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August 24, 2019, 10:05:35 pm


GP Bikes beta15b available! :)

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Tracks / Milestone Conversions?
May 14, 2019, 11:52:40 am
So, it's the NW200 this week, and I've been watching it, obviously, and there's quite a good representation of the course in the ride games, even if their layouts are slightly different.

To all the amazing track modders out there, how hard would it be to convert one of these representations and change the layout to the actual one (putting the chicanes in).

I'd do it myself, but I'm about as useful as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to track/bike modding, or anything that isn't painting a bike, and I'm not particularly good at that either  ;D

I've managed to get to the scn files in the ride 2 version, however I'm having no luck in getting that into blender/3dsmax, and the ride 2 version, while good, is a little out of date, the ride 3 version is much better imo.
Bikes / Return of the STK1000
May 12, 2019, 10:32:28 pm
The 2014 STK 1000 machines have had an update for beta 15, and there is a new championship going ahead using these bikes, as well as the fact servers are using these bikes to test new tracks.

I was just wondering why?

Personally the bike type to me is what I'd choose to ride, superbike and 1000s and all, but there are other sbk mods put there, that are more modern and arguably better.

For me, aside from the external 3d models being excellent, the dashboards are minimal, the sounds are glitchy, although replacement sounds out the database fix this, and the handling is a little odd, with no wet tyres visually for me the entire thing is due a massive update visually and handling wise.

I'm not hitting on the creators by any stretch, I'm just wondering why people run this 'big bike' mod over others like the Wsbk 2017 pack for instance, which for me handles nicer, sounds a little better and looks very good visually in 1p and 3p.

Just wondering what others see in these bikes and why these were updated, but the 2012 supersports, and the 2015 WSBK packs haven't been?
I was fettling with some of the graphics settings for ride 3, as to me it looks a little saturated and fake, and I came across some file changes to make in the 'engine.cfg' folder, at this location:


All these files are relevant to ride 3, and are installed when ride 3 is installed, and the things that stood out to me was the addition of an 'Oculus.cfg', and while it is blank, there is some base code for an Oculus in the 'Engine.cfg' folder.

I don't know if these files are default for unreal engine, and are standard across all the games using it, but it did get me wondering if Milestone were experimenting with adding VR onto their PC releases, which could make their games even more awesome, and should they add 'proper sim handling' well....  :o

Are these files default with the Unreal engine, as I've not been able to find any, but then again I don't have many Unreal games installed

Here are some Screens:

This is a new thread, due to the fact this could be implemented without any other changes to rider tracking, and on the theory that Pib will see and read lots of  little threads.

The main thing I'd like to do is have the ability to decide which tracking device controls which axis the rider moves on, and have the ability to use 2 separate tracking devices for L/R lean and F/R lean ( or U/D if it gets patched how I'd like it) individually.

While not a big deal, it could open up the way to being more involved with actually riding the machines, and could be a game changer for those that are lucky enough to have a full ride-on system.

In my imagination, what I would use would be an Oculus Rift, or other VR/Headtracking Headset to track the F/R (U/D) lean, meaning wherever I place my head would be reflected in the rider sitting up or tucking down behind the screen.

After this, I would use a secondary piece of tracking equipment, either an Ed-Tracker or a TrackIR, or something similar, and have this attached to my hip, as central and as close to where I was sat as possible, for the most accurate tracking. This would then be assigned to the L/R lean, meaning that I would actually need to hang off my chair to get the rider to move.

It  would add another layer to GPB, and involve us as users more. And I'm sure I don't need to state the possibilities of a ride on system being actually used to emulate actual riding body positions, thus adding more Immersion.

In order to achieve this, we would need to be able to assign devices to each axis, in a similar way we could select what controller to map, perhaps in a drop-down menu next to the rider axis, but of course with the option to assign both or none as well for those that don't have this option.,

Here is an example image to show which device would control what axis, Ideally:

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Off Topic / The end of UK Amateur Club racing?
April 29, 2019, 09:08:11 pm
The reason for my post, is that sadly, one of my local tracks has been closed until further notice for safety reasons, which in itself isn't really too big of a deal.

Its the circumstances in which it has had to cancel meetings and stop operations that's the worrying part.

Here are the original Posts:

For those that haven't been, Aintree is set in a huge expanse in the centre of the Grand National horse racing course, and has some of the largest run off areas seen in club racing, however it also has some of the highest speeds as well.

For those wondering here;s an onboard: (NOT ME just taken off youtube:

In the post, the surface condition is mentioned, and for me, (whose only ever spectated, not ridden), I can see the bikes clearly juddering up and down on what seems like an overly bumpy surface, and this pic shows its not a particularly modern surface, and as such this is possibly the most justifiable suggestion/requirement.

The issue comes with the rest of the requirements, which could bring it on par safety wise with Donnington/Oulton, which again isn't a bad thing on its own, but should this standard be homologated across UK tracks, it could close several tracks for club racing as there are quite a few that meet those standards. Cadwell, Mallory, and Castle Combe spring instantly to mind.

The next issue comes with the fact that lawyers are chasing a claim, for a huge amount of money, despite the fact the rider has signed a waver, and all the necessary indemnity/declaration forms accepting responsibility. If he is successful in getting a claim, (Which I doubt he will be personally), then it could set a precedent, and make it near impossible for tracks/riders to get any relevant life/medical insurance, for fear of them having to pay out large sums of money every race meeting.

The fact that they are still pursuing the claim, despite the fact he's got written legal documents accepting responsibility for his actions could also cause issues in that any written legally binding contract could become null and void, and not just in racing, but in work contracts as well.

Granted these are extreme circumstances, and in the grand scheme of things, I doubt much will come of it except Aintree becoming a little safer and losing a year of racing (Providing it reopens, as if I'm not mistaken its a non-profit organisation and track resurface works are expensive).

It's just a shame that this has to happen, and the fact that People have lost their lives at Aintree, and nothing was done, as they, like this accident, were unique and rarely because the rider hit anything, but the minute lawyers were involved it was shut at the drop of  a hat, despite meeting the safety regs for this year.

According to what I heard, (I wasn't there) the rider has some form of paralysis, (Not sure how bad), as he ran on at T3 onto the back straight, and hit the wall separating the course from the houses. For those that haven't been to Aintree, I'd say its about 150-200m away from the racing course, and is a unique incident in that no-one to my knowledge has done that ever :/

I should also point out, that the FB comments weren't exactly friendly to the rider, and while some were comical, 'Giving him something to actually claim about' isn't the right option, especially considering he may have life changing injuries, so if you're going to reply to this or on the Aintree FB, don't be a d**k, and don't spread rumours that aren't true.

PS: I am not involved in the running of this course, or involved in the organisation of any events, I'm just calling it like I see it and wondering what others perceive of this, or whether I'm making it into something its not
So I've been looking at getting more into actually setting up the bikes to suit my personal style, and hopefully unlocking some extra speed.
This meant I installed MAX_TM, (Which is cool AF BTW), however, I have no idea how to interpret the graphs I'm seeing into useful setup changes in GPB, if that's even the point of it at all.
Which axis are the most useful for setup changes/seeing mistakes/issues with riding/bike?

Any advice, or links to tutorials would be great thanks :)


I have been fiddling with the head tracking in GPB, using my oculus rift to do the tracking and have come up with some suggestions, improvements and feedback/fixes for (Hopefully) the next beta, if PIB reads these :) I'll try to be as simple and concise as possible, but this will probably be an essay so here goes:

1) Movement

Overall the movement is good, and very smooth with the visual transitions of the rider, and functions as intended.
That is not to say it is without issue, as the real world head movement needed to affect the rider is too large.
EG: In order to tuck forward/back I have to physically get out of my chair, which is definitely not ideal.
The left and right movement is pretty close to perfect, and is certainly more manageable when compared to F/R, although could benefit from a small boost to the sensitivity.
I understand wanting to have a 1:1 ratio of movement to maintain maximum realism, however in most cases this is not practical, and for the F/R lean it doesn't even feel like 1:1.

2) Axis

The axis are fairly standard, and as a result there is probably some confusion as to why I'd bring these up.
If you imagine a standard 3D graph, with a standard X,Y,Z layout, the L/R leaning runs along the X (Horizontal Left/Right) axis as it should, however the issue comes with the F/R leaning.
The issue is in the name, F/R, which is Forward/Rear, and as a consequence it runs on the Z (Horizontal Forward/Back) axis. This feels like an issue, as, from the admittedly small amount of track riding experience I have, and several hours on-board videos, the head movement to replicate this seems more on a vertical Y axis (Up and Down).
Granted there is a small amount of front to rear (Z) movement, however that is secondary to the up and down (Y) movement, certainly in GPB.
I do however understand the weight transfer IS to the front and rear of the machine IRL, however that appears to be with the lower body in seat positioning under braking, and acceleration.
The reason I bring this up, is because while running on a Y axis for head tracking may not be 100% realistic, as I've previously mentioned its F/R the weight movement IRL, however it would feel more natural for being sat in a chair, and for me personally, something that feels natural is more useful/immersive as a training tool than a 1:1 simulation in some situations, such as this.
TrackIR has the option to stop it registering some axis, and it certainly felt very natural when I was running with that after setting up the sensitivities and dead-zones, however I also appreciate there are some large differences in TrackIR and an Oculus.

3) Current Temporary Solutions

While its not ideal, if someone is set on running rider tracking I'd have to suggest running the second first person view, (The one that is not affected by manually tucking in/rider movements) and running automatic F/R leaning. This, for me, felt more natural than running full tracking.
NOTE: The more aggressive with the throttle and brake the faster the rider sits up and tucks in, so don't change how aggressive you speed up/down, just make the gaps between letting off and applying the brakes slightly larger, and vice versa.
(Smoother not Slower)

4) Development Fixes

For a release into the Game by Pib, I'd recommend sliders to control the ratio of real head movement : in game rider movement on each axis (X,Y,Z)
This would allow it to be more easily tailored to each persons setup and desires/needs when it comes to GPB.

Next, I'd recommend changing the F/R (Front/Rear) lean on the Z axis to U/D (Up/Down) on the Y axis. This would certainly feel more natural in its movement, after all we're in control of head tracking not bum tracking, so it feels a little weird to control where you're sat with your head.

Finally, an option to mix both rider tracking with manual tuck-in/rider lean. For instance, using the L/R tracking with my headset, but leaning F/R (U/D) with assigned controller buttons, and the same with using buttons for L/R vs Rider Tracking for F/R (U/D)

In this picture you can see just what I mean, where the green arrow is what movement is required to sit-up/tuck-in, bu the yellow is the actual movement of most riders.
While this is not 100% to scale, it does have some semblance of scale in that the green arrow is much bigger than the actual movement, no matter what axis its on.

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Support / Adjust Head Tracking Sensitivity
April 17, 2019, 11:23:59 pm
I'm currently trying to set up my Oculus to run the 'Rider Tracking' option in VR, allowing me to control the rider weight with movement of my VR headset.

At the minute, whenever I tuck in, In order for my rider to get down I end up popping my head on the number board at the front, and to sit up under braking I have to move onto where the gyro tail cam would be. It is very unrealistic and sadly kills any attempt at me using the Rider Tracking Option

What I was wondering is if there is a way to adjust the scaling, for instance, make it so moving half the distance IRL would move double in GPB, thus allowing me a full range of in game movement without having to walk around my room. Is there a file somewhere to edit this? Thanks in advance
Support / Open .scn files?
April 14, 2019, 03:31:39 pm
How do I go about opening .scn files in a 3d editor like blender or 3ds max?
Support / MV Triple Link?
April 14, 2019, 10:54:55 am
Anyone have a link to the MV triple? Can't seem to find it and the link on the bike release page doesn't seem to work any more  :(
Paints / 2018 WSSP 600 Shadow Template
April 08, 2019, 08:35:57 pm
I was wondering if anyone had a link to a shadow template with a transparent back for the 2018 WSSP yamaha. The one in the mod pack only has a shadow layer with a white background that over-rides my livery, and I'm not sure how to remove this to a decent standard.

Any help would be awesome thanks :)
UPDATED 31/03/2019 : Added Honda NSR250 Skin
UPDATED 03/04/2019 : Added MSM 125rr Skin
                              Changed Stretch Colours on Leathers

Here is my personal skin pack for the 'Myst1cPrun3 Racing Classic Team.

Contains my personal Leathers, and a bike skin for the Honda NSR500, the Honda NSR250, and the MSM 125rr 2007

Due to me repeatedly adding and updating this pack there are individual links for each updated skin, and a full pack for those who don't already have it installed.

Link Full Pack: https://mega.nz/#!cO5xGK7R!bAClQ-MXwKcXwCKXXUesZGCzqZN1Xd53EpToxPnL98E

Link GP500_Honda_NSR_'92: https://mega.nz/#!tbpHkA5C!A8e4Y5wKh2Glz28T9WpCZ2H3GaIX9ht40Extkigl7GY

Link GP250_Honda_NSR250: https://mega.nz/#!ICBR2SrB!5dWsgBF4Abv1Upu19wJvKEjC_1VGnMDuD8KSVN-C5-M

Link MSM_125rr_07: https://mega.nz/#!tbgBDAqA!MOwWyPTX_haj0VtbMnntnptXgsT_IWmblSe47RR4vNc

Link Leathers: (LEGENDS): https://mega.nz/#!0ew1xSSA!IUFWHSw8rMM-0nzq7A_nSOWpPcoYvf9mmWwCtZFpje8

Support / How to Open Biped Mixer Files?
March 25, 2019, 05:26:02 pm
I've got some '3ds Max Biped Mixer' files here, that I would like to open in 3ds max, and was wondering what plugins/settings I'd need if any?
I've come across a little video online and I was wondering what program the devs in it were using. I only have a few screenshots of the program, and the title bar has been cropped down.

Suggestions and wishlist / Trainers - More options
March 17, 2019, 11:05:15 pm
I'd love the ability to hear trainers bikes when running with them, as for me personally the noise of being followed adds a whole new layer to lapping in GPB, and would get newer players used to it before they jump online.
Also the ability to see trainers in replays would be awesome, it would allow for mod packs such as MotoGP packs to be showcased all at the same time on track, and if its combined withe the sounds it could be awesome to see and hear. Especially if it can load separate paints
Off Topic / Game engine Conversions + Updates
March 16, 2019, 10:33:04 pm
I've recently seen that someone has remade Star Wars Podracer in UE4, and it got me thinking what would it be like if some lovely modder remade some old classic motorcycle games in a similar way?

I really like the PS2 Jester TT games, however theyre looking a little dated and may be a little hard to access the files to remake them due to the unusual file types. (It uses Lamp Libraries or .lmp files for short)

I would love to see this and some of the older SBK games remade, such as SBK 2001 and SBK 07, as they're perhaps my favourites. I mean can you imagine something like SBK 2001 with modern graphics, and some netcode installed for online play? It'd be awesome IMHO.

What games would people here like to see remastered in a modern engine? I'm sure there's going to be at least one GP500 suggestion, and maybe even some Richard Burns Rally lol.

I sadly lack the knowledge, skills, and patience to embark upon such a project, (Painting skins in GPB is pushing it for me), so if anyone is willing to have a bash at something similar, It'd be a nice little project.

Here's the PodRacer Remastered video I saw:

Mods / Paints Plugin?
March 16, 2019, 12:44:52 pm
Spent some time on iRacing, then I browsed GPB forums for some paints, to see if there's any new ones available. It's not a big deal installing paints, just pop them in the relevant folder, but it did get me wondering if it'd be possible to create a 'Trading Paints' style app for GPB, that can download/access the skins for that rider/helmet/bike automatically, providing the program is running in the background of course.

I don't really know much about plugins, or how the GPB server connections work, but even old games like Minecraft have the ability to see other peoples skins (MC has had this feature for as long as its had Multiplayer) without going into the files, hence my asking.
Mods / Rossi Ranch Dirt Track Training?
March 13, 2019, 08:37:39 pm
Possible wrong topic/forum here, but I recently purchased Pibosos MXB, and have been having a little fun with the supermotos. This got me wondering if any of the skills learned here, such as the braking and sliding, could be applicable to GPB, as many professional riders use dirt track/mx as a training tool.

Long story short I was wondering if there was a mod to something like Rossi's ranch, either in MXB or GPB, just to train on and have a bit of a bash at?
Bikes / Disengage Max Torque Settings
March 12, 2019, 06:39:29 pm
Due to the release of beta 15 there have to be a few settings updated in most modded bikes, and so far there's only a few that have had the updates done 'officially', leaving it up to us to figure out some values.
The main one I've found to get bikes working In b15 is the 'Disengage Max Torque' setting in the bikes cfg file, which once setup right allows the bike to be run in b15/b15b
This can be troublesome, as different people will use different values, and thus create a mod mismatch and incompatibility with other users, which is fine for offline play but wouldn't work online.

What this topic is intended to be, is sort of like a file reference of recommended values for most of the bikes, where people can post the edited values and then we can sort of get a standardised value for most mods/bikes out there.

Some people already have posted updates to their mods, and there are some servers up with their recommended settings, however I don't personally think thats' ideal. (I don't think this is ideal either but it seemed an easier all encompassing solution)

I did do a bit of testing for the update to the WSBK pack, and I found a few things regarding riding style that can affect what values are used.
(For instance, on the MGP18 bikes and the WSBK pack, I have a tendency to run little to no electronic aids, and slide the bike considerably more than others seem to in videos and online, thus skipping the gears as the torque settings have changed)

The values that work for me are below

Feel free to post other bikes settings if you've tested them.

I'll try and add a new bikes value every other day.