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July 20, 2024, 09:29:09 AM

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Topics - Vini

For each rider, the position in the pit where the bike model usually stands is highlighted. If you come to a complete stop in that area and put in neutral, a small menu will open where you can quickly select a different setup and be respawned instantly without having to leave the track. This menu would also have the option to enter the pit regularily just to add a bit of realism by not requiring the usual teleport we do currently.

I think flag-to-flag racing would be a great addition to the game.
Suggestions and wishlist / More visible tyre marks
August 18, 2020, 03:32:23 PM
Would it be possible to increase the saturation for tyre marks? You can barely see them on the asphalt in GPB, whereas they are very obvious in real life:

When using headtracking, the increased view movements often result in clipping through certain parts of the rider model. Removing the model entirely is the only solution we have currently but this obviously looks very stupid.

With support for transparent rider skins, the players could easily fix this issue and hide just enough of the rider to make it look right with their respective view settings.
I know we've had this question a few times in the past but people still don't seem to agree on what the current state of simulation regarding this is in GPB.

How does rider L/R and F/B lean affect weight distribution and aero?
Does it differ between riders and riding styles (animations)?
After doing a few practice starts yesterday, I have to say that it is way harder to do a good launch than it was in old betas.
I remember in beta 5 or so, you could drop the clutch very precisely and do almost perfect launches even without any electronics/aids. With some practice you could instantly lift the front and keep it hovering smoothly for a long time.

This feeling of a precise biting point is completely gone for me these days.

What is your opinion, is this caused by poor mod tuning or something in the game?
Support / Switch out rider animations?
July 03, 2020, 02:54:20 PM
I had the idea to replace the gesture animation files by the ones for stand-up wheelie and leg dangle to get manual control over them but it didn't work for some reason.

Does anybody know how these .ANM files need to be formatted?
Since GPB already has this "rider dab" feature to push the bike up, it would be interesting to have the ability to trigger it manually at any speed in order to try saving the front Marquez-style.
Support / Specify output audio device?
June 30, 2020, 05:14:34 PM
Is it possible to make GPB output to a different audio device than system default?
I think there should be more of a difference in the loudness of the windnoise in first person between tucking in and not (at least at higher speeds).

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhkshoKGEdI&t=100
Is it possible to make your own rider excluding the hands/forearms invisible in first person?
After being annoyed by the lack of lateral view movements in first person for some time now, I finally figured out a way to alter them externally.
This might be interesting for everyone who wants to experience a realistic POV but has no access to VR or headtracking equipment.


Get OpenTrack 2.3.9 (newer versions are bugged), select Joystick as input, freetrack as output and EWMA as filter. In GPB, activate Free Look and select TrackIR. The resting position of the view can be adjusted by pressing Shift+C on track and using the arrow keys. These positions are independent between the two FPVs and specific to each bike. I suggest using the first view (linked to the rider).
You setup the axes and mapping by clicking on the hammer icon next to "Joystick input". The moving squid will show you if you mapped it correctly after clicking "Start". Auto rider lean players should map their steering axis (left stick) to the lateral L/R axis (X) and throttle/brake (the triggers) to the longitudinal F/B axis (Z). Manual rider lean players can use their right thumbstick for both the X and Z axes. Axes can be inverted in the "Output" tab under Options.
You can also manually override GPB's pitch, lean heading (Yaw) or tilt (Roll) through OpenTrack, allowing for full control independently of the bike. This might require some additional practice, though.
I suggest setting the EWMA filter to 20-40% (both Min. & Max.) with "Curve" at 10% (it doesn't really make a difference). The movement range and linearity can be adjusted through the mapping curves but remember to set "Max. translation" to 100cm (max. value) beforehand. I recommend keeping the curves completely linear, possibly with a slight deadzone at the start.
Calibrate the joystick by enabling "Center at startup" in the options, then clicking Start and checking the outer ends of the mapping curves while moving the stick. If they don't line up properly, stop tracking, slightly move the resting/0 position of the stick and restart tracking. Once you have it properly calibrated, make sure to deactivate "Center at startup" in the options so that these calibration settings stay permanently.
Bind both "Start tracking" and "Restart tracking" to the same button in the OpenTrack options for when GPB randomly resets the FreeLook mode.

I attached two preconfigured INI-files for a standard Xbox360 gamepad. Put them into the opentrack folder under "My Documents". You can use the mapping curves as a starting point for your setup. Don't forget to calibrate your joystick when loading these profiles!

You are basically sending fake headtracking data to GPB which allows you to freely move and rotate the first person view beyond the default limits.
GPB handles this little hack very nicely, in that all view settings that are not being manually overridden by the player through OpenTrack are kept to the user defined values. So when only mapping the L/R (X) axis (which is all that is needed for realistic POV really), the default F/B view movements and all of your settings (pitch, tilt, lean heading) remain. This means that you don't have to completely relearn first person riding, you just have to get used to the bike no longer being visible in corners like in reality.
Since GPB simulates slipstream, I was wondering if this also (negatively) affects the wings?

It sometimes feels to me like the front is losing grip/weight (drifting wide) slightly when following someone closely, especially when accelerating out of fast corners.
IMO it should be possible to auto-deactivate "launch control" (revlimiter) after the clutch has been fully engaged, as opposed to having to shift into second gear.
Would be great to have the ability to reassign ALL replay actions, including "Change cam", "Playback speed", "Pause/Play", etc.
Currently they are locked to the default NumPad controls.

Edit: Plus double binds!
I know this is not going to happen for whatever reason so this request is just for the record.
A simple option that moves the 1P view to the actual position of the rider's eyes (or a tiny bit in front of the visor) instead of using the arbitrary position defined in the respective bike mod.
All other view settings like pitch, tilt, lean heading stay the same, only the position changes.

This would cure the problem of vastly different 1P views between bikes (which is a real problem for onboard riders) and it should be very easy to implement given that a GoPro-style helmet replay cam already exists in MXB.
First of all, thanks for the new feature PiBoSo!
This new lean heading mode has great potential for people without headtracking equipment but it needs some additional filtering between the rider lean and the view to be properly usable.

1 Even though I have the rider movement smoothed 100% the view is still extremely jagged when moving the rider, so there needs to be additional smoothing.
2 There needs to be a deadzone (and possibly a linearity) slider so that you can move the rider out a bit under braking without having the view move immediately as well because this completely destroys your turn-in timing and consequently your line through the corner.

My suggestion
Instead of linking lean heading to the actual L/R rider lean, it should be linked to the L/R rider lean input with a completely seperate set of filtering adjustments (smooth, deadzone, linearity, gain).
This way you can properly finetune both the view and the rider movements while still having it linked to the same input and thus feel natural.
Support / Bad Framerates - GPU/CPU barely used??
December 18, 2019, 02:22:22 PM
After updating my nvidia drivers, I noticed very bad performance in GP Bikes. Before I had constant 200fps. Now, I cannot even keep 100 without drops.
I looked at my GPU and CPU usage and in both cases it's not even above 50%.

What is going on here?
Support / FPS Limit/Cap?
December 17, 2019, 09:59:44 PM

Can you set an fps limit in GP Bike? If so what is the command?
Bug Reports / Wrong riding style (online)?
November 22, 2019, 07:13:48 PM
Even though the regular 'Modern' riding style was selected, the leg dangle was triggered.
This happened online with other players who were using the leg dangle.
Didn't happen when I was alone on a different server.