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August 24, 2019, 09:07:10 am

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Javiliyors' Mods / Re: GP 500
August 02, 2019, 01:58:32 pm
Quote from: SwarleyRuiz on August 02, 2019, 09:32:52 amfixed up

Thanks mate!  ;)  8)

very nice mate...... I used to play the GP500 game all the time, it was brilliant! :D
Quote from: doubledragoncc on August 02, 2019, 09:52:52 amGreat paints again D

I know its wrong year but a Rothmans paint would be so good. I know J has older GP500's planned so would be cool


+1 DD! ;D  8)

Just love that Rothmans colour scheme! ;D

PS:@Piboso..... How's about installing the proper English language spell-checker dictionary instead of the USA-English Dictionary.... Far too much of the USA-English language being solely used in software nowadays without the option of using the proper English language now. It's a disgrace! The option to choose is all we ask for and not to have the USA-English language rammed down our throats at every turn!  ::)  >:(
Javiliyors' Mods / Re: GP 500
August 02, 2019, 09:20:41 am
Quote from: SwarleyRuiz on August 02, 2019, 08:59:54 amI also have the GP500 in spanish.  ;D
and another mythic is the SBK2001 version Europa y USA  ;D

perdóname Javiliyors, por el Spam y offtopic.

Links are dead mate.  ;)
Beautiful work Davide..... Love it!  ;D  8)
Nice job Davide, as always mate! ;D  8)
Quote from: guigui404 on July 18, 2019, 12:12:34 pmJe vais répondre en français parce-que je manie mieux ma langue , t'es vraiment quelqu'un de pédant c'est assez incroyable. Je comprends pas , tu écris tu écris tu écris , beaucoup , mais c'est vide. Tu trouves les courses de l'époque plus plaisantes ? Bien alors regarde les courses de motos anciennes , il y en a des milliers.
Evidemment que le but est de faire de l'argent & de toujours avancer technologiquement , c'est juste logique , et le spectacle que nous offre le MotoGP actuel est incroyable (Ne me rabache pas que les 500cc c'était mieux , c'est ton avis , j'en ai vu aussi des courses de 2-temps , & non , c'était pas particulièrement bien mieux).
Et cesse d'utiliser ton âge pour te convaincre toi même , dans un débat , c'est clairement pas un argument recevable.
C'est dommage qu'un passionné comme toi soit sans cesse obligé de cracher sur le sport.

Firstly, I ain't no big fan of modern MotoGP.... It's a fake sport now to say the least and a grand spectacle facade of what it used to be..... Only those that didn't experience the greatest era of GP500 motorcycle racing could ever think that this modern era of MotoGP is good for the sport, not that you can really call   modern MotoGP a sport anymore after it's been bastardized so much since the forced end of the GP500 era. :P

And yes, this is my opinion and my thread, so if you don't like it then don't participate, but I will say what I think is happening to MotoGP these days as I always have done here when someone brings these issues up, and you have every right to disagree and have your own opinion, that's fair enough too.... Bring it on matey.... Let's debate this! :P  ;D

But from what you've just said then I rest my case in justifying my opinion that you've obviously took a disliking to so much. :P
Quote from: Myst1cPrun3 on July 18, 2019, 06:09:56 am
Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 amI give up on you young ones..... Sometimes I think your a lost cause with no appreciation for what's right and wrong in sport these days???
I mean where has the honor gone from a lot of sports, where has the true sporting spirit gone?

I'm not sure using a motorbike with Traction Control is the same as having no honor, I mean, you don't see the Japanese riders committing seppuku at the end of a race do you...

As for true sporting spirit, the definition of that is:

"If you are ready to compete in a fair manner without favouring yourself or others unjustly and never giving up when things are hard accepting defeat and victory without arrogance or bitterness, that is a sporting spirit"

I don't know, but to me that seems still highly relevant to current sports and motogp, everyone shakes hands at the end, and for the most part it's a fair race. Rossi atm is the epitome of never giving up, and Marquez remains quite humble, considering he's winning everything that exists..

Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 amIt seems to me that the younger-gen are only interested in winning at any cost and be-damned with any sense of what true sport is all about.

Sport is about winning. If we don't want to win, what's the point at competing?

There isn't one.

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm just going to jog the 100m Olympic finals as winning just isn't honoured. Can you hear what you're saying its ridiculous.
Its a RACE, the goal of a Race is to finish first, fairly of course, which again for the most part, motogp does.

Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 amIt's the same attitude with your computer gaming with a lot of youngsters these days.... So long as they win whether it's by hack or crook that's perfectly okay with them.... I just don't understand cause you surely can't get any sort of fulfillment or pride from the direction many sports have gone these days?

I can speak from experience when it comes to hacking, as I did hack Csgo and I did get banned from it, and as a result I know some games are very, very trying of one's patience.
However it's not the right thing to do and I really don't encourage anyone to do it.

I will say, you do get a DIFFERENT enjoyment out of it, owning people, and seeing them get mad, after you've just gone through all those feelings. It's a bit of a satisfying thing oddly, and for me, wasn't to do with winning the game but just releasing my frustration onto someone else, which is a complete low blow yes I know.

Quote from: Hawk on July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 amModern attitudes..... Phfff!!! PURE MADNESS!!! :o  :o  :o :P

The problem is the Old 'we have to go back as it was better then' attitudes, unable to accept change, and keeping us stuck 10 years back at least. This isn't 1987, things have changed, accept that move on, and in the immortal words of Disney,


That happened, instead of being sad its not around anymore, be happy you got to experience it at the time .
Because I didn't, and I wish I could have.

Everything you answered in your last post to my questions of modern sport and attitudes of winning today, you actually defined how it should be, how it used to be, and then have contradicted it's very definition and justified it as progress and the modern way things are nowadays???? :o  :o
That doesn't make it okay to continue down the path of destroying the heart of a sport just because people have got used to the way it is now, what's wrong is wrong, what's right is right no matter what the era we're talking about. You don't just collapse and fall down just because some big corporations decide they want to make it into a big money-spinning project for their businesses and be-damned the actual sport itself.

Typical.... It's all about money, money, money and winning at all costs these days no matter the cost to tearing out the heart of the sport in the process.... It's all very sad to see it happening in such an insidious way.

And by the way.... Motorsport is by its very nature a dangerous life risk sport..... No matter how safe people think they have made the tracks people will still die, often cause of safety implementations in some freak cases..... That's not to say that reasonable safety precautions shouldn't be taken, but to say that riders know the risks involved and should ride accordingly..... If they don't then they know very well they could die for the extra risks they take to win.
People don't need mothering, and these self-righteous, self important do-gooders that think they need to stop the high speed corners just because their isn't enough run off area to stop potential serious injuries need to pull their heads in...... You can die from a 20MPH collision or even less and yet survive another collision at over 100MPH, so no matter what over-zealous mothering safety precautions are implemented, it won't stop accidental deaths from happening and never will do.

As for us oldies just not wanting things to change; what nonsense. Lol. It's about the older generation having the knowledge and experience to know better when they see something changing for the worse. Typical youngsters thinking they are indestructible and know it all for the future they want from life..... There's an old seemingly forgotten saying, "Your elders know better", and as you get older you'll realise that all those elders who were warning you of what's wrong with modern times, etc, etc, turn out to be true, then as you get older you'll start saying the very same thing to your young ones..... Don't you think it's about time the younger generations actually started to listen to the voice of experience and knowledge and act on it? Maybe if they did, the world would be a better place for all of us. ;) ;D
General Discussion / Re: New official track
July 18, 2019, 02:08:30 am
I give up on you young ones..... Sometimes I think your a lost cause with no appreciation for what's right and wrong in sport these days???
I mean where has the honor gone from a lot of sports, where has the true sporting spirit gone?

It seems to me that the younger-gen are only interested in winning at any cost and be-damned with any sense of what true sport is all about.

It's the same attitude with your computer gaming with a lot of youngsters these days.... So long as they win whether it's by hack or crook that's perfectly okay with them.... I just don't understand cause you surely can't get any sort of fulfillment or pride from the direction many sports have gone these days?

Modern attitudes..... Phfff!!! PURE MADNESS!!! :o  :o  :o :P
General Discussion / Re: New official track
July 17, 2019, 08:08:07 am
Sorry mate, but if you look at the maps of the old circuit and the new layout, including the extra facilities they've built into the new circuit, you can clearly see that they had plenty of land to do the work they wanted to do without bastardizing the old classic layout.... It was sacrilege what they did to that brilliant GP track.

As far as reducing speeds on circuits..... What the hell?? This is motor racing, it's supposed to be fast..... It's just the namby-pamby snowflake younger generation interfering where it's not needed..... Often talked about health & safety gone mad, well these sort of actions are typical of the reason people say that. ::)
And what about the TT races? Why aren't you all screaming we ban those if people are so concerned about speed and rider/circuit safety??

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for reasonable safety precautions when and were it's possible, but in places where it's not possible then it is what it is and riders would accept that and ride accordingly.... I'm damn sure real racers wouldn't want classic circuits bastardized just because certain sections are considered fast and dangerous but cannot be made any safer than they currently are.  ;)  :)

As for F1, at least it's the driver now that is doing the deciding of what he wants and not a computer doing it in real-time...... There is no TC, anti-lock brakes, aided start procedures or suspension adjustments done by computers anymore in F1 like there used to be... It is very much a driver machine result now and not achieved through computer aids...... Big difference to what MotoGP currently is doing to aid the riders and their machines with electronics.

If it was just one thing I'd like to see taken out of the modern MotoGP bikes it would be to end TC altogether, just so that it was the rider who was in total control of the application of the bikes power and not the computer.... That would go a very long way to bringing back a major rider skill into the sport.
General Discussion / Re: New official track
July 16, 2019, 07:48:50 pm
Quote from: Myst1cPrun3 on July 16, 2019, 11:06:57 amAssen was changed primarily for safety reasons, and to keep up to modern standards.

Its important to note the changes were made PRIMARILY for car racing, and motogp/wsbk was not the priority.

To high entry speeds into corners with not enough run off.

As for the motogp issue, come on really, that's a ridiculous statement.

Enjoy it for what it is, and that's an exciting watch, with close races and contact. More like touring car racing, and is more exciting than BSB this year to me.
But that's not this topic that's the other one so yeah sos for that :/

There was enough land to upgrade the run-off areas with the old Assen circuit.... There was no need to bastardize the classic layout of the track itself like they did. Bloody do gooders and selling off land for greed wins out yet again in ruining the all-time classic track layouts.... They don't give a toss mate.... Seems to be the fashion nowadays.

As for modern MotoGP, it's true that it is nothing like a true sport anymore.... Fake bikes, fake performance, that's not sport, need I say more. Lol!
It's nearly as bad as F1 used to be many years ago until they started to see the light and banned computer controlled cars.... At least in F1 now they have it so the drivers skill drives the car without any computer controlled interference. ;D  :P 
General Discussion / Re: New official track
July 16, 2019, 09:41:56 am
Quote from: PiBoSo on December 03, 2018, 10:14:12 pmTo be honest, I strongly dislike the post-2005 Assen.
In my opinion they destroyed what made the circuit special, to shorten and "normalize" the layout. All purely for monetary reasons  >:(

How did I miss this....... Totally agree with you Piboso! You must be one of the older generation of GP500 bike fans?  ;D

What they did to the old Assen TT circuit was an absolute travesty...... It WAS the best GP bike circuit in the world until they bastardized it into what now typically represents the current state of MotoGP: A fake performancing, bastardized, non-entity sporting event. The big corporations have really done an excellent job selling their money spinning ideal version of the sport and destroying the very soul of a sport in the process without much of a whisper from the fans..... Well done Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, you finally got what you wanted, particularly Honda is to blame most for all this ruination of a sport, but Dorna let them have their way.... Wonder how much money was involved and passed around to let this happen, many years ago now?? >:(  ???  :P
Rossi and Stoner in my mind are the two last superbly talented riders, the rest still have to prove themselves to be as skilled as they appear to be today.

As for Stoner always riding without TC or any other electronic aids? Where did you get that info from? ;D

Stoner is the only rider that you can see should've and probably would've rather have been born 10-20 years earlier for the sport, and I'm sure he would've carried on riding into his 30's.

I didn't say that the riders lack the skill, just that they can't demonstrate their real skills cause of the modern bikes they ride today, so one cannot even begin to judge exactly how true their real racing and bike handling skills really are.... That's all I'm saying.

What you said about, and I quote:

"Gone are the days where motogp was about riders patience and skill with the throttle, and here are the days we're technology rules the roost, and engineers run the bikes.

Getting the most out of technology is the second p point of MotoGP, the first is simple:

Be the fastest at all costs.

Hence, why tech is involved and necessary

This statement describes perfectly the destructive attitude of so many people today who are willing to ruin a true sport at any costs to win. That's not sportsmanship and certainly not a sporting attitude..... and above all it just leads to what amounts to cheating within a sport and fake results...... If that's what people truly desire these days then there is something mentally wrong with them. Lol! ???
It's the same cheating syndrome when people hack games to make sure they win at all costs and then brag about being the best, when in actual fact they are nothing but cheats and losers.

We should take the sport back to it's basics of the true marriage of man and machine with no electronic aids at all.... The sport would be so much more exciting to watch knowing that what your seeing is true rider skills on show well in tune with his racing bike. ;D  8)
Too much power by far..... I mean what's the point if you can't use it? As they say, if it wasn't for the electronics controlling the application of that power then they couldn't use it, and if they cannot control the power without the electronics applying that power then it's not a true representation of a riders skill and control of the bike and therefore surely cannot be classified as a true sport anymore..... I rest my case. :P ;D
I'll be interested to look into this further, but I still think in most cases it is riders protecting older injuries from being aggravated during the race.

But yeah, I agree that no doubt the modern MotoGP bikes probably have greater man-handling needs, simply cause they are faster and more powerful machines, and no doubt the current crop of riders could get used to riding without computer assisted aids, but at the same time the best skilled riders would stand out head and shoulders above the rest, whereas currently it's the rider aids that allow the lesser skilled riders to compete closely with those cream of the crop skilled riders.... It's just all a big fake sport now in comparison to what it was..... They really need to get back to basics in my opinion if the sport is going to survive..... Although the generation of fans that attend MotoGP races now probably haven't a clue what it used to be like in the 500cc era anymore, so they probably think all is okay as it is. Lol!  ;D

But yeah, I'll look into this supposed need to bandage hands and for what real reasons those that do it, do it.  ;)
Paints / Re: [SKIN] 500GP skin set
July 10, 2019, 10:38:20 pm
Very nice! ;)  8)