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September 18, 2020, 07:09:37 AM


World Racing Series beta14 available! :)

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General Discussion / Re: GPB Alpha versions
October 14, 2014, 11:03:28 AM
Quote from: PiBoSo on October 13, 2014, 01:58:24 PM
Please leave GPB alpha versions alone. They should be forgotten.

Hi Piboso.

I fully understand what you mean and agree to the most part with you. The only reason I have kept a copy and still use it is because I designed my control systems using Alpha7 as it was the latest version when I started and it was very easy to ride with. I build my systems for all ages of people and have to test them with kids too, I have had 8 year olds use them. The new betas take a lot of practice to be able to ride and for testing my systems as I change design and have different people test them that do not normally ride in GPBikes the Alpha7 allows me to have people use and test the controllers without having to spend hours learning the newer physics. Not only this but in order for someone younger who has not quite the ability to understand all of the physics involved, it allows them to still be able to enjoy GPBikes. I do fully understand anyone thinking this is wrong as far as to the respect that GPBikes is a full bike sim, it helps some learn to walk before they can run, meaning that by using the Alpha7 first and getting good on it, is a good step to then use the beta5b and start with a better understanding of how GPBikes works. In many ways it is like having 2 levels of skills needed to ride in GPBikes. When thinking about the people that cant learn as quickly as others it is a way to give more people a chance to enjoy this amazing sim.

It is wrong to expect everybody that uses GPBikes to be made to have to suffer the process needed to learn how to ride in GPBikes. Some people may be put off by the long learning curve of the beta's, but given the chance to use the Alpha7, they get to have a chance to enjoy it from the start.

As I said I test my systems for all ages, but also for all other bike games and sims. I can not expect to use only people who are good in GPBikes beta5b.

As a last note, think of how many have downloaded the beta5b and tried it, only to think that they wont buy a license because it is too hard for them to learn and enjoy. I know this may be the wrong way to think as this is a pure sim and should only be marketed as such, but I just wonder how many people dont buy a license just because they dont have the learning ability that is expected of them.

I do hope you dont take this the wrong way Piboso as I am 100% behind your software and your ethos. I just find it easier for newcomers to use the Alpha7 first.

I cant wait for the beta6 BTW, 5b is great and love it with all the new bikes and track so many here provide for all of us. So a BIG THANKS to you all in the community.
General Discussion / Re: GPB Alpha versions
October 13, 2014, 09:16:55 AM
OKay. Thanks for letting me know.
It does not have to be a bike manufacturer really, I made 2 systems for Ebay Motors to use in the USA for the MotoGP events and they pay big bucks even though they are not involved in motorcycle racing, if they can advertize their sites they will pay. You can have bikes with a companies livery and signs around the track, if its seen buy customers and youtubed its still being seen big time.

I am good friends with Darin Gangi from Inside Sim Racing and I know he loves GPBikes as I have spoken with him often about my systems and how Piboso is the only person who makes a real bike sim, Darin has many contacts to the sim industry, he would be a good person to contact about it Piboso.

I am hoping to meet up with Leo Bodnar at his facilities at Silverstone in the next week or so to discuss my systems and would like permission to speak about GP/MX Bikes if thats okay Piboso?

I truly believe that there are people out there that are willing to sponsor GP/MX Bikes its just finding them.

I totally agree with the idea, but as Piboso said it would have to be a GP Bike. My only negative thought is for those possible customers who are into only one make of bike may be put off if it is one they do not like. A small point but one to consider.

I was also thinking about they point of wondering if Piboso would work together with a controller manufacturer? I would love to see GPBikes if it was written using a real controller and not just a gamepad. I am naturally up for this as I make my own controls, but do not have the finances to help myself yet alone another company, although I would if I could. I hope one day to give Piboso one of my systems to see what he thinks ( If Piboso is a "he" that is as we still dont know lol)

Either way I am looking to hook up with a manufacturer myself, so if I get any info can I pass it onto you Piboso? 
General Discussion / Re: GPB Alpha versions
October 07, 2014, 01:03:28 AM
Hi matty, out of interest, do you have the painted.exe that works on the alpha 7 version as I still use it for younger people to try first when learning GPB

Thanks for any help.

General Discussion / Re: New member!
October 05, 2014, 09:25:46 PM
Welcome to the world of GPB Dr. Its great to see someone love this for what it is. It takes time to learn but is sooooooo worth it. This is a great community and without it GPB would not have the content it does, these are real people wanting a real sim and helping to make it what it is. Piboso is the one and only!!! Eat your heart out Milestone and Capcom, you suck lol.

We Dr just wanted to welcome you here, enjoy, you cant beat it.
General Discussion / Re: Controller mods
October 04, 2014, 11:31:22 AM
Quote from: Guimengo on October 03, 2014, 11:41:54 PM
You weren't bashing anything, I was just stating my opinion and it'll be nice to avoid making a mistake :p.

You should paint your motion controller in Aleix Espargaro helmet colors fashion, or just replace the orange in his NGM scheme with a cool pink. It would be cute for them and you could pull off the "I can have pink" dude card as it'd still look cool with that black :p.

@Guimengo...........LMFAO.  I am not the type to worry about using pink, I had a 74 Harley FLHP and painted it pale blue over pink as was one colour set back in the old days and it looked cool IMO lol

Great to see some good humor on here and not so much bitch fighting like there has been lol
General Discussion / Re: Controller mods
October 03, 2014, 06:17:39 PM
No problem grT, my daughters would like the "GirlieGirl Racing"

The problem with gamepads is that they use mini potentiometers (pots) for the thumbsticks which have very limited amounts of travel, hench sensitive and the triggers use magnets to measure travel. I use full size pots and gearing to get the right amount of feel and sensitivity for each input (brake, throttle, clutch, steering) all need different input amounts. I am trying to come up with a design that would be simple but have the correct inputs, it aint easy to keep the cost down, but 3D printing will change all that.

I am just starting over here in UK and hope to be set up after Christmas but am working on designs now. The more info I can get from you guys the better to know what everyone wants.

I myself can not use a gamepad to save my life, too many years riding in real life (36) Im an old fart lol, thats why I want to try and make more of my own controls but also alter gamepads to help people with less money.

Would a controler that was a bit bigger than a gamepad be a possible solution so that real pots could be used? All and any answers will help. Any ideas you may have but not the skills to design them and make them can be of help for us all too. Just because you have an idea but dont know how to do it does not mean it wont work. If we share ideas I think it would help us all.

If I can help in anyway just ask.

Also try MXBikes now its out, and see how your controller works in it.

General Discussion / Re: Controller mods
October 02, 2014, 04:24:42 PM
Hi grT

I decided that I will try and MOD gamepads as well as make my own systems as not everyone has the big bucks it takes to make real bike controls. Here is a link to one forum I am in. I have just got back to UK so have to redo my website again so have to use whats out there for now till I get new designs finished.


Mods for Xbox and PS controllers are going to be so that it is easier to use, so mainly button modding and sensitivity.

It will take me a while as just got deported from USA as my passport ran out so having to start fresh after 18 years in USA bummer lol
General Discussion / Re: Controller mods
October 01, 2014, 10:18:45 PM
You can MOD the xbox one controllers so they are not so sensitive from what I have seen on youtube.

Now I am back in the UK once I get a chance to settle in I will be trying to mod controllers specifically for GP Bikes and MX Bikes plus naturally make my own new ones once I get good at 3D printing lol

I love the way it says I am a newbie here lmfao
I get a core.exe on NC-Mugello by riding some of the curbs.
Media / Re: Trailer II
August 08, 2014, 02:05:19 PM
Simply brilliant, great work mate.
General Discussion / Re: GP Bikes beta5b
July 29, 2014, 10:52:05 AM
I tried it too but not all bikes work only got 22 to work? Tried with height=0.33 and still wont work on all bikes. I also could not get other helmets to work?

Besides these point I love the 5, great work Piboso and all the modders who help make this the best sim in the world.
Setups / Re: Preload
May 05, 2014, 02:55:45 PM
The more preload makes the suspension stiffer as it puts pressure on the spring, therefore making the bike sit higher not lower. Imagine preload like putting a spacer between the fork spring and fork cap, that is basically how it is, but most forks now have a forkcap that you can turn the knob to spin a spacer up or down to increase/decrease preload.
Setups / Re: The Direct Leaners Club (DLC)
May 05, 2014, 02:49:12 PM
Hi guys. Hal sensors work on Leo's boards. The only drawback is that the feeling of an electric throttle is so wrong, jut like a joystick it has no feel to it. With a real throttle with a cable and correct spring for return, it feels REAL, therefore making the action of using the throttle a natural action for the brain, it gives an automatic sence of reality. I use only new parts that I get from Broward Motorsports in Florida and they have very good prices, this makes the controls reliable and you basically cant break the damn things lol.

The most important thing in making a control that works with direct lean correctly is to remember to "look outside of the box", real world physics do not apply sitting still in a room!!! I have tried using Gyros and Accelerometers but find they are far to sensitive. For the right amount of feeling and control for steering you need to use potentiometers with gears to get the correct amount of control. Even now I still try different gearing just to see if I can get it even more realistic. Force-feedback is a no go at the moment, I have a few designs I am going to try, but you must not make the mistake of thinking along the same lines as FFB for steering wheels. When I ride with my system for anything over 30 mins, its quite a workout as I am using far more physical effort than just turning a wheel. Many look at my videos and still dont get the fact that it is actually counter-steering, I push the bars left to go right, using my southern pendulum design makes riding with direct lean a natural action, I dont have to think to lean, it just works. Until software writers have a real controller to write code for, it is hard to make a system that is like a real bike. The amount of handlebar movement in the real world is just to small that it makes the imput for bike sims far too sensitive.

I hope that put a bit more light on the subject.