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July 20, 2024, 09:44:17 AM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

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Topics - Vini

The modder defines a white area on the bike's nose plus a font size parameter and then GPB automatically renders your race number in a default font on top of this area (if you want to).
So that people don't always have to make a whole skin for each bike mod and rider to know who is who in races.
General Discussion / Antisquat sim?
January 25, 2022, 09:29:20 AM
Does GPB the influence of chain angle (resulting from sprocket sizes) on the amount of squat the rear suspension produces?
In reality the chain can pull against the downwards movement if the angle is right.
Tracks / Track automation scripts
January 22, 2022, 07:11:37 PM
Track conversion automation scripts, specifically for texture handling.
See readme.


P.S.: Sorry Max for the inbox spam lol
Bug Reports / Graphic settings not working
January 20, 2022, 01:46:17 PM
Sometimes changing the graphic settings doesn't seem to work.
In those cases you don't get the "Do you want to save the new settings" popup.
I want to upload GPB Vids to the Steam page but want to continue playing the standalone version.

Is this possible or will the old key become invalid once it's converted?
We were discussing sideways sliding under braking yesterday and I started wondering if GPB simulates the increase in drag from the front silhouette/area increasing.

At 300+ km/h this effect should be quite significant on full fairing bikes and provide extra stopping power.
The trainer works great if you want to push yourself to faster hotlaps but it is not very helpful for giving slower riders something to learn from.

There are two things that could improve this:
1) Being able to view trainers in replays for carefully analyzing the lines and most importantly throttle/brake inputs through MaxHUD.
2) Negative lead option so that you don't loose your reference after one sector.
Support / Direct connect?
September 08, 2021, 09:05:07 PM
Can you direct connect to a server ip without going through the master server?
Suggestions and wishlist / Adjustable FoV an TV Cams
August 15, 2021, 08:47:29 AM
I suggest the following for the TV Cams:
Mode 1 - just like now, FoV defined by track creator in cfg
Mode 2 - Initial FoV for each cam is read from cfg but user can zoom in or out
Mode 3 - Initial FoV is read from cfg but if user zooms manually the FoV value is remembered and not reset for the next cam
This would be pretty nice feature, especially since GPB keeps crashing a lot recently for me.
Having the game just continously write into a replay file without having to go back to replay and manually select and save it.
Support / gpbikes.ini sound device setting not working
December 08, 2020, 05:02:48 PM
No matter what number I put for driver in gpbikes.ini I always hear the sound through the system default device.
As promised, here is a tutorial on how to manually link the rider lean to your head movements in VR.
This allows for fully manual control over the rider (independent from throttle/brake/steer inputs) without the limited range of the default rider lean tracking mode.
My curves are optimized for relatively large movements so you actually have to get your knee out and lean onto it. I've been testing this configuration with Manu's custom "Lorenzo No Leg" riding style (beta2) and the Pramac Ducati MotoGP19 bike (v1.4). I am using modern rider type 2. The OpenTrack center position and the GPB VR/view position are aligned/synchronized if you use the OpenTrack curve (GPB_CustomRiderTrack_Vin3.ini) with my Ducati cockpit position for FPV2 (MotoGP_2019_DUCATI_GP19_MDL2.ini), meaning you can use the same button for both centering/reset functions.
I recommend view mode 1 (locked to horizon, not bike) combined with the second first person view (stationary, independent from rider movements). This way you can keep the FPV1 cockpit settings for regular 2D onboard riding.
You will most likely have to adjust these curves slightly to fit your individual setup.

Tip: If the rider arms are obstructing your view, get the shortened 1P rider model from Manu's Discord.
With Manu's rider mod (beta2 for GPB beta19), you can copy look_l.anm and look_r.anm from the Marquez animations folder to the specific riding style you are using in order to get more accurate head/helmet movement tracking.
If you want to disable the wheelie stand-up animation, delete leaning standing.anm from the animations folder and (very important!) make sure to remove the corresponding line from gfx.cfg as well as changing the index of the following entries so that there are no gaps in the numbering. If you don't edit gfx.cfg, the heading animations will no longer work properly.

Required programs
OpenTrack 2.3.9
JoystickGremlin 13.3 (Probably not necessary)

  • Install all the programs and drivers, restart PC if necessary. Properly set up and calibrate your VR/headtracking equipment.
  • Launch the vJoy configuration utility and disable all axes except X and Z (for Device 1).
  • Copy my OpenTrack config (GPB_CustomRiderTrack_Vin3.ini) to My Documents\opentrack-2.3.
  • Launch OpenTrack and make sure my profile is selected. If you are not using an Oculus device, change the input accordingly (probably Valve SteamVR).
  • Put on your headset, press F7 to start tracking and then A (on Xbox pad) to center the input. Make sure the squid properly follows your movements. You can remap these functions or invert axes in the OpenTrack options. Note: The center button needs to be easily accessible in VR (preferebly on your controller)!
  • Launch JoystickGremlin and GPB (in VR mode).
  • Go to settings and make sure auto rider lean and rider lean tracking are both disabled. Then remap rider F/B and L/R lean by moving the headset in the corresponding directions. This might take a few tries. Doublecheck with the input box at the bottom right. The game should show the virtual joystick as J1 Axis1 and J1 Axis2.
  • Keep the deadzones at 0 and linearity at 100%, these are adjusted through the OpenTrack mapping curves. You can enable smoothing if you like (I put everything at 100% except for F/B press 30%).
  • Bind VR Reset to some button on your gamepad. Once everything is tweaked properly, you should ideally be able to bind it to the OpenTrack center button.
  • Close GPB and open My Documents\PiBoSo\GP Bikes\profiles\ProfileName\calib.txt. It should show vJoy Device at the top. Replace the integer values inside the brackets with these:
    vJoy Device
    Do not recalibrate in GPB settings after this step!
  • Load up GPB VR and go to track. Switch to the second first person view and press Shift-C. Move the view as far back as possible with the arrow keys. For most bikes, you probably want to raise the view some as well. I attached my cockpit position file for the Ducati (copy to My Documents\PiBoSo\GP Bikes\profiles\ProfileName\cockpit).
  • Sit up straight in a neutral position and press the OpenTrack center as well as the GPB VR Reset button. For most bikes, you will have to move back a bit after that since the view is so far forward.
  • Start riding and hanging off. Switch to third person view or replay mode to observe the rider movements. Depending on the bike and its horizontal cockpit position, you may need to push the OpenTrack center button (rider lean) at a different position than the GPB VR reset button (view position). Either edit the OpenTrack center offset or move the horizontal cockpit position in-game to synchronize both buttons.
    You can also offset the vertical cockpit position simply by moving your head up or down when resetting the VR position. This might be necessary if a bike doesn't allow the view to be as high or low as you want.
  • Further finetuning is done through the OpenTrack mapping curves.

Advanced OpenTrack setup
Before you edit the curves, make sure you have Max translation set to the highest value for the X and Z axes (100cm). For finetuning, start tracking and move around while observing the curves. The horizontal axis is input, vertical is output (which gets send to GPB as a virtual joystick). If possible, have the game window open at the same time and observe the rider or check the input box in the GPB settings to cross-reference with the OpenTrack curves (I just recorded all the windows with OBS and checked everything afterwards). The max. output values (where the curves plateau) are set up to perfectly match up with the input range GPB is expecting for rider lean. You will only have to change this (shift the plateau vertically) if you change the center offset in OpenTrack.
You should keep the overall shape of the curves similar to mine. Especially with Manu's custom riding styles, most of the movements happen in the outer range, so you need more fine control there. This corresponds to a curve that rises steeply initially and then tapers out gradually near the max. values (similar to increasing linearity setting in GPB). For the X axis (L/R lean), you need a very steep rise in the beginning to get the knee out under braking, as well as an additional deadzone around the center/0 position to avoid the rider dancing around on the straight (that's why the curve looks like an S). The X axis should always have symmetric curves, while the Z axis likely requires assymetric curves (different behavior for forwards and backwards).

If you cannot move far enough to hit the plateau/max, shift the rightmost point in the curve to the left. Vice versa, if you want to have to move more, shift it to the right.

If you notice that the whole movement range is misaligned on the Z axis (F/B) and simply centering GPB and OpenTrack at different points doesn't work well, you need to edit the center offset in OpenTrack (under options\camera). Hopefully this will become unnecessary once GPB allows the cockpit position to moved further backwards for easy adjustment/synchronization between different bikes. In my curve, the Z offest is -40cm, which compensates for the cockpit position being so far to the front and the fact that you consequently need to move back some after setting the GPB VR/view position. This offset is why the Z axis has to be assymetric. So increasing the value (towards positive values) will move the rider lean center back towards the middle.
Once you've changed this value, you will have to open the GPB input settings and observe the OpenTrack curves while moving around. Shift the rightmost points in the OpenTrack Z curves vertically until you are just able to hit the outer edges of the input box with the little blue dot in the GPB settings. After that, adjust the curves horizontally until they fit your natural movement limits as described above (remember to press the center/reset buttons before doing this).
Never try to recalibrate the virtual joystick in GPB, it will mess up your whole setup!
Virtual Reality / Oculus pixel density?
November 25, 2020, 10:41:15 PM
How exactly does the pixel density in the oculus.ini work?
Are you basically just defining the render resolution? If so, what value would correspond to native/full resolution?
When launching GP Bikes in VR mode you basically have to keep the headset on at all times, which is a bit annoying. If the headset goes inactive, the screen goes black. Additionally, your monitor will always mirror 1:1 what you are seeing in VR, meaning if the headset is not facing the right direction (at the virtual monitor) you may not be able to see the UI/menu on your monitor at all.

So if you want to tweak some settings or just watch the replay of your last laps, you have to watch it through the VR headset or at least activate and point it in the right direction so that the UI becomes visible on your monitor.

My suggestion is to always show the menu/UI in regular 2D mode on your monitor, no matter where you look in VR and also displaying it even when the VR headset is inactive.
Being able to switch from VR to 2D without restarting would be great as well but I'm not sure that is possible.

I have a very simple but important request: Increase how far the onboard position can be moved with Shift-C. At aleast double the current limits (0.05 & 0.03).

There are two reasons for this:
1 A lot of bikes have the view way too high, even lowering it to the max value is not enough.
2 It will help a lot with properly calibrating the rider lean in response to headtracking data.
Support / Low CPU/GPU usage?
November 22, 2020, 05:21:36 PM
I know we had this topic in the past but I wanted to make sure that it is the same for everybody and not some mistake I made in the configuration of my new system.

With GPB running, I cannot get above 40% GPU and 60% (single-core!) CPU usage even though I am still not hitting the framerate limiter (which I set to 120/125).
Support / Oculus Rift + Win7
November 19, 2020, 04:36:27 PM
Has anybody here gotten that combination to work?
Talking about the original Rift (CV1) that should still support Win7.
I installed and updated all the drivers but even though Windows detects the Rift as just another monitor, the Oculus software insists that there is no HDMI connection.
Support / VR locked to 60Hz? (& general VR discussion)
October 30, 2020, 06:51:59 PM
I currently have the possibility of testing a Valve index with GP Bikes.
The first experience was amazing but I need some setup help.

The framerate is locked to 60Hz for some reason. I suspect it has something to do with the monitor that mirrors the VR picture only being 60Hz.
So how do I disable the mirrored output to that monitor or get independent framerates between the VR headset and the monitor?
General Discussion / Clutch bite point simulation?
October 09, 2020, 08:45:11 AM
Does GPB simulate the clutch bite point?
What I mean is, would it be possible to get force feedback data for the clutch similar to the lean input?