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July 20, 2024, 08:56:44 AM


GP Bikes beta21c available! :)

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Suggestions and wishlist / Smooth out engine braking
November 21, 2019, 05:31:59 PM
As can be seen by the MaxHUD plugin, GPB currently modulates the engine brake by spamming the throttle with small inputs at a high frequency.
I think these aggressive throttle bursts can cause sudden load transfers and lead to lowsides when rolling at high lean angles (off-throttle).

I suggest that GPB simply keeps the throttle constant at a small value in order to achieve the same net (negative) torque.
Currently, sometimes the wrong leg comes out under braking (e.g. Suzuka 130R or here), probably because the leg dangle is linked to the track's centerline.
So simply link it to rider lean instead.
...And give us manual control ffs.
Suggestions and wishlist / AW/TC Global Server Rules
October 10, 2019, 03:37:15 PM
In addition to the other server settings like "Force 1P View" or "Limited Tyres", there should be a way to deactive traction and anti-wheelie control on modern bikes for true hardcore mode.
Pretty straightforward request: Give us the option to map a button to the leg dangle animation for manual control.
Seeing how GPB allows you to do everything else manually, I find it a bit odd that this option was not included from the start.
For gamepad users, mapping it to one of the thumbstick buttons (L3 or R3) would require no extra control effort because you usually press those buttons already anyhow when running too hot into a corner and consequently tensing up.
It would allow us to further finetune our riding style and the result will look much more real with proper dynamics and so on.
Very simple suggestion: Make the 1p view match the actual position of the rider's head so that the cam moves closer to the ground when cornering.
Currently this is only possible when using head tracking which is a shame for everbody not owning such equipment.
Tracks / Lorenzo-style low-speed practice "track"?
March 15, 2019, 01:07:50 PM
Hello all!

What do you guys think about a "practice track" with different figures drawn on the asphalt that you have to follow, similar to how Lorenzo is supposedly training. For first and second gear, so a little faster than in the video.

Setups / 2018 Yamaha M1 MDL2 - Brno setup
August 12, 2018, 07:55:15 AM
Race setup. Soft front, medium rear. No aids.
Works very well for this track IMO. Nice corner speed and stability. Also good for powersliding.
Maybe it'll help some people tame the MotoGP bikes in beta14.
As far as I can tell, how far the 1P view looks ahead when using "Lean Heading" is dependent on the bike lean angle.
It would be interesting to have the option to link it to rider L/R lean so that you can manually control how far the view looks ahead.
Possibility of extracting specific laps of replays as trainer files.

(+ loading/viewing trainer files in replays)
Racing / Could we get a permanent MotoGP server?
January 22, 2018, 06:40:15 AM
I find it a bit strange that there are always so few MotoGP servers online.
Could we have at least one permanent one?
I've been thinking a bit about the tankslapper issues in GPB that occur regardless of how well a bike's physics data is tuned.
When the bike is kept at maximum acceleration with barely any weight on the front, the virtual rider continues to try to correct the steering angle (back to 0), resulting in a tankslapper.

In reality, riders loosen up on the handlebar under acceleration, so that the front wheel is allowed to stay slightly misaligned until it catches traction again by itself.
This "controlled misalignment" under acceleration is not possible in GPB at the moment because the virtual rider is obssessed with getting back to the "correct" steering angle.

So my question to PiBoSo is if it is possible to implement a little subroutine that goes something like this:
if fork travel < X & steering angle > Y, set VR steering forces to 0
The parameters X and Y (Y being the critical one) would be defined in the bike CFG.

I suspect that this will also improve powerslides because once the bike starts sliding, it will be steered purely by the rear wheel (throttle) without any interfering forces.
Support / GPB not clearing memory properly?
November 14, 2017, 12:30:40 PM
had a core.exe crash and restarted the game. but instead of the bike that i used in the last session (wsbk17) the yamaha m1 was shown in the garage/main menu. when i clicked somewhere it flickered and got replaced by the correct bike (aprilia rsv4).

so i am wondering if gp bikes just leaves random, unnecessary files in memory?
Tracks / CAWS server CATALUNYA_LS_NDS??
November 11, 2017, 03:17:18 PM
cant join the caws server because of track mismatch.
opened the track database and the track is not there anymore
i often create or join a server and wait for somebody else to join but often times i miss it because i do other stuff in the meantime.
so a very simple notification like this would be helpful for improving the multiplayer.
Tracks / new silverstone
August 28, 2017, 12:17:01 PM
is somebody working on that track?
Off Topic / strange youtube issue
August 21, 2017, 09:28:13 PM

has anyone experienced this bug before?
Support / can't load mugello
November 23, 2016, 05:21:49 AM
my game crashes everytime i try to load nc_mugello