany it, however the key steps and any will be in the description, so if your English isn't Great then you can copy - paste the description into a translator of your choice and follow along.

First Video is Tutorial Episode 0, where I give links to all the relevant programs that will be needed when making skins for GPB, or any other Piboso Sim for that matter.

Videos will try to be as concise as possible, however making a skin is not an easy job, and certainly not a quick one, even when you're following a template.
(My MPR 1998 NSR500 skin took about 6 hours, I traced roughly Doohan's Repsol Scheme, and it doesn't even look complicated!)

Things to note,

I am by no means the best at making skins, so be prepared to see some average work at best.

This is by no means the definitve way to create a skin. Nor is it the quickest, and nor does it even utilise the full potential of Paint.net. It is not intended for any of that. It is purely to get even the basic, new beginner who has 0 experience with bike painting to get their custom skin in the game, without buying photoshop or any other program. This is a Purely BEGINNER tutorial, and can give more than adequate results. I hope to have a more advanced tutorial series going live later on in the year.

My voice isn't the easiest to listen to, so be kind with your words, but constructive criticism is always welcome.

GP Bikes Skinning Tutorial #0: Programs and Plugins             Will be up tonight (02/09/2019)

Suggestions and wishlist / POLLS - POSSIBLE FIXES
September 01, 2019, 08:54:24 pm
Follow up to my rant about starting practice polls during session.

Polls are a good thing for the game, as it allows the players to decide what sessions they want to partake in, as well as restart any sessions/races that would have had a 'red flag situation', either by crashes or glitches.

That being said there are a few souls who abuse this to get what they want, and spam the chat with polls when they don't get what they want as other players quite clearly voted 'No'.

As a result I've come up with some solutions to hopefully reduce the amount of spamming that goes on, and allow people to race undisturbed.

1. Limit the ability of each player to 1 poll per-session, that resets after each race session.

2. Provide an option for the server host to override #1, removing users polls completely, or choosing to change the result of a poll, for instance if it will throw a championship schedule off etc

2a)  The Server host themselves would have unlimited polls.

3. Make it impossible for anyone who isn't the server host to start a poll in a qualifying session.

4. Make it impossible for anyone who isn't the server host to start a poll in a race session.

5. Make it impossible for anyone who didn't make the race start, (Whether they joined late, are spectating, or just was AFK) to start a poll.

6. If the server is dedicated provide the host with an option to have the power transferred to the first player to join the server.

Those 6 rules/improvements would sort out the poll spamming, whilst still allow the host control over the sessions.

Can't wait for beta 16 :)

Quote from: PiBoSo on August 30, 2019, 09:38:36 amNot an actual quote, its just to get the dev maestros attention in his notifications :P

General Discussion / IN GAME POLLS!
September 01, 2019, 08:40:41 pm
Little bit of a rant here concerning the in game session polls. 

Most people play online in GP Bikes in practice sessions, and there are consistent polls to restart practice, and that is perfectly fine by me, as, quite frankly, we could all use more practice.

(Me perhaps more than others LOL)

What really grinds my gears is on the off chance it does get to a race, and people crash/end up at the back, or join mid session, and start polls to do practice again.

A race is happening because on that one chance people want to race. So suck it up and spectate if you want to ride with them later, but for now they want to race.

DON'T GO SPAMMING THE POLL - START PRACTICE BUTTON, and then SPAM CHATTING F2 in the chat, as its downright distracting and puts others off who are actually riding.
Have a little consideration and wait for the race session to finish, and if you're that impatient as to not bother, then come back later.

Oh, and if you're poll fails, it is because PEOPLE VOTED NO.


This is even more of an issue for me riding in VR. A big text box across the screen is not Ideal for seeing where one is going.

Too Long Didn't Read:

If there's a race going on that's not part of an official championship, (A p.u.g so to speak, (Pick Up Game)) then that's because the people there want to RACE.
Do Not start a poll during the race session,  unless its to restart the race as there has been a catastrophe as its disrespectful and distracting to those that want to race.  >:(  >:(  >:(

Rant over, can't wait for the next beta. :)

(Some update suggestions on this in the 'suggestions/wishlist tab')
Bug Reports / 2 for the price of 1
August 30, 2019, 11:00:27 pm
Riding online in the STK1000 class at silverstone, a couple of us had a glitch were we got 2 for the price of 1.
The picture below shows what I mean, where 2 people are shown on the same bike.

Suggestions and wishlist / Audible Rider Aids
August 21, 2019, 08:47:33 pm
Not sure exactly what is possible in GPB at the minute, so it may be a question for moddders as much as Piboso, but would it be possible to implement an option for 'Audible Aids'?

Most modern bikes use modified engine notes so allow the rider to know when he/she is hitting the tc engegement limit.

Would be so cool to have in gpb as the noise is pretty cool, and due to limitations in GPB being a computer program, and not giving the same 'tactile feedback' you get on a real bike, or even in some car sims with wheels, this could be a neat feature to help riders know just where the limit is.

Oh, did I mention the noise is cool too?  ;)

Here is a vid of the Hp4 race, (not me, and I take no credit for any of it), but you can clearly hear the noise on exit of some corners. (you may need headphones to hear it clearly)

It's only a small point, but it would be cool for me if we could see everyone's Pitboards as we crossed the line, similar to real life.

Painting custom Pitboards skins similar to bike/rider skins would also be cool, having our own logos on there for all to see.

Another little feature would be the ability to see custom info, like if we're riding in a group, and how many are in it, and stuff like that.

I'm not sure what is possible in GPB at the minute in the files, and I'm not sure what the engine could support, but it'd just be a little bit of icing on the cake so to speak, and the crew hanging it out having animations would be a little bonus on top of this as well.

The f1 games do the pit board thing now and it's a really cool effect all being lined up.

Tracks / Release: Suzuka Circuit - 8 Hours Layout
August 14, 2019, 08:23:39 pm

Release version 0.2

!!! Download Link !!!   https://mega.nz/#!8XgX1YaQ!WU-a7rHiRDKiBr_4Yc_pMwOzFdGq7wcpaqtCItCsyR0

A very early version, that I'm fiddling with, still various changes to make.


Purely a visual update at the minute, has most of the cones and bales of the real version, altering the layout.

OBJ folder is mostly the same as what is required for some tracks made by Javiliyors, however there are a few changes, so THIS version is needed. (Other tracks aren't affected).

Only change is that the hay bales, now have a collide-able hit-box, meaning you can no longer clip through them, and hitting them will bring you off.
I elected to do this as the plastic barriers, are a little unsightly, and aren't used at the real course.
However I still needed something to give a penalty for short cutting, and this was the best, most realistic option both visually and in terms of recreating the course.

Main Points:

- Pitlane

1. Blue cones in pit lane are where the speed limit will start and end.

2. The orange cones at pit exit denote a practice start area.

3. There are 2 optional pit entries, one on the exit of 130r, and one exiting out of the final corner. I elected to do this as while the 130R one is the realistic one, it can be a bit fiddly with GP Bikes' current low speed handling model, and as a result I left the other one in. Both are denoted by single orange cones on either side, and its up to any event organiser which one is going to be used.

- Course

1. The course has static Marshals around the course, although their positions will be changed in a later release.

2. There is now an accurate chicane on the right sweeper after the hairpin (200R)

3. The last chicane (The 'Hitachi Automotive Systems Chicane) has been changed to utilise the motorcycle version.

4. The last chicane has cones on corner approach counting down from 4 orange cones to 1 orange cone. These are placed roughly at equal intervals and while are not on the real world course they provide braking markers.

5. The last chicane also has orange cones on the apexes. These again don't exist in the real world (They're bollards IRL but they aren't TrackED objects and I CBA making them LOL). They aid visualising the entry when in first person modes/VR as its blind.

- Not Complete/To Come soon:

1. Flaggers. These were placed however don't seem to appear in game. Currently Investigating.

2. Timing. At the minute this is a pure visual change, and as a result riding the other chicanes counts as a cut track, so the lap counts/timing doesn't work. Currently Creating a new center-line with checkpoints to amend this.

3. Replay Cameras. A new center-line may mean new replay cameras.

4. New Pit-lane params, to accommodate the speed limit areas.

5. New Grid, debating the possibility of a line start down the pit wall as opposed to a standard grid layout, similar to the pic above. Currently how well it can be implemented and if it is indeed possible.

Hope you enjoy, and I will try to keep updating this to get it up to working standards, although if anyone has any advice as I'm fairly new at this sort of thing, feel free to make suggestions.
Racing / Championship: 500cc Grand Prix - ENTRIES OPEN
August 09, 2019, 12:04:53 am

Following the releases from Javiliyors of the new GP500 modpack, I thought I'd try and host a championship.

Results, Dates, and Entrants will be live here, courtesy of Gzehoo

I've tried to do this before, but I've never really found any machines that I'd like to host, or that got a decent amount of interest with the community.

As the Mod is currently in the 'Beta' Phase, the championship won't be going ahead until all the content is added and the Mod completed, and that is when I'll open entries.

Here is a provisional Calendar and Race Length (50% of original Length) (Subject to Change, no dates as of yet):



- Test 1
- Pre_Season Test EspaƱa
- Cheste V1.2_DS
- Test Days (Sat + Sun)
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Test 2
- Pre_Season Test of Portugal
- Estoril.pkz
- Test Day (Sat + Sun)
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Final Test 3
- Pre_Season Test of Austria
- Salzburg. zip
- Test Day (Sat + Sun)
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

Racing Calendar

- Japanese Motorcycle Grand Prix     
- Suzuka         
- 10 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#!8VsHyQgR!AZa5YuIpcDi_pNXJyYF2KDD8AmTzCfENlaFX7BAX2dg
- Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix   
- Johor V1.0.rar         
- 15 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix     
- Jerez v0.9 (As its period styled)         
- 13 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix     
- Mugello v1.0DS       
- 11 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- French Motorcycle Grand Prix       
- Paul Ricard v0.96   
- 15 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Madrid Motorcycle Grand Prix       
- Jarama v1.0_DS       
- 15 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Dutch TT                           
- TT Assen v1.3         
- 10 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- British Motorcycle Grand Prix     
- Donnington Park GP_NDS
- 15 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- German Motorcycle Grand Prix       
- Sachsenring NC v1.0   
- 16 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Czech Motorcycle Grand Prix       
- Brno V1.1_DS           
- 11 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- City Of Imola Motorcycle Grand Prix
- Imola 2018_No_Chicane_v1.0_DS         
- 12 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Catalan Motorcycle Grand Prix     
- Montmelo Classic_v1.0_DS     
- 12 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC

- Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix   
- Phillip Island 
- 14 Laps - Download
- N/A Default 'Victoria' Track

- Argentine Motorcycle Grand Prix   
- Buenos Aires GP v1.0_DS   
- 14 Laps
- Download - https://mega.nz/#F!EkUj0LxB!QTr7lzLpllCca2PW0-gUog!RttkUIzC


Postion : Points

1st : 10pts

2nd :  8pts

3rd :  6pts

4th :  5pts

5th :  4pts

6th :  3pts

7th :  2pts

8th :  1pts

More info Once Entries Open
Tracks / Different Track Layouts
August 01, 2019, 09:49:35 am
Just a quick one. I've been working on a different layout for the Suzuka track and I was wondering how I could get to be an addition, in the original track folder.

Some tracks have one main file but several additional Layouts in them so I was wondering how to do this with Suzuka.

Presuming it's a Tracked thing?
Tracks / Coming Soon: Updated 8-Hour Suzuka Layout
July 31, 2019, 11:14:50 pm
Due to the 8 hours of Suzuka just happening, I had a hankering for some endurance rides, so I hopped on the Street GSXR (Which is not a street bike at all but an endurance machine), and Loaded up Suzuka.

One pit exit later, I shut down Suzuka, as the track textures where as white as snow, and in VR, it was, well, awkward.

After trawling through the GPB forums, I finally found an updated version of the pre-existing Suzuka, and all was well. Mostly.

Link to base track: https://mega.nz/#!8VsHyQgR!AZa5YuIpcDi_pNXJyYF2KDD8AmTzCfENlaFX7BAX2dg

The track is of quite a high quality and very fun to use.

However the 'Simulation Nitpicker' Hat was on, and I very quickly noticed the real 8 Hour Race was using a slight different layout to the one in GPB, which seems to have the 'Car' layout, despite the Suzuka 8 Hours advertising on the side of the track.

So I fired up TrackED, and Decided to see if I could have a fiddle in re-arranging the layout and making it closer to the real world version.

I was successful for the most part, and the course is much more ride-able now. Just got some final touches to add, and hoping for an updated release this weekend, providing I can find the original creator/the person who did the conversion, and get their permission for a release. (And providing you guys actually want the release, however at the minute its serving more of a lesson for me in whats possible in TrackED)


  • Added Marshals to all Relevant areas (More to come, With flag Marshals)
  • Added some Cones to pit entries, Denoting Speed Limit zones
  • Added Real world pit entry
  • Added Some Hay bales to the Hairpin Gravel Trap
  • Added Motorcycle Chicane On corner '200R'
  • Added Haybale Runnoffs chicane in corner '200R'
  • Added Motorcycle Chicane at final turns, and added cones to aid entry visuals (Mainly for first person/VR Riders)

Here are a few Screen-Shots showing some of these early stage changes:

Suggestions and wishlist / More Realistic Crashes
July 22, 2019, 06:54:47 am
Having just seen a 'ragdoll' topic in this suggestions topic, it got me thinking about more Realistic crashes in general. (not necessarily damage just physics wise)

For instance the bikes have a tendency to flip out when dropped, especially in the wet, having realistic physics for that would be awesome.

As for the rider, a realistic ragdoll animation, instead of the facepalm would be so much better I have to agree.

One other thing regarding the rider would be that in the first person cameras, when you crash you stay in the first person cameras, and roll/bounce with your ragdolling dude. (similar to crashing a bike in gta first person mode)
OK it's not so much as a solution, but seemingly an example...

The 2014 Street gsxr 1000. The endurance bike.

Use that, with a 'Disengage Max Torque' value of 650, and thats as close as GPB has been to a seamless shift.

So for those developing Grand Prix Machines with a seamless box, (moddders and piboso alike) I recommend trying this GSXR out first and see how that box is modelled, at least until seamless shifts are in GPB
Support / Crashes when saving a replay in VR
July 12, 2019, 12:45:40 pm
My sim has started crashing when saving replays in VR.

I do the laps I'm VR then I want to save the replay and launch GPB in non vr mode to record the replays.

Works fine usually, however with the new 500s, it crashes. After talking with Javi it seems to be a sim issue, as others have these issues?

Mods / Release: M2 2017/2019 Onboard Camera Set
July 08, 2019, 09:16:41 pm
My first on-board Camera Modifications, which works for both the 2017 and 2019 M2 variants.



Used the default cameras and davide's camera fix - Found Here - https://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=6497.0 - as a base, I modified most of them to my preferences to make a new set.

This set includes both Gyro and Non Gyro cameras for Tank and Tail Cams (I prefer the static cams but that isn't to everyone's taste so I included both.
I went for a realism style, so the cameras are hopefully placed roughly where a go-pro could be placed on a real machine.

Just paste the file into the schwaben m2 base folder (Be sure to back up your existing File though)

- Examples -

Tail Cam:

Tail Cam Gyro:

Tank Cam:

Tank Cam Gyro:

Nose Cam:

Front Wheel:

Rear Wheel:

Rear Wheel Gyro:



I've recently started running Enna Pergusa as a practice track, as it focuses on all the areas I have been weakest at. (Hard Braking and Line Accuracy)

You really have to brake as late as possible, and 'thread the needle' very accurately through most of the turns to get it right, and most of them lead onto a large straight so you really notice any loss of pace on exits too.

For me its a good track to learn the limits of a bike, and understand GPB's braking characteristics a little more.
Because of its difficulty to 100% maximise its really satisfying to get right.

Previously I've not been a big fan of the 2014 STK 1000, as I felt it was dated, and I couldn't understand its behaviour on the brakes/turn in, which resulted in some god awful setup changes.

I feel like I've made some inroads into using the bike, and actually began to enjoy it a little more after a session on Enna P.

This got me thinking as to what track/bike combos to people use to hotlap in, or what their fav bike track combos are?

As I've just said I love Enna, and I should use it more often, and I do love the Yamaha cup Bikes, (R3 (while its a WSSP 300 denotation in GPB there aren't any more so I guess its a Yamaha Cup Machine), R6, and R1, and I quite like the new 250 Single Remake.

Wheelie Fun Track

Sliding into next week OK I'll stop

Enna's airtime is a bonus too...
Support / Not Launching with correct Profile
July 05, 2019, 08:35:45 pm
My GP Bikes has all of a sudden started creating a new profile instead of launching with my previous one, which is still there in the folder in full.

How do I get GPB to default to the Profile instead of making a new one?
Bikes / 3D Models: Is this viable?
July 03, 2019, 08:15:22 pm
Little curious, found a nice site that has a tonne of downloadable 3d engines. Wondering if its viable to use one from here in a bike or not?

(To put it into context I think there's every CBR 600 engine from about 1995 LOL)

Here's the site for anyone interested:

Can we please get point to point race support?

For hill climbs etc.

Found a vid on YT recommended (omg it's doing something right) and it got me all riled up, the enthusiastic frenchies did

Not shy are they :o

Bug Reports / Oculus VR Flicker Bug
June 29, 2019, 07:44:25 pm
I've been unable to really use GP Bikes since the Oculus Update a few months ago due to flicker in the headset.
It does not occur in other games however, regardless of them being updated or not so its a pure GP Bikes issue.
My drivers and hardware are up to date, and I'm running the latest Oculus Rift. (Believe its CV1)

This one:

I've been trying to fix this, including changing pretty much any In game settings, but am at a complete loss.

It happens to some degree on all bikes/tracks, but on the better ones its just at the bottom of the headset and really isn't a big deal. I'd still like it gone all together mind you.

The stock Victoria cicruit + M2 also do this, so its not a MOD thing to my knowledge, but is worst on mods, particularly the otherwise high quality Javiliyors tracks.

Its at its worst on Jerez, which is a shame as that's the track I've been wanting to use the most recently.

And by at its worst, its Literally unplayable in VR.

Any advice would be helpful.

Here are a few Screenshots of whats happening, and I should point out this IS visible in VR and its not a very nice experience.

I've posted this in several topics as I'm not sure which one it should go under. Admin can Delete as appropriate
Off Topic / TT IoM 2: Announced
June 15, 2019, 10:36:38 pm
Sooooo. Kylotonn announced a few weeks ago a sequel to the 'controversial' TT Isle of Man 'Ride in the Hedge' (as I call it as that seems to be all I can do), coming next year. (2020)


My thought is that it could be good, or it could be a rehash of the first game with updated liveries. Based off the first game I honestly don't know what to expect from them.

What I do know is that Kylotonn are dedicated to becoming a big player in the Racing Sim/Game market, and have really been pushing the new WRC games 'simlike' qualities.

I also know that they've been trying to introduce VR to their Racing games, and mixed with the TT game, which had a VERY high quality representation of the TT course, could be amazing.

TBH, the main feature would be the handling. It needs to be improved, which again they've been focusing on massively in the WRC games, (Even getting pro rally drivers to develop most of the handling, not just provide feedback on a few areas) so I can't see any reason as to why they couldn't do this with the TT game.
Whether they will or not, well, that's a different kettle of fish but still.

Curious to see how this is going to be received, launching a new full price TT game, especially considering the lack of updates and developer feedback to the original.

As you can see from their posts about their new games, 'authenticity' seems to be a big push. Whether that's realism or not IDK, I hope it is but still its all in the open as of yet.