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February 19, 2020, 10:04:09 am


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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General Discussion / GP Bikes beta7
October 27, 2015, 09:16:32 pm

GP Bikes beta7 released:
General Discussion / Daily development
October 25, 2015, 04:20:58 pm
Ok, let's give this another try and see when it will end.

Will try to post what happened every day...

General Discussion / World Racing Series beta7b
October 24, 2015, 12:13:52 pm
World Racing Series beta7b released:

fix: garage crash
fix: jump start check
fix: replay laps list
fix: car position in menu
fix: ideal lap time html export
new: option for hud and virtual mirror in cockpit view
Cars / Monster truck
October 20, 2015, 06:42:42 pm

A short video of a work in progress internal mod:


The graphics and sound are not refined because it's only used to stress test the physics.
Paints / Paint creation tutorial
October 14, 2015, 06:24:37 pm
Paints are used to change the liveries of cars and driver.

To add an helmet paint:
1) Download the templates: http://www.worldracingseries.net/?page=downloads
2) Create a texture named helmet.tga or helmet.bmp
3) download PaintEd: http://www.worldracingseries.net/?page=downloads
4) create the directory structure driver/helmets/default/paints
5) Using PaintEd, convert the texture to a paint, saving it in the previously created "paints" folder.

To change the helmet's visor:
1) Create two textures, named visor.tga and visor#2.tga ( for rain )
2) Move them to the same folder of helmet's texture
3) Using PaintEd, convert the textures to a paint.

Inside World Racing Series, when in the "Viewer" page, it is possible to reload a paint from disk pressing the 'r' key.
General Discussion / World Racing Series beta7
October 13, 2015, 05:50:02 pm
World Racing Series beta7 released:
Documentation / Multi-monitor
June 06, 2015, 07:11:48 pm
Multi-monitors support is experimental, as it was not tested.
So this is a call to all the users with access to a triple-screen setup: please report if it works correctly and if changes are needed.

To enable it, open core.ini in World Racing Series installation directory, and add the following lines:


An example of a minimal cfg file with 3 identical monitors:

screen_distance = 600
screen_width = 400
screen_height = 225
width = 420
height = 260

angle_x = 40

display = 1
        pos_x = -1
res_x = 800
res_y = 600
bpp = 32
        multisample = 4

display = 2
pos_x = 1
res_x = 800
res_y = 600
        bpp = 32
        multisample = 4

"screen_distance" is the distance of the eyes from the primary screen, "screen_width" and "screen_height" are the size of the screen only, while "width" and "height" include the border. All measure are in millimeters.
"angle_x" is the angle ( in degrees ) between monitors.
"pos_x" is the monitor position relative to primary one. Negative numbers mean left, positive ones right.

The full options are:

angle_x = 50
angle_y = 0

display = 1
res_x = 800
res_y = 600
multisample = 4
bpp = 32
width = 352
height = 198
pos_x = -1
pos_y = 0
shift_x = 0
shift_y = 0
shift_z = 0
angle_x = 0
angle_y = 0

Please note the "angle_y" in global section and "pos_y". They allow to set vertical angle and position, where positive is up and negative down.
You can also set screen "width" and "height" for each monitor, if it doesn't match the primary one.

A maximum of 10 external monitors are supported.

You will have a big performance hit. However, the code will be optimized when everything is working correctly.
Documentation / Live Timing
June 06, 2015, 07:03:57 pm
It is possible to connect to a dedicated server to receive live race data.
Only 1 client can connect to the server.

Communication is made with UDP sockets and strings terminated with "\n".

Send "CONNECT" followed by the connection password ( empty string if no password ).
OK -> connected
FULL -> another client is already connected
WRONGPASSWORD -> wrong password

Send "START" to start receiving data.
Data format is "MSG" followed by the message ID and then a stream of strings.
Send "ACK" followed by the message ID after each MSG.

Send "KEEPALIVE" every 15 seconds to keep the connection active.
The server sends "ALIVE" to report that the connection is active.

Send "DISCONNECT" to correctly close the connection.
Tracks / Default Deformation
May 26, 2015, 12:55:21 pm
It is possible to save the deformation generated on the terrain and use it as the track default.

1) Open the file wrs/wrs.ini and add the following lines ( or just the second if the "edit" section already exists )


2) Drive several laps in testing mode on a track to deform the terrain ( it's possible to use deformation_multiplier to deform it faster: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=15.0 )
3) Press left ctrl + d: a file named temp.dfm will be saved in the "wrs" directory, in the World Racing Series installation folder
4) Rename temp.dfm to track_id.dfm ( for example: holjes.dfm ) and move it to the proper track folder, with the matching TRH file
5) World Racing Series should automatically read this dfm file at track load time
Documentation / Voting
May 26, 2015, 12:00:56 pm
To create a poll to (re)start a session, open the chat and type:
!poll start practice
!poll start qualify
!poll start warmup
!poll start race

The poll starter' vote is set to yes, all the others are no. To change the vote, type !yes or !no in the chat. If you are on track, you can press F2 to vote yes, and F4 to vote no.
A poll must get at least 2/3 of "yes" votes to pass.

To ban a driver, type "!poll eject" followed by driver's name of #race number. For example:
!poll eject adam
!poll eject #7

To disqualify a driver during a race, type "!poll black" followed by driver's name of #race number.

a new poll cannot be created within a minute from the last one.
General Discussion / Steering wheel setup
May 26, 2015, 11:59:45 am
It is important to correctly setup the steering wheel.

1 ) In the steering wheel profiler, disable the centering spring and damping, or at least let the software override them.
2 ) Take note of the rotation ( the suggested value is 180 ).
3 ) In World Racing Series -> Settings -> Input -> Calibration, calibrate the steering wheel rotating it from lock to lock, and then leave it perfectly centered before pressing "Ok".
4 ) Click on the right of Controls -> Steer and steer LEFT to assign the control.
5 ) Under Advanced -> Steer, set deadzone to 0, linearity to 100 and leave smooth unchecked.
6 ) Enable force feedback and set strength to 100%, deadzone to 0% and linearity to 100%
7 ) Enable wheel rotation and set it directly or use the wizard. In both cases the value should match the rotation set in the profiler.

8 ) If you are experiencing vibration on straights, please try increasing force feedback deadzone in steps of 5. This shouldn't be needed on the Logitech G25 and G27.
9 ) If you feel the force in the center is a bit weak, you can try lowering the force feedback linearity.

This is how the FF curve looks like at 0 ( top ) and 100 ( bottom ) linearity:
Documentation / Dedicated server
May 26, 2015, 11:57:02 am
To start a dedicated server, launch core.exe with the following params:
core.exe -dedicated (port number) [-set params (config_file)]

for example:
core.exe -dedicated 54310 -set params dedicated.ini

NOTE: if a client runs on the same PC, port 54310 cannot be used.

Configuration file must be in installation path, under "wrs" folder.
If not set, "server.ini" is used.

name =
maxclient =
password =
admin_password =
bandwidth = ; 0 -> low, 1 -> medium, 2 -> high, 3 -> very high
max_ping =
whitelist = ; the filename of the whitelist
blacklist = ; the filename of the blacklist
polls_disable = ; if set to 1, polls are disabled
location = ; information about server location
MOTD = ; message of the day

results =  ; html or xml, If set it will automatically export results at the end of the race
directory = ; the directory where results will be saved ( must exist )
units =  ; 0 -> metric units, 1 -> US units, 2 -> UK units

save = ; 0 or 1, If set to 1 it will automatically save the full replay at the end of the race
directory = ; the directory where replays will be saved ( must exist )

name = ; the name of the event ( optional )
track = ; track ID ( for ex. Victoria )
track_layout = ; track layout ( for ex. Short ). Empty -> Default;
category = ; car category allowed. Empty -> Open. Multiple categories can be set with a slash in between. For example: F3000/GT

class = ; A -> 2000+, B -> 1600-1999; C -> 1200-1599; D -> 800-1199

realistic = ; 0 or 1, if set to 1, following params are ignored
conditions = ; 0 -> sunny, 1 -> cloudy, 2 -> rainy
temperature = ; air temperature, celsius
wind_direction = ; 0 -> north, 1 -> north-east, 2 -> east, ..., 7 -> north-west
wind_speed = ; meters/second
track_conditions = ; 0 -> dry, 1 -> wet

force_cockpit = ; 0 or 1
no_aids = ; 0 or 1
limited_tyre_sets = ; 0 or 1
fixed_setup = ; 0 or 1

testing_day = ; 0 or 1, if set to 1, the following race settings are unused
quick_race = ; 0 or 1. If set to 1, practice, warmup, sighting lap and warmup lap are skipped
practice_length = ; minutes
qualify_length = ; minutes
warmup_length = ; minutes
sighting_lap = ; 0 or 1
start = ; 0 -> default, 1 -> force standing start, 2 -> force rolling start
warmup_lap = ; 0 or 1
race_length = ; % of full length
race_use_laps = ; 0 or 1. If set to 1, race_laps is used instead of race_length
race_laps = ; number of race laps
restart_delay = ; server restart time in seconds
pause = ; 0 or 1. If set to 1, the event is paused and saved at the end of "pause_session"
pause_session = ; practice, qualify, warmup or race
pause_directory = ; the directory where data is saved. The default is "resume"
resume = ; the file to load to resume an event
save = ; 0 or 1. If set to 1, the event is saved at the end of "save_session". If "pause" is set, this setting is ignored
save_session = ; practice, qualify, warmup or race
save_directory = ; the directory where data is saved. The default is "resume"

enable = ; 1 to enable live timing
port = ; the UDP port
password =

disable = ; 0 or 1. If set to 1, the dynamic track surface is disabled

NOTE: To minimize join lag, please make sure to restrict the allowed car categories as much as possible

You can set up to 9 additional tracks, in the "events" section:
The server will move to the next at each restart and wrap to the first after the last.
The same track and layout can be repeated multiple times in the 10 "slots".

The whitelist and blacklist are a text file using the following format:
guid = ........

guid = ........

guid = ........
The GUID can be read in the "Profiles" page.

In the dedicated server text input, it is possible to type:
"!restart" to reset the server
"!update whitelist" to update the whitelist
"!update blacklist" to update the blacklist

NOTE: a license is not needed to start a dedicated server.
Physics / Car modding
May 25, 2015, 10:53:32 pm
Starting with Beta6, all physics files are unencrypted.
It is therefore possible to use the "official" cars as a reference to create new cars.
The needed files are CFG, GEOM, TYRE and ENGN. They all are text files.
For the engine curves an editor can be found in the vehicle tools: http://www.kartracing-pro.com/downloads/vt.zip
Everything else at the moment can only be manually edited.
To tune the physics data, there is a debug mode: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=2314.0
Physics / Debug mode
May 25, 2015, 01:35:42 pm
To enable debug mode, edit the file wrs.ini ( located in the wrs folder in the World Racing Series installation folder ) and add:

physics = 1

When it is activated, it is possible to hide/show the body and wheels using F5 and F6.
General Discussion / World Racing Series beta6
May 25, 2015, 11:45:33 am
World Racing Series beta6 released:
Suggestions and wishlist / Live timing and streaming
January 24, 2015, 01:50:30 pm

There have been several requests to improve live timing and to add a plugin interface to receive race information in real-time.
However, those suggestions are scattered around the forum and difficult to find.
So please write in this thread, in great detail, what you need and why.
Custom hardware / Full motion simulator
November 19, 2014, 05:11:00 pm
Hello everyone.
Got an email with a request for a full motion simulator to be used with GP Bikes.
Does anyone know of someone who could create one?
Paints / Templates
October 31, 2014, 07:30:53 pm
General Discussion / GP Bikes beta6c
October 31, 2014, 11:56:11 am
GP Bikes beta6c released:

fix: on-track ECU setting