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Off Topic / Re: *** Motorcycle-Video-Thread ***
November 25, 2017, 01:20:35 PM
oh yeahhhh ! Nice one too this IRTA Test !!!

And yes, 2 Stroke makes you feel alive. Sometimes i wish my PE1300 sounds like that but if that was the case, i don't think wifey will seat for a long time !
Too bad, i still have a WRLC 430 Huskqvarna (another 2 stroke)  to make my hair stands on my arms !!!!

Have a good day  :D
Off Topic / Re: *** Motorcycle-Video-Thread ***
November 25, 2017, 01:31:25 AM
Quote from: vini97 on November 22, 2017, 12:44:11 PM

Thanks !  ;)
Incredible sounds and bikes ! 2 Stroke forever !!
Reminds me of my RDLC 350, that was a blast !
Support / Re: Missing Bike
November 23, 2017, 09:27:10 PM
Thanks but arghhhhh...

All the 125 means the Cagiva only... because so far it looks like the only 125cc in the list.
And about de 500, i guess it's the 92's series.
And ok, i will dl them, install them all (including bikestands and tyres) and give it another try !

Thank you trying to help me, that's nice.
(i don't see any bikestand for the 125cc CAGIVA and when i choose this bike, half the back tyre is absorbed by the floor !!! is that a known bug or a bikestand missing ?)

IT WORKS. I've been practicing under the rain on Victoria !!!
Thanks PeterV   :-*  and yes, you need to have ALL the 500 bikes including the Norton... and i took ALL the Tyres and ALL the Bikestands.
And it works perfectly.

Thanks you !  ;D ;D
Support / Re: Missing Bike
November 23, 2017, 07:40:04 PM
Thanks a lot PeterV, i will take the 125 cagiva and give another try.

And run to the link you gave me to read.
Hopefully, i will succed and finally do a little practice on the server.

Edit : so i put the Cagiva in and just the basic game and i stilll have the issue. I installed the cagiva tyres too.
The bike mods link goes to the Mega NZ files servers and after that there's all the bikes list.
So obviously there's something that i don't understand because in the link you gave me, matty0l215 talks about a big mod file and i can't see it even in the MEGA NZ ftp.
What i don't get and hopefully you gonna enlight me about it, is the basic game comes with everything that CAWS #3 ask for so except the basic game what else (Cagive ok, i got it) do we need ?
Sorry but it isn't clear for a foreigner what matty0l215 says in his post "Bike Mod".

And btw, the Cagiva is weirdly displayed  :o

Support / Re: Missing Bike
November 23, 2017, 06:41:42 PM
Hi Riders !

Just installed the 12b version this week and played alone, and now that i'm getting used to it, i want to go online and like start a practice on Victoria with the basic 125 in order to find other players as simply as that, so i look and tried to join the basic CAWS #3 where nobody is right now but still, want to try...
And i get this "Missing Bike" result after the Syncing...
Re did a brand new installation without mods, my 54300 and 54310 ports are open, the game runs fine and even with a fresh install and no mods get the missing bike results when i'm supposed to be "up to date" and with the good circuit and bike.

Is that maybe because the servers are not running 12b ?
Can somebody tell me more about it ?

Thanks a lot !

Edit : After erasing my profile and restart everything, put the MotoGP 2017 v1.3 mod, tried to join the CAWS #2 server, and then, it asked me which bike i use, CAWS #3 never asked me that and then it never synchronized, i had a windows message "Core.exe encounter a error...."

Question : is there anoter GP125 bike to load instead of the genuine one given by Piboso in Gp Bikes ?

Plugins / Re: MaxHUD plugin
November 23, 2017, 01:06:59 AM
Thanks a lot !
Great idea  :-*

Works great with beta 12b.
General Discussion / Re: head tracking device for input
November 22, 2017, 01:30:57 AM
Hello Riders,

Very interesting posts in here  :)

I use a EDTracker Pro (USB) and i've made several videos about using it on my YT stuff (Assetto Corsa, Star Citizen, DCS -F15C and ArmaIII).
I just came back to this Gp Bikes project (i think i have alpha1 and 3 still on my disk).

Need to sort out the feeling with the game (can't play with a pad, i'm too old) but i tried EdTracker and i works like a charm, i just need to get to the lean back and fore stuff.
i used the same profiles as DCS and activated the smooth option settings in GPB, and as written above no need for Opentrack or FaceTrackNoIr.
Will see later if i'll make a video like i did for other simulators, if needed  :) but i've read that doubledragoncc was going to do one.
Need to check if we can keep the Lean and using the Freelook option at the same time or maybe its a stupid idea...  ::)

But yes, headtracking is a must have for this nice simulator.

Translations / Re: French translation
November 21, 2017, 10:27:30 PM
Merci bien neoraptor  :)

Mais j'ai un souci avec le mot Bike traduit en ?????
(suis-je le seul... ou ai-je raté une étape quelque part, j'ai mis le mod MotoGP_2017 v1.3 ce soir). Merci.

I have a issue with the word "Bikes" on the main menu and attached files are there to show it. Thanks.

Screenshots joints. Version beta 12b de Gp Bikes.

Edit :  tenté de trouver le flag dans le fichier scr et même en comparant avec la version Allemande, je ne trouve pas.  :'(
Dans les menu de reglages, ça apparait dans d'autres cases, type "Lean F/B". Je suis revenu à la version Anglaise.  :)