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April 12, 2021, 07:35:54 PM


GP Bikes beta19b available! :)

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Off Topic / Re: Closed Beta The Crew2
May 31, 2018, 06:13:32 PM
Still got one left? I'll have to check what my uplay account name is...
Quote from: RaDiCaL on May 10, 2018, 04:54:32 PM
Everyone who dont like it shouldnt buy it !
It´s a game for everyone who wants to Play a motogp game....not an Ultra realistic Simulation for motorcycle Freaks...
It is difficult enough for casual players...and thats the point. This game will be made for them.
And btw they have only one year to work on it and in my opinion its going better and better every year (without VRtG).

So because we don`t like it we`re not allowed to critizise it? Milestone have to be one of the laziest developers in gaming history. They don`t have "only one year to work on it" as with exception of this year (unreal graphics engine) they`ve been reskinning and selling the same game at full price since MotoGP 13. It`s not that hard to get "better and better" every year if the game isn`t good to begin with isn`t it?

I cannot understand why people keep buying games from developers that put in minimal effort to create a game (looking at you COD 7, BF 5, Far Cry 12 & FIFA 2022)

Quote from: HornetMaX on April 05, 2018, 11:01:18 PM
Quote from: JamoZ on April 05, 2018, 08:15:32 PM
You, playing PUBG? I would have never guessed. Want to loot my shotgun?
Depends on the skin you have on it :)

Silly game, frustratng like hell and yet plenty of fun.

Premium skin, what else  :-*

Love those matches when you get shot in the back by a random guy hiding in the blue after looting for an hour :')
Quote from: HornetMaX on April 03, 2018, 07:33:00 PM
Quote from: Vini on April 02, 2018, 01:43:38 PM
you playing promod, max?
Used too, stopped a long ago when the team went down. Anyway we were no good (and me in particular).
More recently I used to play silly gungame just for fun. These days it's only PUBG.

You, playing PUBG? I would have never guessed. Want to loot my shotgun?
General Discussion / Re: TT game announced...
March 27, 2018, 07:22:26 PM
Quote from: matty0l215 on March 27, 2018, 05:44:31 PM
Shit really?!?!

Man people are fast... :o

£19.99 on cd keys for the cheapskats who wont nick the game :P

Oh boy are you going to regret that purchase. I uninstalled it after 5 minutes. Even Motoracer 1 on the PSX had better sounds and physics  ;D
General Discussion / Re: TT game announced...
March 07, 2018, 07:35:31 PM
Quote from: davidboda46 on March 07, 2018, 03:41:20 PM
Checked out some reviews, and they all (even the positive ones) pretty much confirmed my fears, nice track, everything else shit. Positive reviews mostly come from people who don't ride bikes in real life and think that Milestone Games are sim racing games. It's sad that the game isn't good, because from the in-game footage the track, the foliage, the sense of speed and the lighting looks really nice.

I've only seen PS4/Xbox reviews (pc isn't out yet) but I doubt that things will be different on the PC version. From what I've seen and read:

* There is no custom control options, can't even adjust sensitivity.   
* No real time weather effects, only three different pre-set conditions to choose from.
* I doubt that the track surface is dynamic... (don't know for sure)
* The bike seem to have a mind of it's own when exiting slow turns. From footage it looks like it doesn't want to stand up, just stays at max lean and follows a curved path into the wall/post/fence or whatever.
* There seem to be no feeling of what the tires are doing, no sense of rear spinning little or a a lot and so on.
* 1st person view static like a stick stuck on a roller coaster. Rider head movement is non existing. No look-to-apex.
* In 3rd person view the rider is twitchy like an epileptic dope head on amphetamine. It sort of looks like when people try to play a racing game with a keyboard.

The dream would be to just rip the track to GP-Bikes (I don't recommend or condone stealing other games intellectual property in general, hence "dream"), but as others in this forum also have said, GP-Bikes would not be able to handle a track of that size in the games current state...


/David "Gonzo" Boda #46

Don`t forget the horrible sounds...i have heard ps1 games with more realistic bike sounds...
General Discussion / Re: Tired
February 23, 2018, 09:49:35 AM
Quote from: connorhall70 on February 23, 2018, 01:27:04 AM
you try all these things but you never actually post about it. That's my point, nobody speaks to him properly or directly, just moan on  a forum about how he does nothing about game breaking bugs.

Trust me if i say that dozens (including myself) have spend countless hours over the past years bug hunting, explaining issues and other stuff just to get PiBoSo to work on certain area`s and mainly the core problem. The fact that we are still here "moaning" about it without any solutions can probably tell you how much improvement we made since then :')

General Discussion / Re: Tired
February 22, 2018, 09:17:16 PM
You know what RF pro is right?

I`m not getting dragged into this discussion again....leave me alone :P
Don`t let anyone fool you. All sims available today are top notch and there is not one holy grail out there despite what everyone here or across the internet says. Just drive whatever you feel is closest to how you want and expect a sim to behave.

Hawk is starting to sound like a RF2 salesman lately  ;D, we also have a pCARS 2 salesman around here somewhere and i bet you can find enough others trying to sell AC as the holy grail. Fact is that noone knows what he`s on about although everyone thinks they do, just because someone has a better rig or wheel doesn`t make his opinion more valid. At the end of the day we`re all just a bunch of nerds acting like race car drivers behind a desk with a plastic wheel.

General Discussion / Re: Online Racing
December 22, 2017, 10:48:50 PM
Quote from: KliPPiE on December 21, 2017, 05:24:04 PM
hey guys

Its strange to think that we have the wrong mentality about GPB, to me the point of this awesome sim is to race against your friends and improve each other but nobody seems to get to this point.

A good example is me Julian Chips and Tosteetos, i woke up at 3am this morning when tostee and julien messaged me to race with them this is the comradery we have togeather and we always try beat each other. We in GPB need to get to a better point by instead of private testing we need to get ourselves into a server and test there 9/10 somebody will join, i always check online if there is servers up may it be a privately made one or a big one like caws use to do.

So please if anybody here is looking to enjoy the online experience please comment below, i would love to extend the player base/ group we having going and its the easiest to become fast as when we crash we wait for each other even if we are on a great lap it does not matter to us etc

It`s interesting to watch this forum go in circles.

We have been dealing with many issues troughout the years. I have seen many people come and go and it`s funny to see the pattern.
People are always entousiastic and full of joy in the beginning, as was everyone on this forum once. But eventually they`ll realize why the servers are empty and why people stopped playing.

There is a core (No pun intended) group of people that have been for many many years, but we just gave up at one point due to all the bugs you`re still running into now and especially the core.exe one.

There were times when we had a server filled with 15 people, loads of talented modders bringing out amazing content, championships with full grids, but unless the core.exe is going to be fixed i don`t see that returning anytime soon.

The game has had it`s high, and we did everything back then to keep it`s momentum going, ranging from offering PiBoSo donations, to coders willing to help find bugs, and even people willing to help lay out buiseness plans to get the game to the next level.

But as you probably noticed by now, it`s more important to change the riders boots and garage font than actually fixing the problem that drove away so many players.

When and IF the core problems get fixed i think you`ll a fairly large number of people playing again because beneath all the problems there is still an amazing sim.

Off Topic / Re: Cryptocurrency
December 21, 2017, 03:13:18 PM
Yeah trying to import opium from the Middle East was way more volatile, but that was easier than sending a Bitcoin transaction  ::)
Off Topic / Re: Cryptocurrency
December 21, 2017, 12:45:58 PM
Yeah, of course you only invest money into it that you can afford to lose. My first bitcoin purchase was 30 bucks, which got cut in half because of the fee needed for the exchange and sending it to my coin wallet (which took 48 hours, not something you`re relaxed with if it was 5 grand)....after that the amount of Bitcoin i was left with was too low to transfer anywhere since the transfer fee was higher then the amount owned  ::)

The whole market depends on what Bitcoin is doing, and right now it isn`t doing well compared to other currency who are trying to overcome all the problems Bitcoin is dealing with.
I have a feeling 2018 will see the rise of a few other coins and a decline of Bitcoin, but that`s just speculation. Altough now is a very good time to invest in some of the smaller coins like Ripple or Electronum as they are still very low.

Quote from: Luponius on December 21, 2017, 11:26:04 AM
Have a few colleagues going on about it, it's honestly interesting to hear about, but I'm not really financially able to get involved into this as it stands.  If I was I'd toss half a grand into it and either I lose it or I don't, wouldn't care either way, that's the right approach for these volatile type of investments I think.

If you had bought 100 bucks of Bitcoin back in 2010 you would be settled right now, so why not put a couple of bucks into some other coins and just hold them? My aim is to have around 50 to 100 bucks in the coins that i believe in, so it`s not a big loss if it doesn`t work out.

But yeah, i don`t think there is a more volatile investment than Crypto right now  ;D
Off Topic / Re: Cryptocurrency
December 21, 2017, 10:12:38 AM
Quote from: connorhall70 on December 21, 2017, 01:37:36 AM
used it back when btc was 700 quid on darknet. fees too high and transfer times are way too long thanks to the batty boy miners on bitcoin cash.

investing in cryptocurrency has basically become a mainstream thing with news covering it and shit resulting in a ton of market manipulation. all ill say is dont think any crypto will ever overtake bitcoin, because its nearly impossible.

The reasons you`re stating here is why i think one of the other coins will overtake Bitcoin at one moment. All it needs to do is fix all the inconveniences Bitcoin is having and Bitcoin will be dropped very hard. The transaction fees for Bitcoin at the moment are upwards of 30 bucks  :o It`s just a big gamble on which one it`s going to be, i think Ripple and Dash are the main contenders here...

Quote from: HornetMaX on December 21, 2017, 07:44:52 AM
Thanks but no thanks.

I really thought you would be balls deep into this  ::)