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February 19, 2020, 11:22:57 am


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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General Discussion / Monza
October 29, 2016, 09:30:33 pm
Today I saw the news about the free pCars version with Pagani cars.
I decided to give it a go, just to check out the graphics.
Did a few laps at Monza with the "sim" physics, at a ( slow ) pace of around 1:55, using the least powerful road car.
For sake of comparison, I then started WRS and did a few laps with the GT car at the Monza mod.
I was shocked to find out that I was lapping at a pace over 2:10  :o
Panic mode! What is wrong? Could pCars be uber-arcade? Let me check the real GT3 laptimes... No, they are under 1:50
Then there must be something terribly wrong in the WRS GT car!  :(
I fired up a YT video of a lap of a GT car with on-screen telemetry for a side-by-side comparison with a WRS replay.
Everything seems roughly correct: top speed, corner speed, braking points, ...
But then the clouds open up when I realize that the straights look awfully longer in WRS...
I open the track with TrackEd and in shock and horror I discover that the track is 7 ( seven! ) KM long!!!  >:(
Who did this? Why? Isn't it possible to have a proper Monza?  :'(

For the record, the real track is 5.8 km long.
How many of you were around at the time of GPB alpha?
Today I was doing a couple test laps on a very old track and I was thinking: "GPB sure changed a lot over the years".
So I decided to make a comparison video, just for fun:

On the left, the Alpha5 ( from the beginning of 2009 ), the earliest version that still runs without graphical glitches.
On the right, the latest private build.
In theory they should simulate roughly the same bike ( 2004 vs 2003 ). The reality is that the alpha physics was very strange and doesn't feel like a motorcycle.
General Discussion / GP Bikes beta9c
October 07, 2016, 11:13:54 am

GP Bikes beta9c released:

Beta9c changelog:
fix: rear suspension simulation bug
fix: quick bike reset position
fix: quick bike reset allowed when the engine is off, too

( download mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )
Documentation / Windows desktop scaling
October 05, 2016, 12:33:08 pm

If the Windows scaling is set to a value over 100% then GP Bikes will start at a lower resolution to compensate for the automatic scaling.

To solve the issue and use the full resolution: right-click on the GP Bikes icon -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
General Discussion / GP Bikes beta9b
October 05, 2016, 11:35:17 am

GP Bikes beta9b released:

Beta9b changelog:
fix: screen bigger than the monitor
fix: mouse pointer not reaching the bottom of the screen
fix: m_afSuspMaxTravel in SPluginsBikeEvent_t
new: front spring graph in physics debug mode, show the forces with coil alone and combined with air

( download mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )
Physics / A quick guide to convert from Beta8 to Beta9
October 01, 2016, 09:58:00 am
A bug in the rear suspension simulation has been fixed in Beta9, so bikes created for Beta8 may need physics data tuning.

First of all, enable the physics debug mode:

1) make sure that the natural frequencies of the front and rear are correct ( the last two purple lines in the bottom left of the screen, F for front and R for rear ).
As a VERY ROUGH reference, a road bike should be between 1 and 2 hz, and racing bike between 2 and 3 hz.
2) check the front and rear sag against real data, with and without the rider using the keys 1 and 2.
3) make sure the critical damping ratios for both the front and rear are below 1 ( SB: slow bump; FB: fast bump; SR: slow rebound; FR: fast rebound ).
The stock bikes can give a starting point for racing bikes. For road bikes, you probably need lower values.
Physics / Debug mode
October 01, 2016, 09:23:47 am

To enable debug mode, edit the file global.ini ( by default generated in "My Documents"/PiBoSo/GP Bikes/ ) and add:
physics = 1

When it is activated, it is possible to enter "sag check mode" using the keys 1 and 2 to remove and add the rider.
General Discussion / GP Bikes beta9
September 30, 2016, 07:47:51 pm

GP Bikes beta9 released:

( download mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )
General Discussion / World Racing Series beta9
September 05, 2016, 07:32:26 pm

World Racing Series beta9 released:

( download mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )
Tracks / Track tools
July 06, 2016, 10:57:53 pm
Track tools updated:

- fixed the 3D grass generation bug with x64 plugins
- added support for pitlane, start area and joker lap centerlines
- added support for the "START_" and "JOKER_" prefixes for polygon surfaces
- added support for the joker lap surface in TerrainED
- fixed the "Make Lead Segment" functions in TrackED
- saved and restored the view settings in TrackED
- cleanup of data when loading a new track in TrackED
- added the "alpha mask" switch to shaders
- added the "emission" section to shaders
- added support for reflection maps' and specular maps' frames
Plugins / MOVED: Intriguing
June 03, 2016, 03:14:41 pm
1 ) convert the engine primary ratio from a single value to two gears. For example:
Ratio = 3 -> ratio0 = 25, 75
It's possible to have up to 5 ratios ( ratio0 to ratio4 ) and set it in the garage.

2 ) move pressure and tyre heater data from the "wheel" sections of the CFG file to the TYRE files, so that each tyre can have an optimal pressure range and pre-heating temperature.

3 ) create a new CFG file for the tyre sets, and change the bike CFG to point to it. Several changes are needed, it's better to look at one of the stock bikes for reference.

4 ) it's possible to add fork offset setting in the "steer" section.

5 ) now settings in "front_suspension" are for a single fork only, and then doubled. This means that spring and damper stiffness must be halved. And the area, too.
If the bike only has one shock ( some scooters, for example ), add "MonoShock = 1" in the "front_suspension" section.

6 ) For classic bikes with dual suspension at the rear, it is possible to set a single spring and damper adding "TwinShock = 1" in the "rear_suspension" section.

7 ) It is also possible to add ride height setting for front and rear.

8 ) In the GEOM file, collision data must be changed. The new format should be more user friendly until the Bike Editor will be changed to edit it.
Please note that the boxes angles are no more set as slope, but are now degrees.

9 ) The geometry of the rear suspension must be changed. The best option is probably to start copying and pasting from one of the stock bikes, and then editing the points in the Bike Editor.
General Discussion / GP Bikes beta8
February 18, 2016, 05:28:17 pm

GP Bikes beta8 released:
General Discussion / Rear brake leverage setup
January 01, 2016, 11:55:22 pm
Right now in GPB it's possible to set the front brakes' leverage and discs, and rear brake master cylinder and disc.
Beta8 will add the possibility to set the front brakes' master cylinder, too.

Is it possible to set the leverage of the rear brake, too?
Is the setup of the rear master cylinder needed?

Please reply, thank you!
General Discussion / World Racing Series beta8
December 09, 2015, 07:35:41 pm

World Racing Series beta8 released:
General Discussion / GP Bikes beta7b
October 29, 2015, 11:44:50 am
GP Bikes beta7b released:

fix: replay crash
fix: rider lean override
fix: joystick freelook pitch
fix: freelook tilt
fix: live timing track data