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September 18, 2020, 07:37:14 AM


GP Bikes beta18c available! :)

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Maaan! I have to read all that?
Right, I bought it. I'll be online making a total ass of myself in front of you all in a few hours
Hmm I'll have to figure out what those buttons are on my setup.
And that's why you join the forum. Thank you gentlemen.
As regards the slow dev, spintires anyone? fucking fantastic game, physics like nothing else really. But its now community content only and the original devs kinda forgot to put in an unlock system before they bailed so it scares away those whose minds are trained to unlock things.
I have one bike and track now but you're saying I can have infinite bikes and infinite tracks?
Long press, got it, gold! ty.
So a very long time ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth and 4mb/s was an ok internet speed I bought Motogp3 when it was still made with love and care by THQ and not rubbish. It took me a month to get round a track without crashing but after that it became the best racing game experience of my life. It matched up nicely with my two handed Thrustmaster hotas and I could take both sides of the old Assen circuit in 6th pretty much all the way only dropping a few cogs for the tight turns at either end. Then I bought one or two more of the sequels, was impressed by the improved graphics and the continuation of the excellent physics. Terrorizing Mugello was a particular pleasure when I didn't invariably make a balls of the first turn. And then one day it was all over.
I believe Motogp'07 was the last one. I tried to get it working on numerous occasions but it very much does not like windows beyond xp. I got Superbike 09 'running' on win7 which was sometimes good if it could be persuaded to function and didn't randomly reverse my controls and/or flat out refuse to have them fixed again. It always locked up loading sessions. no idea how I happened on the solution but Alt+tabbing sorted it out. It was an insane game that required lots of ball ache for very little payoff
So tonight I found GP Bikes and played with the assy little 125 and got an inkling that it might sort out my jones.
I am an Ark fanatic. If you ask me there has never been a better game but I'm a little bored with it right now. The new DLC is coming out this month, probably. Wouldn't be the first time Studio Wildcard delayed content. In any case, in around a month my gaming time is likely booked. But back to the matter in hand.
The GP Bikes control system binds perfectly with my trusty Thrustmaster (sounds like a sex toy right? Could probably be used as one too) and the game is doing an awful lot of stuff right. I may even perfom necromancy on my paypal account and buy the full beta access. I have a couple of problems though and I'd like to know if spending money would address them. Bear in mind I've only been at the demo on that crappy 125.

The game is too hard, this is a fact. Qwop is less frustrating. Maybe its just the demo. I'd like to know if the full game is any more forgiving or if the better bikes make it any easier. I ride irl race bikes, they're a doddle and don't try to kill you if a fly hits the brake lever in a turn.

As if the near constant lowsiding wasn't annoying enough, what happens immediately after is plain bad design. I believe even mariokart has the ability and sense to put you back on the track facing the right direction following a spill. Yeah fine its more realistic but at a cost to the flow of the game.

I've done my research and know all about the complicated modding stuff. I am a huge fan of early access and don't mind working with games that need a bit of a hand. So after reading this you probably know a bit about me. If I buy this game am I going to be disappointed? Do you think it will satisfy my longing for Mugello in '07 and not drive me insane? I really hope the answer to both of these is yes.