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December 08, 2023, 10:31:56 PM

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Media / Re: Gpbikes videos ;)
November 11, 2021, 01:09:22 PM
Just a little rant here - Why oh why do so many people who post videos here seem to think that the onboard 1st person view is the best way to view someone's recording of a race or practice laps??

Personally speaking, I, as a spectator wanting to watch these videos, would much rather see these videos from the "Spectator" view, it's a lot more enjoyable to watch people riding and race replays in "Spectator" view..... So c'mon guys let's have your videos posted in "Spectator" view rather than 1st person view, eh.....

Just my thoughts.  ;)
As far as I am aware, and don't quote me on this because things may have changed since I last went into this(many years ago), but the official GPBikes States page only records records from the default stock bikes and not from any mod-bikes?

But interesting question.... would be good to hear Piboso clarify that situation for 2021.  :)
Support / Re: Direct connect?
September 09, 2021, 12:16:03 PM
I remember having this discussion a long time ago - Asking that if Piboso went under then would we still be able to directly connect with other players without the master server but through a clients dedicated server setup..... I'm pretty sure the answer was "No", GPBikes cannot be connected to a self created dedicated server, it solely works through Piboso's master server for multiplayer use. So if Piboso went under, multiplayer would not be possible.

Personally I think Piboso should look at that and make it so players can setup their own dedicated servers to play multiplayer.

However things might have changed so I could be incorrect in what I've said here???
Love it! ;D  8)

But the reality of this crazy world will mean that no combustion engine vehicle will be a practical everyday use item when the electric vehicles truly take over, which unfortunately they will.

I think the biggest barrier for any combustion engine vehicle will be the availability of petrol stations in an electrified future that will see increasingly less and less places where you can actually fill a vehicle up with fuel because they will increasing and rapidly start being replaced with electric recharge power point stations.
This electrification era will also vastly start to increase the price of liquid fuels for the old combustion era vehicles too, if it wasn't already stupidly high in price.... Driving or riding what will become the classic combustion engine era vehicles will become a realm for the rich & wealthy I'm afraid.

But yeah..... Buy one while you can cause they will be worth a fortune to the rich & wealthy playboys at some stage in the future!  :o  ;D  ;D
Yeah.... Shame about the electronics on the Moto 2 bikes now... I think they have lost an opportunity there to keep things real.
Hi David, neoraptor....

I'm not really saying that the riders of today are less skilled than their classic rider counterparts, I know todays riders are all very talented or they wouldn't be in MotoGP's at all. But my point is that the cream talents are, I feel, at a greater disadvantage than they were back in the classic days in that the electronic aids do help those lesser talents in comparison to ride on, how shall I say, more equal terms with the cream of the crop than they could back in the classic days which is obviously why we now see much closer rider fields throughout the full length of the GP races..... Personally I don't think that is really in the true spirit of the sport of racing. And remember that those that appear to be currently cream of the crop, the likes of Marquez, etc, etc, may not actually be the true cream of the crop should they be forced to ride without rider aids. They may just be the riders that get on a lot better when using rider aids.

But it's good that the electronic aids have been greatly reduced over the last 5+ years or so. At least it is going in the right direction so long as they continue to reduce the aids overall as the years go by, hopefully eventually to a zero electronic aid status so I could again greatly respect the talent on show.

Moto 2: Great that they have no rider aids, but the fact that they are all still so close together in the GPs tells me that there is something there that is a problem as far as marking out the cream of the crop from the rest?
Are their engines tightly regulated & limited to a certain power & torque output or some other rule that makes all their bikes virtually on totally equal terms to each other? Maybe "Meyer", who races in the Moto 2 class, could enlighten us on that if he see these posts? But yeah, at least they are riding without aids which is good.

As for the crash: I agree that there obviously was nothing the riders could do in that terrible collision..... At the time I wrote my post I had only heard that they had collided, I didn't realise that matey had just previously high-sided his bike right in front of the other guy.... A very unfortunate and sad incident.

Nice article David.... I enjoyed reading it mate!
Good point about the changes in MotoGP to make the racing closer have contributed to the races becoming unsafer for the riders than when the riders were more spread out through the field.

I must say that I was saying this many years ago when debating that the changes in the bikes that have taken away many of the riders personal skills and given them to the bikes computers in order to allow the bikes and riders to keep the grid closer during the race event and so called more entertaining for the spectators....

It may be more entertaining to have most of the riders racing closer to each other, but even in the previous classic years without the use of computers on bikes when actual rider skills determined who won a race there was also plenty of close racing, just that there was less of it throughout the whole field.

But in my opinion, the sport has long sold it's soul to the devil to make sure that the whole field is more entertaining for the fans than it was before, and the point I'm trying to make here is that track safety for MotoGP bikes/riders is one thing, but when you start messing about taking away pure rider skills that allow lesser skilled riders to keep with the more naturally skilled riders that previously would've opened a gap from them then things are going to start getting dangerous....

Many times in the classic era you'd hear the top riders saying that they didn't like slowing down too much to entertain the spectators more by letting the slower riders catch up and race with them cause many were just idiots that rode well beyond their capabilities and often made stupid mistakes that could end in an accident between riders..... And yet here we have a situation in the death of a rider a few days ago which was caused by two riders clashing with each other, probably through idiocy from one or the other riders, and a life was sadly lost.

I suggest the bikes go back to being a pure man and machine marriage rather than allowing computers to handle the finer skills many riders don't have, at least that way the more skilled riders can easily keep away from the idiots on track by using their greater natural skillsets to keep that space between them at will.
One added bonus with doing this would be that the riders will have more of a sense of danger too on track cause they know they cannot rely on the computers to get them out of tricky situations on many occasions. Traction control especially has allowed riders of lesser skills to take more risk - take that away and suddenly they have to learn good throttle control or they're down the road on their arse.... That will make them a lot less likely to push the limits knowing they cannot get away with mistakes.
Thanks H, that explains it then...... We'll just have to wait till Pib gets around to it I guess.  ;)
As I remember when I was doing a  lot of track modding for GPB, you could assign a grip level for individual surfaces within the track build? ie: track could equal a normal grip factor, grass could be assigned a slippier factor than track surfaces, and gravel-traps could be assigned a dampening factor so that the bike would slow down a lot as though tyres were sinking into and pushing through the gravel/sand? Is this still possible as it was 5-6 years ago?
Why don't you ask the bike/track modders to adjust the tyre/track grip levels off-track if you all want less off-track grip levels? Have them all come to a consensus of the levels to apply.
Support / Re: Help with game crashing...core.exe
May 11, 2021, 11:35:07 PM
Sounds to me like a MOD issue has started this series of problems for you.

The best thing to do to find out if this is the case would be to totally uninstall GPBikes together with all the mods, make sure everything is deleted by going into the install root folder and making sure the GPbikes folder is deleted and also go into your "My Documents" folder to make sure any GPBike related folder/s are also deleted.

Then use CCleaner to clean your system registry and PC memory - Then restart your PC.

Make sure your Graphics Card drivers are up to date and check for any windows operating system updates have been installed...... Then restart your PC.

Then install GPBikes fresh and see if your issues have been solved, if they have then just install one mod at a time or only the mods that you will want to use.

PS: Always keep a note of your GPBikes product key, your Email you purchased GPBikes with, and your Initial Nickname you used to register GPBikes with.
Off Topic / Re: Photogrammetry from video
March 17, 2021, 03:06:23 PM
In it's current state, I'd lean on the fact that it would need so much work to clean-up the scene that one might as well create the scene properly from scratch in the first place.....

If you have ever worked on scenes that need a lot of clean-up work then you know what a pain in the arse it is to work with, and there comes a point were you just think it would be quicker and much better to just start from nothing and create the scene oneself.

There are much better apps out there for creating these kind of scenes - "City Engine" for example I would say would be a much better starting point app to work with than having the kind of mess to deal with in the example your showing there in the videos. :)
Quote from: HornetMaX on March 01, 2021, 11:01:38 PM
Quote from: Myst1cPrun3 on March 01, 2021, 08:00:33 AMAlso, EU law prevents manufacturers from allowing their systems to be turned 100% off, meaning that no matter what, all new bikes have it on all the time. It can be turned down but (depending on manufacturer) it usuallt still cuts in even at 'country' road riding speed/style
And they do this because, as everybody knows, ABS is bad for safety, of course.

ABS is a safety feature, no doubt about that, no one is arguing that is a fact, but it's a feature that should be a personal option for each individual rider.
What I personally have an issue with is the fact that it's forced upon the rider. It's just another example of a mothering state taking away personal choice, telling one how one will do things rather than allowing one to make a choice.
For many riders who have little experience and don't ride a bike regularly, riders we used to call "Sunday Riders" not bikers I can understand that ABS would be a sensible option for them to have in operation as those kind of riders are more likely to get themselves into trouble, but for the experienced regular rider, the daily rider, it takes away from their skills and experience as a rider, simple as that.

The mothering state needs to stop!
Quote from: poumpouny on February 23, 2021, 11:28:09 AM@hawk, you definitely born in the wrong time, but i bet that even if you were in the 2stroke hard core riding time, you will probably argue about an older way to ride bike, but anyway, you know you can just deactivate all this aid, and ride the most kamikazy way you want. It's not because you don't like it that manufacterer don't need to put it on modern bike, again until you can desactivate it !

Actually I was born in the right time..... Been privileged to have witnessed and experienced both eras first hand. ;)  :P